Let Me Be Your Knight Korean Drama Review

Let Me Be Your Knight is a romantic comedy about a popular boy group who has a member (Lee Jun Young) suffering from sleepwalking. A woman (Jung In Sun) pretending to be a doctor is brought in to help and live in the group dorm.

Jung In Sun plays In Yoon Joo. She is a tour guide who has faced many struggles in life. After finding herself deep in debt, she sees an opportunity to pretend to be her twin sister who is a doctor and make some quick money by secretly helping a member of a boy band.

Lee Jun Young is Yoon Tae In. He is the leader of the popular boy band Luna and suffers from sleepwalking. He’s not a very happy person and is very reluctant when a doctor shows up to live with him and his bandmates in order to treat him.

Other members of the band Luna include Woo Yeon (Jang Dong Joo), Shin (JR), Yoo Chan (Yoon Ji Sung), and Ga On (Kim Dong Hyun).

Let Me Be Your Knight has one of those silly-sounding romantic comedy premises that I just can’t resist. A woman pretending to be a doctor and secretly living in a boy band’s dorm to treat one of them members? Now that’s just primed for hi-jinks!

The drama has a light and fun feel with a sprinkling of heavier topics throughout. We do get plenty of fun with Yoon Joo living with Luna and all of the awkward situations that come with it.

I also have to mention the wonderful soundtrack to this drama. The band has several fantastic songs that were utilized very well throughout the series in addition to other nice songs on the soundtrack. I greatly appreciate when a show about a band actually gives the band multiple good songs and uses them well.

I quite enjoyed Jung In Sun in this role. She has a bright and warm energy that makes her easy to like. Life just keeps knocking Yoon Joo down, and she finds herself with an unusual opportunity. Of course, we all know pretending to be a doctor has all sorts of problems, but in this drama world, we can see her desperate plight that leads her down this road.

And she does actually do her best to help Tae In by doing lots of research into his condition and faithfully guarding him to protect him. Even though she needed money, her heart was in the right place to try and help.

Tae In has his own issues stemming from some difficult childhood and family experiences. He always has his guard up and is pretty jerky to everyone around him most of the time. It’s slow-going to soften him up.

We do get moments where his kinder heart shows through involving his bandmates, and Yoon Joo does succeed in causing him to lower his guard around her as he develops feelings for her.

The band members each come with their own little story arcs which helped buff up the plot as each guy gets some screen time to deal with their issues. This also helped to feel more connection with the members as time went on. We get to tackle relationships career issues, bullying, and more. Some of the stories were more engaging than others, but they were decent overall.

The romance follows the typical rom-com progression with Yoon Joo and Tae In really disliking each other with lots of bickering at first. Then they move to lukewarm, develop a friendship, and romance eventually blossoms.

I did enjoy that the couple gets to spend a lot of time together as Yoon Joo tries to help Tae In. There are definitely lots of nice moments between them. The actual romance doesn’t really take shape until the latter part of the drama, and some of the big secrets get in the way of that.

The last few episodes of the drama get more serious as all of the secrets come out and the band goes through some challenges. I could definitely feel the tonal shift, but I thought it was handled well as there was a lot address for all of the characters.

Let Me Be Your Knight was a solid romantic comedy. It’s pretty standard fare from a story perspective, but it executes everything well. There’s humor, romance, music, heart, and a side of angst. It all made for an overall fun watch.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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5 Responses to Let Me Be Your Knight Korean Drama Review

  1. This is one I enjoyed all the way through. It was tough to watch week to week though because I think there was just one episode per week and some breaks here and there for some reason so I had to wait for it to finish it’s run to watch the last few episodes together which took away a bit of the momentum for me but I usually like Lee Jun Young in any drama so all good 🙂

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    • Kay says:

      I enjoyed it all the way through too 🙂 I definitely wouldn’t have liked having to wait week to week! You had me excited to check it out when you were watching it, and luckily, it ended up being a lot of fun 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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