Korean Drama Update for April 2023

April brought me another fantastic drama in the form of the historical comedy romance The Forbidden Marriage. Here’s how it went:

The Forbidden Marriage

The Forbidden Marriage was such a lovely surprise! It was a treat. This is one of those dramas that drew me in right from the start. It gave me all kinds of feels, and I loved every minute. It’s a very engaging show with romance, friendship, humor, heart, and a solid story shrouded in mystery.

All of the characters were great too. Everyone from the main cast down to the supporting ones had a story. There are plenty of quirky characters that add lots of fun to the series as well as some nice little side storylines. The Forbidden Marriage was a wonderful watch for me, and it left my heart feeling very full. (The Forbidden Marriage Review)

So how was April for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 Responses to Korean Drama Update for April 2023

  1. Timescout says:

    I tired out quite a few dramas in April but most of them got Das Boot pretty early on. It’s been uncommonly hard finding dramas to stick to, they either annoy the heck out of me or I just don’t find them interesting enough to continue.

    I did manage to finish one drama – My Decoy Bride. It’s a Chinese costume drama with 24 episodes that are about 10-12 minutes each. So not much of a commitment time wise. It’s quite good for a minidrama that probably didn’t have a big budget. Drama looks really pretty, there’s some humour, mysteries + hidden identities and the romance is surprisingly swoony. I ended up liking the main couple a lot and really rooted for them to overcome all the obstacles. The bad guys were less caroonish than expected and they managed to keep us guessing about the end game baddie for quite a while. If you want to take a swing at a cdrama, this could be a contender. 😀 It’s short (ca. 3 h in total) and sweet.

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    • Kay says:

      Oooh, My Decoy Bride does sound interesting! There’s always cdramas I’m interested in checking out, but the longer length usually deters me. So a nice mini costume drama looks great! I will definitely add this one to my list. Thanks for recommending it 🙂


      • Timescout says:

        Yup, My Decoy Bride was a pretty nice “bite size” drama.

        Cdrama epi count can look daunting at first but the episodes are generally just ca. 40-45 min, including opening and closing credits. So they are actually not that much longer in total runtime compared to most kdramas. A 30 episode cdrama is about the same as a 16 episode kdrama. 🙂

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        • Kay says:

          Very true. I guess it seems like I’m always interested in the 50+ ep cdramas which always leaves me thinking I could get in 2-3 kdramas in that time so I just never end up watching them, lol 😂 I need to find more in that 30 or less range since that it is definitely my sweet spot for length 🙂


  2. Kate says:

    Only finished 2 dramas in April – Our Blooming Youth and Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life.

    Sorry to say that OBY was a big disappointment to me. Coming on the heels of Forbidden Marriage which I loved, and knowing how much I admire Park Hyung Sik’s work, I had high hopes for OBY but the lack of romance was a big bummer for me. I usually put up with the period pieces (always with the politics and bad guys) for a nice palace romance but this one had just enough to tease me for 20 episodes (!) only to fall flat. Oh well, live and learn. FYI – Secret Romantic Guesthouse is SO MUCH BETTER!!

    BL/WL was one of those daytime/ soap opera type dramas I’m a sucker for and had a great cast so I enjoyed it. Any story line I didn’t care for I just fast forwarded through so the 100 episodes just flew by. Loved the main leads and their back story was gripping and kept me interesested all the way. A good watch.

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    • Kay says:

      Awww, that’s so disappointing to hear about Our Blooming Youth. It did look really promising. I too don’t like it when the politics is the central focus as I love a good palace romance.

      So glad to hear that The Secret Romantic Guesthouse is going so much better though! That one looks fun 🙂

      Yay that BL/WL was such a good watch for you! I really wish I had time to watch more of the soapy, family dramas. I seriously love soapy stuff, but even fast forwarding I would probably struggle to get them in! 😂


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