You’re Beautiful Korean Drama Review

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki, and Jung Yong Hwa

You’re Beautiful is about a girl named Go Mi Nyeo (Park Shin Hye) who has to pretend to be her twin brother Go Mi Nam in order to take his place in the popular boy band A.N.JELL when he needs time to recover from a botched eye surgery.  Mi Nyeo is the definition of innocence, and the whole experience proves to be a hilarious challenge.

It doesn’t usually take long for kdrama watchers to hear about the classic You’re Beautiful.  This 2009 drama still remains insanely popular among fans.

My advice when watching You’re Beautiful is just to embrace it for what it is.  It’s full of clichés and crazy antics, but it executes them perfectly to make for one enjoyable ride.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk  You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk

This was my first introduction to Jang Geun Suk as he played the leader of A.N.JELL, Hwang Tae Kyung.  And he definitely took some getting used to!  He has unique hair, crazy clothes, and typically likes to display snarly or pouty faces.  Of course, he is rude to our heroine, and it does take him some time to warm up to her.  He’s a demanding guy, but once you get to know him, you will see a sensitive soul with a warm heart.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Park Shin Hye  You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye plays our leading lady who from here on out I will refer to as Mi Nam (which is her twin brother’s name who she is impersonating).  Mi Nam is sweet, innocent, and clumsy.  Pulling off this switch was difficult for her and certainly provided for many laughs.  Park Shin Hye is simply adorable as Mi Nam.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jung Yong Hwa

Then we have our faithful second lead, band member Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa).  After finding out Mi Nam is a girl, he quickly takes a liking to her.  He is her support and a shoulder to cry on.  He will always do what it takes to make her happy.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Lee Hong Ki

Our final band member Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) is a fan favorite for good reason.  He’s playful and fun, and he provides many humorous moments.  The poor guy is the last to figure out that Mi Nam is a girl, and he has to deal with trying to process the strange feelings he has towards her.  Aww, sweet Jeremy.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Uee

We also have our troublemaking second female Yoo He Yi (Uee).  She causes a lot of trouble as she tries to blow Mi Nam’s cover.  This was my first time seeing Uee, and I really disliked her character in this drama.  Thankfully, Uee left a better impression on me in her more recent drama Ho Goo’s Love.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye  You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye

I loved watching the crazy antics with the band and especially between Tae Kyung and Mi Nam.  They were constantly getting into awkward situations, and Mi Nam was frequently in need of rescuing.  Even though it’s not one of the most swoon worthy romances, it is cute and fun with some extremely heartfelt moments.

You're Beautiful Korean Drama - Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye

Overall, You’re Beautiful is a fun drama.  It’s a great mix of fluff and comedy with a nice dash of angst mixed in.  It’s a kdrama staple, and it really is a must watch for any drama watcher.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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22 Responses to You’re Beautiful Korean Drama Review

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  2. snow says:

    This is one of my most favorite dramas! And I loved the OTP!!! Swooned over their romance….all the scenes of them spending time together, then the way Tae Kyung finds put about Mi Nam’s feelings — through that photo, then the whole scene where Mi Nam gives him 100%, the scene where they are sitting in that village and talking about moon and stars, later when he says he likes her by whispering…haha…ahhh….so many memories.
    I also loved Mi Nam’s manager — he was so funny.
    I like that YB is really funny — so many comic scenes.
    And I also liked the music 🙂
    A must watch for every dramafan!!!

