The Sound of Magic Korean Drama Review

The Sound of Magic is about a struggling high school girl (Choi Sung Eun) with a difficult life who meets a mysterious magician (Ji Chang Wook) that lives in an abandoned theme park.

Choi Sung Eun is Yoon Ah Yi. Despite being in high school, she has to work multiple jobs and take care of her little sister. As she struggles to get by day to day, she eventually meets a magician in an abandoned theme park who gives her life some hope.

Ji Chang Wook plays our mysterious magician Ri Eul. He suddenly appears in Ah Yi’s life as he gives her hope and encouragement through magic and his charms. Mystery surrounds him though, and many have questions about who he really is.

Hwang In Yeop is Na Il Deung. He is a top student that is in the same class as Ah Yi. He begins to take interest in Ah Yi and gets involved with her and the magician.

The Sound of Magic is unique in the drama landscape in that it is a musical featuring songs sung by the characters throughout the show. It is a solid series with a more serious tone and several difficult subject matters, but there is hope throughout it too. Add in an air of magic, and we have an intriguing drama.

Ah Yi faces incredible hardships, and the drama portrays that very well. She is just trying to survive, and that is all her life is. She appears quite timid on the outside, but we see just how strong she is as she does what she can to take care of herself and her little sister.

Things change for her though when she meets the mysterious magician Ri Eul. His charming and positive personality slowly begins to sway her to the idea that there could be more to her life.

It’s not an easy journey though. She and her friend Il Deung both have serious issues to deal with, and the people around them really don’t help. And suspicious happenings around Ri Eul have them questioning everything.

I thought that Choi Sung Eun portrayed Ah Yi beautifully, and I easily connected with her character. Ji Chang Wook was also perfect as the charming magician, and I really got a kick out of him in the role.

The Sound of Magic only had 6 episodes, but it manages to weave together a good story that included a mystery with a blending of psychology and fantasy. The characters are explored pretty well too. We also have several nice musical numbers, some of which are very grand. It was all put together in an entertaining way.

I didn’t find the show particularly gripping, and there are several plot points you just kind of have to roll with, but the combination of the good story, engaging characters, mystery, and heart made for an overall enjoyable drama.

My Rating: 7/10

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7 Responses to The Sound of Magic Korean Drama Review

  1. Jermena says:

    Ji Chang Wook is always a treat to watch. Just completed K2 recently and i just was so awed! I hope you have a review on it Kay😄

    Damn thing was gorgeous☺️😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beez says:

    You’re very kind, Kay. This meandered for me and took me forever to finish watching it. (As an unhinged JCW fan, I should’ve gobbled this up in one sitting.)
    My problems with it
    1) It didn’t have enough songs too really be a musical
    2) The songs it had weren’t catchy – not one of them
    3) As I struggled to become engaged I felt this should’ve been 2 episodes but once our magicians complications began to be revealed, I thought Show needed way more episodes to explore him and the affect he had on the young people who’d recently been in his orbit
    4) Truth is I don’t know why really but it didn’t grab me

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Sometimes dramas just don’t click, even when everything seems like it should. I know I’ve been there many times.

      And while I did enjoy this one for the most part, it was on the slower side, and I actually agree with your points. It didn’t actually feature a lot of musical numbers, and most of the songs weren’t super catchy. I thought a couple were decent, and I did enjoy the large production value of them though.

      This definitely would have worked well as a movie too. Some plot points were drawn out, while like you mentioned, some could have used deeper exploration. Luckily, 6 eps prevented things from getting too bogged down. If it were longer, it wouldn’t have worked for me. I must say, I did quite enjoy Ji Chang Wook as a very charming magician though, hehe 😊


  3. This is a drama/musical that is depressing and should have been presented better. Don’t watch if you’re wanting romance and light comedy. There are several musical numbers that were good but once the music was done it was back to saddest and depression. The Magician was disappointing. SPOILERS A magician who throws a guy (who was trying to molest Yoon Ah Yi) off a ledge, fixes a broken street camera by magic so a murder can be recorded but doesn’t stop the murder is not what I would call a hero. The magician should have been a Dr Who type of mystical individual.
    The best part of this show was the last ten minutes that came after the final credits, where the entire cast sang and danced.
    Last ten minutes of the show: 9/10, the rest 6-/10

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Definitely a lot of sadness in this one. An air of hope too though. SPOILERS: Haha, I love that you actually noticed the irony in Ri Eul fixing the broken camera to record the murder but not stopping it! I thought that immediately. I do know what they were trying to do with that whole magical moment though, and it’s definitely one of those loopholes I tried to just go with. I laughed at the irony of that whole situation though 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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