Bubblegum Releases Another Fun Korean Drama Trailer

Bubblegum Korean Drama - Jung Ryeo Won

Another fun trailer is out for Korean drama Bubblegum, and we get to see more of our characters’ interactions this time.  The drama continues it’s fun vibe, and just makes me wish it would get here sooner!  Everyone is adorable, especially our long time friends Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won.

Bubblegum is about a doctor named Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) who puts the needs of others first including his mother and the heroine.  Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won) is our leading lady who is a radio DJ dealing with some painful emotions.  The two long time friends decide to give being a couple a chance which introduces a completely new dynamic to their relationship.

Trailer 4: https://youtu.be/Z1WUsoxW7yM

Bubblegum premieres October 26 on tvN.

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7 Responses to Bubblegum Releases Another Fun Korean Drama Trailer

  1. zhaoul says:

    Yea, this looks good. I’ve watched this trailer so many times already. I’m getting so anxious now.

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  2. zhaoul says:

    Have you seen the really long 8 min ep 1 preview yet on the tvn drama YouTube channel? It’s good. It feels like it’s a lil heavy in parts (not all sunshine and rainbows) but is balanced with some lighthearted humour. Looks like it’ll be a mixture of melo and Romcom (which I expected). That’s fine with me as long as they get the right combination, which I’m hopeful that they did.

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    • Kay says:

      I just watched it! I had it bookmarked and even started making a post for it, but I got distracted with all the Yoo Seung Ho drama news today, lol. I really like the look of it! My favorite drama style is rom/com fused with melodrama (of course, when it is executed right), so this looks like a nice mix. They look so cute together! And I know they can both do comedy and drama, so hopefully everything else is done well to showcase them 🙂

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      • zhaoul says:

        Yea. That’s the genre I like too. Where it goes wrong I find is when they start out one way and completly and unexpectedly go in a different direction without properly setting it up in the story. Stories don’t need to be realistic, but they need to seem plausible within the context of the story. I feel like this will focus a lot of the characters themselves, so I would be surprised to see a sloppy story shift.

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        • Kay says:

          Yeah, it was a bit of an unexpected shift in tone. I found it interesting that they really continued to alternate between the lighter and deeper moments throughout the preview. Of course, 8 minutes isn’t really a lot of time, so hopefully the combo of elements is handled smoothly throughout the actual drama. I really like what I’m seeing so far, it just comes down to the final execution I guess.

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