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    • snow says:

      *finds out about….

      by the way…in that 100% scene, Jang Geun Suk’s expressions are priceless from the time he is apprehensive about the ratings and then when he hugs that pig rabbit 🙂


      • Kay says:

        I love the moon and stars scene and the whispering he likes her! Ah, I love like every song in this drama. And yes, You’re beautiful is one of the funnier kdramas out there. One of my favorite scenes is when Jang Geun Suk is in the field doing his relaxation thing and he thinks the old guy is waving at him because he’s a nice ‘country man’ rather than warning him about the pig, lol…I crack up every time I watch that 🙂 I also love when the manager is imagining how Tae Kyung and Mi Nam ended up in bed together, haha, too funny

        Liked by 1 person

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  5. Skyler says:

    The drama itself was quite alright and… nice, but the only thing that got me so angry and annoyed was her choice, i mean tae hyung?! even if it wasn’t Jeremy, shin woo would have been better instead of that stuck up guy, i really got sooo angry but waved it off cuz it’s her problem.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Jeremy and Shin Woo really were great guys! Tae Kyung bothered me at first and it took me a while to warm up to him, but eventually I found myself liking him quite a bit. It really was a fun drama though, and I really loved all of the crazy antics with all of the guys 🙂


  6. Anjaly says:

    You r beautiful was my first Korean drama..which was given by my friend forcefully. But after seeing the drama I couldn’t even realise how fast the time passed . I completed the drama only taking break for charging and eating. I even forgetted to sleep.. . The most thing that attracted me towards this drama was the innocence shown by park shin hye. Bytbe first impression I hated jung guen suk…. But at the seen in which he smiled at Mi nam …He become my favourite. The joyful jermy was my another reason… I even searched for his other daramas.. But could not find many.. . After it I saw a number of dramas but stil its on my best list.. I even saw it many times that ,I can even say the dialogues, but still I want to watch it……The OST …….. Wah…. No words can say the wonderness of it… A must watch drama………..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, I think many drama fans have a similar experience with a favorite drama. It definitely becomes all consuming! I loved You’re Beautiful too. It took me awhile to warm up to Jang Geun Suk in the drama too, but then I really came to love him. Love Park Shin Hye too, and of course Jeremey! And yes, that OST! Still one of the best I have heard. I agree completely. You’re Beautiful is definitely a must watch drama 🙂


  7. This is the third Hong Sisters drama I’ve seen and I have finally learned my lesson. They are not for me. At least this wasn’t the emotional trauma of Big, although it had all the same problems.
    The slapstick humour, the one-dimensional villains, the failure to deal with the drama’s core conflict, the meandering ending. It was like everything I hated in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Big wrapped up in its own drama.
    The main plotline was essentially a Boys Over Flowers redux, complete with the arrogant male lead with Mummy issues and the boys caring for the clumsy, clueless female lead. The devoted, selfless second male lead *even had ‘Sunbae’s’ haircut*.
    Worse than that, I have no idea what the overall point of the drama was from a character development perspective. I found the female lead’s actions in the last few episodes utterly inexplicable. I spent a long time yelling ‘Why! Why! Why!” at almost everything she did.
    One of the most popular kdramas of all time and I have to give it 3/10


    • Kay says:

      Yep, I would say if you tried three of their dramas and none of them have worked for you, I would probably just pass on any more in the future, lol. Sometimes a particular style just doesn’t work for us.

      I’ve mostly had good luck with the Hong sisters as they have produced some of my favorite dramas. Some of the slapstick humor is a bit much, but I enjoy most of the humor overall. And I usually find them fun, zany, and endearing dramas.

      Of course, dramas like You’re Beautiful are what I consider classic kdrama fluff with a dash of angst. Mostly cookie cutter but they are fun and comfortable. It is one of the most popular kdramas, but lots of people also didn’t like it. Just like Boys Over Flowers. They tend to be very polarizing dramas. But I think it just comes down to taste and neither side is right or wrong. At least now you know not to watch any more Hong sisters dramas 🙂


      • Yes, no more Hong dramas for me! I actually did have Master’s Sun on my list but it’s time to take it off I think.


        • BJ Rosen says:

          Actually, while I disliked both Gumiho and You’re Beautiful, I really really liked Master’s Sun. Maybe it’s the lead girl who was just blow you out of the water excellent, maybe it was all the ghosts and their stories, maybe it was the mystery backstory, but I really liked that one. It was very different from previous Hong Sister dramas.


