Kdramas Coming to Viki in October

New kdramas are coming to Viki! We have a couple of mystery thrillers to look forward to this month which seems fitting for October!


Chimera Korean Drama - Park Hae Soo

Stars: Park Hae Soo, Lee Hee Joon, Claudia Kim
Chimera follows a detective, doctor, and profiler as they try to solve a present day crime connected to a series of murders in 1984.

Check out Chimera.


Stars: Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon
Jirisan is a mystery drama about the Mount Jiri National Park rangers which includes a top park ranger and her rookie partner as they rescue people and try to uncover a mystery.

Check out Jirisan.

So which dramas are you enjoying or most looking forward to?

*Source: Pictures courtesy of Viki

*Dramas listed are subject to regional availability

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6 Responses to Kdramas Coming to Viki in October

  1. Timescout says:

    Jirisan might be one to watch, though I never know how I’ll eventually feel about any drama these days. Most just end up not being able to keep my interest beyond first few episodes. I’ve again been watching loads of eSports instead. 😀 Which is SO weired as I’m definitely not a gamer.

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    • Kay says:

      Jirisan definitely looks promising! Haha, eSports, huh? I had noticed you had watched quite a few eSports themed dramas over the years. I guess it carried over into the real world for you 😂


      • Timescout says:

        Ha, I guess it did. One of those “things” with YT. I’d watched the S1 of the animated version of The Kings Avatar and YT algorithm started suggesting me viedos of real life matches for (then) ongoing League of Legends World Championships. With nothing better to do I pressed ‘play’ and somehow got thoroughly hooked. 😂 One of the groups from my region were doing pretty well, so I ended up watching all of their matches. The guys went all the way to the finals but got properly thumped by the Chinese team in the end. *insert sad face here* 😆 I’ve sorta been keeping tabs on the biger events of the league ever since.

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        • Kay says:

          Oh, I’ve definitely had that kind of experience thanks to YT too! You start out one place and next thing you know you’re watching hours of content and get into something different, and you’re like “How I did I even get into this?!” 😂 It’s fun when you get into something unexpectedly enjoyable though. It’s great that you found something like that with eSports. I watch some game streamers on YT who sometimes mention things like that, and I’ve seen it in some dramas, but I’ve never checked it out myself. At least now when the dramas are letting you down, you’ve got eSports to lift you up, hehe 😊


  2. Snow Flower says:

    I plan to watch Jirisan.

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