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God’s Gift: 14 Days Korean Drama Review

God’s Gift: 14 Days is a suspense drama about a woman (Lee Bo Young) whose daughter is kidnapped and murdered, but she gets the opportunity to go back in time and try to Advertisements

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Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (The Undateables) Korean Drama Review

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (also known as The Undateables) is a romantic comedy about a man (Nam Goong Min) who knows everything there is to know about love yet isn’t

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Are You Human Too? Korean Drama Review

Are You Human Too? is a sci-fi melodrama about a robot (Seo Kang Joon) that is brought in to impersonate a chaebol heir who is in a coma during a corporate power struggle. He

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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Korean Drama Review

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a romantic comedy about the narcissistic vice president (Park Seo Joon) of a large corporation who learns his long time devoted

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Come and Hug Me Korean Drama Review

Come and Hug Me follows the complicated story of a detective (Jang Ki Yong) whose serial killer father murdered the parents of the woman (Jin Ki Joo) he loved when they were

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Greasy Melo (Wok of Love) Korean Drama Review

Greasy Melo (also known as Wok of Love) is set at a run down neighborhood Chinese restaurant that is run by a gangster (Jang Hyuk) recently released from prison. A star chef

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Rich Man Korean Drama Review

Rich Man (also known as Rich Man, Poor Woman) tells the love story of a genius tech CEO (Suho) who has a condition where he can’t recognize faces and an optimistic woman (Ha

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Lawless Lawyer Korean Drama Review

Lawless Lawyer (Lawless Attorney) is a legal action thriller about a gangster (Lee Joon Gi) turned lawyer who doesn’t mind using his fists or doing whatever is necessary to bring

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What’s Up Korean Drama Review

What’s Up is a 2011 music themed drama set at a university of arts and follows the stories of students in the musical theater department. They all struggle to find their place and

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109 Strange Things Korean Drama Review

109 Strange Things is a 6 episode web drama about a robot (Choi Tae Joon) who comes from the future with a mission to protect a philosophy student (Jung Chae Yeon)

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