Korean Drama Update for July 2015

Orange Marmalade - Ma Ri 2

So July has come to a close, and it has been a good month drama wise.  It was definitely more positive than negative.  There are a lot of great dramas to choose from right now, but choose I did.

I completed four dramas this month, two currently airing and two classics:

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa RangMy Love Eun Dong

This was a sweeping romance that completely drew me in from start to finish.  I fell in love with our main couple, Hyun Soo and Eun Dong, as teenagers and watched them mature into adults.  I loved all three sets of actors who portrayed the couple.  The romance was intense with gorgeous music and visuals to set the mood.  This drama really flew by.  I’m in the camp that loved the ending, so for me it was only enjoyable. (My Love Eun Dong Full Review)

Orange MarmaladeOrange Marmalade Korean Drama Kiss

I’m part of the group that loved this drama too.  I haven’t seen the webtoon, so I was easily able to appreciate the drama for what it was.  I loved the high school romance and connected with the vampires struggle to fit in our society.  I absolutely loved the jump to the past too.  It was nice to see Jae Min and Shi Hoo’s original relationship.  The stakes also felt very high with the clash between the classes and the plot for the bad vampires to take over.  I was sad to leave the past, but easily transitioned back into the present.  It’s hard to say which period I liked better.  The visuals and music in this were even better than My Love Eun Dong, which says a lot.  There was just so much beauty to see along with a sweet story. (Orange Marmalade Full Review)

Protect the Boss Korean DramaProtect the Boss

This romantic comedy was cute, but wasn’t super memorable.  I watched it for Ji Sung, and he definitely delivered.  I really didn’t care for No Eun Sol, but she was cute with Ji Heon.  The latter third of this drama really dragged as the plot seemed to go nowhere.  The saving grace during this period was the second female lead, Na Yoon.  She was hilarious.  Overall, it was cute, but not very memorable. (Protect the Boss Full Review)

IljimaeIljimae Korean Drama

I had been saving this classic sageuk starring Lee Joon Gi for awhile now.  I had high expectations, and it didn’t disappoint!  Lee Joon Gi was wonderful as Yong/Iljimae (of course, isn’t he great at anything he does).  I got to enjoy some of his fun charm along with plenty of intense emotions.  It was the best of both worlds.

There was also an entire cast of great supporting characters.  I adored Yong’s father Sae Dol (Lee Moon Shik).  He was so invested in his son, and I loved their relationship.  I was even inspired to finally check out the 2006 movie Fly, Daddy, Fly which also stars Lee Joon Gi and Lee Moon Shik.  It was a simple movie, but I found it very endearing and enjoyable.

I also have to mention my favorite ajusshi, Ahn Kil Kang, who played Yong Jae, a sort of mentor to Iljimae.  He is always wonderful in sageuks.

This drama drew me into it’s world, and I found myself wishing it would never end.  I highly recommend this drama to everyone! (Iljimae Full Review)

Well, that’s it.  Overall, it was a great month.  What did you watch this month?

For the month of August, I hope to check out Mask, My Beautiful Bride, and School 2013.

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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