Korean Drama Update for February 2023

I only got in one drama for February, but it was all I needed! It was the fantastic fantasy historical Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow that graced my screen. Here’s how it went:

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow

Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow was amazing! I LOVED it! Just like part 1, this drama embodies what I love in a show with fantasy, history, romance, action, humor, and heart. I really couldn’t ask for more.

We drop right back into this beautiful world filled with complexity, mages, and magic. It’s a world populated by a sprawling cast of interesting characters. We get a fleshed out story with consistent plot developments and filled with twists and turns. The pacing was wonderful with the intensity building with each episode. The drama definitely leans heavy, but there is plenty of lighthearted humor scattered throughout it too.

The cinematography and special effects were top notch, and I loved seeing how this magical world was brought to life. We get to enjoy great music too. I was again able to get lost in this world, and it really felt good to be back. It’s a grand story that felt epic on many levels. The saga that is Alchemy of Souls 2 is truly a special one. (Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow Review)

So how was February for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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13 Responses to Korean Drama Update for February 2023

  1. Timescout says:

    I finally managed to tackle Alchemy of Souls myself and watched both seasons. Liked it a lot too. 🙂 That’s the only drama I finished in Feb, as all the others on my roster are still ongoing.

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  2. Kate says:

    If you’re gonna watch just one drama, AoS is definitely a good one!

    For February I fininshed:

    The Forbidden Marriage which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just 12 episodes so never dragged. Fun and cute romance with just enough serious drama with period backdrop.

    Love to Hate You – Another short one (10 episodes on Netflix). I almost dropped but because I was able to read the thumbnail sketch of what the upcoming episodes covered I continued to watch and happy I did. Loved the 2nd half more than the first but all round good watch. Loved the kick a$$ heroine 🙂

    The Interest of Love – not sure why I didn’t drop this earlier. It kept baiting me throughout and by the end I was just angry I wasted my time. I loved the actors but it was just so meh and OMG did it drag!

    And one I dropped – The Heavenly Idol. I just watched the first episode and started episode 2 and realized nothing was really grabbing me. It’s 9.4 rating on Viki so maybe it’s worth watching but I just wasn’t feeling it.

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    • Kay says:

      Yep, Alchemy of Souls is definitely the drama to pick if you’re only going to watch one! 😀

      I’m glad The Forbidden Marriage was so good for you. I plan to watch it pretty soon too. I might have to take a peek at Love to Hate You since I’ve seen it floating around and heard good things.

      Too bad about The Interest of Love and The Heavenly Idol. I may give The Heavenly Idol a try at some point. We’ll see!


  3. Snow Flower says:

    Drama update February 2023:
    I finished one drama – “I’m Sorry I Love You.” (also known as MiSa). I’m participating in the fated watch of Winter Sonata, so I suddenly had the urge to rewatch another classic melo from the early 2000s. I am happy to report that the drama has aged rather well. So Ji Sub delivers an iconic performance, and there is also baby Jung Kyung Ho in his first major role. Tissues are a must, and the main theme will haunt you forever.

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  4. D says:

    Hi Kay – I too loved Alchemy of Souls so I’m glad you enjoyed the second part as well. As for this month, I watched Love All Play, Love to Hate You and Interest of Love. Love All Play was ok. Love To Hate You – I really liked. Interest of Love – I loved the entire series except the ending. I absolutely hate open ending series – it’s like I was invested for 16 hours only to find out ….. I was so angry at the end. It was such a shame because I really enjoyed the entire the rest of the series.

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    • Kay says:

      It really was sooo good! Glad to hear you enjoyed Love to Hate You. I’ve been hearing good things about it so I might just give that one a look sometime 🙂 Sorry to hear the ending for The Interest of Love was disappointing. That’s definitely upsetting after really enjoying a series 😦


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