Hwang Jung Eum Up to Star in Korean Drama Tyrant

Tyrant Korean Drama - Hwang Jung Eum

Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty) has been offered a lead role in the new MBC drama Tyrant.  Tyrant comes from the writer of Giant, Incarnation of Money, and Empress Ki.  It is a revenge drama that will show the reality of the rich elite during the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and will take place over a 20 year period.

If she accepts, Hwang Jung Eum would play a woman taking care of her autistic brother who joins with the male lead to discover who was responsible for her father’s death.

I’m a big fan of Hwang Jung Eum, so I’m up for anything she decides to be in.  I do prefer her in comedies simply because I think she is so good at them, but she also does melodrama really well.  And this has a really solid writer who she has worked with before, so all in all, I think this would be a great set up.

Tyrant is scheduled to premiere in April on MBC.

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6 Responses to Hwang Jung Eum Up to Star in Korean Drama Tyrant

  1. I’m also a big fan of HJE.

    But, I hope she’ll pick something else. I don’t want her to take long drama (Tyrant reportedly will be 50 eps). It’s risky. If it does well, then it’s a big chance for Daesang. But if it’s a failure/so-so, like Endless Love Hwajung Glamorous Temptation etc, then HJE will be forced to endure a longtime filming meaninglessly, without chance to redeem it by another drama for 2016. Sure, Tyrant has an acclaimed writer, but still… doesn’t mean he’ll never fail. Also, the period revenge theme reminds me too much of Endless Love.

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    • Kay says:

      Very true. A longer drama is definitely risky, even with a good writer. But like you said, it could pay off big if it is a success. And since she has a good history with the writer, she may take the chance.

      Apparently, she has been offered quite a few roles recently, so she could be leaning towards something else. I would rather her do another comedy because I enjoy her so much in those, but I understand her wanting to do something different. She also mentioned taking a break previously, and I’m sure she could use the rest before her next project. I’m definitely interested to see what she decides.


      • She’s the type to challenge various genres, it’s thanks to this strategy that she manages to avoid typecast even with her prolific works, therefore also broaden the number of scripts she usually gets. There was also Moon Lover rumored for her a few weeks ago right? Though her agency’s response towards Tyrant is apparently much nicer/positive than what they said for Moon Lover.

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        • Kay says:

          Exactly! That’s just part of what makes her so good, so of course everyone wants her to be in their drama. Yes, Moon Lover was offered to her, but her agency seemed to indicate that wasn’t going to happen pretty quickly. They’ve gone the “positively considering” route with Tyrant, so I assume they all think it’s a better fit.


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