My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama Review

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang

My Love Eun Dong is a romance drama about two lovers, Park Hyun Soo (Joo Jin Mo) and Ji Eun Dong (Kim Sa Rang).  They meet as teenagers and again in their twenties, but are separated both times.  The story follows their third meeting when they are in their thirties.

My Love Eun Dong has the feel of a sweeping romance.  It was so easy to become invested with Hyun Soo and Eun Dong as teenagers because their love story was so adorable and pure.  I actually wouldn’t have minded a couple more episodes of them when they were this age.

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Young Hyun Soo My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Young Eun Dong

When they meet again in their twenties, the true romance blossoms immediately.  It’s easy to get swept up in their young love.  Of course, their reunion is all too short since Eun Dong soon disappears again, leaving behind a despondent Hyun Soo.

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Eun Dong 20's My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Hyun Soo 20s


Another ten long years pass.  We now find that Hyun Soo has become a popular actor and goes by the name Ji Eun Ho.  He has waited for Eun Dong all these years, and he has finally decided to publish a book to tell their love story.  He hires a ghostwriter to do the book for him…and that ghostwriter just happens to be Eun Dong!  But we quickly learn that she was in an accident ten years ago and has no memory of Eun Ho.  She is also married to a disabled man and has a child.

Her world is eventually turned upside down writing Eun Ho’s book, which of course is all about her.  Bits and pieces of memories creep back in, and she is unable to deny the feelings for Eun Ho that are being stirred up inside of her.

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Kim Sa Rang

You are always aware of Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s true love.  Their chemistry is amazing.  Also the music and the visuals just carry you away into their love story.

But things are messy and complicated in this drama.  Eun Dong has lived ten years of her life with another man and child.  And that man was directly responsible for separating our two lovers.  Despite this, I actually had no problem sympathizing with her husband, Choi Jae Ho (Kim Tae Hoon)…and not just because he was disabled.

The way I viewed it was that yes, he did something completely horrible to both Eun Dong and Eun Ho.  In an act of desperation, he stole Eun Ho’s only love.  But he began paying for that from the moment of the car accident.  And when the truth comes to light, he pays even more.  With that said, the truth is his character goes much deeper than just being a villain.  He did do wrong, but he did love Eun Dong and their son.  He was also a good father.  He makes some more wrong decisions in order to try and keep his family, but I don’t think anything he did was easy for him.

He struggled as his family slipped away, and ultimately, he fully understood what he did was wrong.  He even did his best to set things back to the way they should be.   Does that excuse what he did?  No, it doesn’t.  But it shows that he was not bad deep down.   He was a good man who did some terrible things, but in the end he tried to make amends.

My Love Eun Dong Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang Kiss

A lot of people didn’t care for the ending of this drama, but I loved it.  From start to finish this drama swept me away in to a magnificent love story.  It gave me complicated characters that really made me think.  In the end, I was more than satisfied.  What do you think?  Were you happy with the ending or did you want to see more justice?

My Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. kjtamuser says:

    Nice review. You made me interested in watching the drama.

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  2. Kay says:

    Thanks! This drama wasn’t even on my radar, but I’m really glad I took notice of it. It was a wonderful surprise!


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