  8. Kate says:

    I’m about 6 episodes into this one, having chosen it because I just finished Bride of the Century (which I LOVED) and had to find something else with Lee Hong Ki. Within minutes it was clear this was going to be just like my viewing of Boys Over Flowers – a cringe worthy classic that’s essentially required viewing for any kdrama fan. It’s enjoyable so far but not expecting it to blow me away. So as Kay suggested, I’m just embracing it for what it is 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, that’s a great way to describe this drama 🙂 I loved both this and Boys Over Flowers, but they are definitely dramas that just have to be embraced for what they are. And ideally it’s best to watch them really early in your drama watching since that’s when I really think they would be the most enjoyable. You’re Beautiful is in many ways the shining example of the classic kdrama that hooked many people. Not likely to blow away a more seasoned viewer, but if it can be appreciated for what is, there’s certainly lots to enjoy 🙂 And Lee Hong Ki is all kinds of adorable in it!

      And mentioning Lee Hong Ki, I’m excited to see him Hwayugi which I plan to start this weekend. Are you watching that yet? Also loved him in Modern Farmer which is hilarious. Although that drama is heavily dependent on your taste in humor as to whether or not someone will enjoy it, lol


      • Kate says:

        I’m planning to watch Modern Farmer next but I’m totally confused about Hwayugi – I can’t find that on DramaFever or Netflix (though it was supposed to be there), and I don’t see Lee Hong Ki in it. Am I missing something? I spent about a year maneuvering my way around the free streaming sites and it’s a pain but I go over there from time to time when I can’t find something I’m looking for (like Money Flower). How talented is that Lee Hong Ki?! He can do everything, is easy on the eyes, and he’s so young!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I loved Modern Farmer, but the humor is way over the top and on the slapstick side. I was surprised that I liked it so much. The characters are wacky but super endearing. Lee Hong Ki is the most normal one of the bunch, lol.

          Hwayugi is on Viki and I believe it’s available with Viki Standard. It should eventually be on Netflix, but they wait until the drama is complete to add it. So give it another week or so and it should be there. Lee Hong Ki is definitely in it, but he’s not one of the two main male leads. I would assume he’s being credited as a supporting character. He looks like he will play quite a fun character though, so I’m really looking forward to him. Because yes, he is super talented!


          • Kate says:

            Gosh I’ve got soooo many shows to watch! It’ll just have to be added to the long queue for now 😦 I can’t add yet ANOTHER streaming service – good grief – DramaFever, Netflix, Viki, Hulu, Amazon Prime – and not enough hours in the day – I really need to stop paying for satellite since I hardly watch regular TV anymore!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kay says:

              Yeah, my watch list is ridiculously long! And it just keeps growing. And I know what you mean about the streaming services. They just keep piling on! I got the cheapest satellite package several years back since I watch way more kdramas. Then I have DF, Viki, Netflix, and Hulu. And that covers 95% of my drama watching needs. There are a few that don’t get covered by those, but the mains ones usually do. DF and Viki are must haves for me though. I would cut everything else before them, lol. But if you have Netflix, Hwayugi should make it’s way to you soon, so then you can add it to your super long list, hehe 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

  9. Lyn says:

    I loved You’re Beautiful the first time I watched it. It’s been a while and I decided to revisit this drama after watched Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa in Heartstrings. I love the like hearted jokes and drama. I think what I’m finding difficult in terms of watching it now is my own desire for Shin woo and Min Nam to be end game. (Personal preference) it makes it hard to watch when you know your ship will crash. Anyways it’s still a must watch I think for kdrama lovers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yes, I love You’re Beautiful, and it is definitely a must watch for kdrama lovers 🙂 I understand what you mean about it being difficult watching when you know your ship isn’t going to happen. All three of the guys had their own charms in this drama, so that really made things difficult. It really it such a fun one!


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