So Not Worth It Korean Drama Review

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Seung, Park Se Wan, Han Hyun Min, Minnie, Choi Young Jae, Carson Allen, Terris Brown, Joakim

So Not Worth It is a comedy sitcom about a quirky group of international students living in a college dorm together and follows all of their relationships and the strange adventures they get involved in.

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Park Se Wan So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Seung
So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Choi Young Jae So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Han Hyun Min

The students include the RA Se Wan (Park Se Wan), Jamie (Shin Hyun Seung) from America, Sam (Choi Young Jae) who grew up in Australia, Hyun Min (Han Hyun Min) from South Korea, Minnie (Minnie) from Thailand, Carson (Carson Allen) from America, Hans (Joakim) from Sweden, and Terris (Terris Brown) from Trinidad.

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Minnie So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Carson Allen
So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Joakim So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Terris Brown

So Not Worth It is done in the style of a sitcom, so it has a bit of a different feel than a regular kdrama. It’s a quick and easy watch with only 12 half hour episodes. This series is very light and is primarily a comedy. Most of the comedy wasn’t really to my tastes, but it did have moments that I found funny.

I do have to mention the show has an awful laugh track used throughout it though. It was seriously unneeded, and I definitely felt like it took away from the comedy.

Mostly we see the students get involved in a variety of crazy and troublesome situations that have humorous results. There are a few slightly more serious topics sprinkled throughout the show, but it sticks heavily to the comedy category.

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Hyun Min, Choi Young Jae, Terris BrownSo Not Worth It Korean Drama - Park Se Wan, Carson Allen, Minnie

The show has a lot of newer actors, so some of the acting was a bit green. Luckily, the sitcom style of the show works well for newer actors, so I don’t think it was that big of an issue.

It was also nice to see such a diverse cast which is certainly rare in kdramas. We have students from all over the world of various nationalities. It’s great watching them all come together in one drama.

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Seung and Park Se Wan

There is also a romance arc between Se Wan and Jamie. This develops over the course of the show and becomes pretty prominent about midway through. This arc had that standard rom-com feel with the getting off on the wrong foot, misunderstandings, and eventually growing close as feelings develop. I enjoyed seeing this fun little relationship take shape.

So Not Worth It Korean Drama - Hyun Min, Choi Young Jae, Terris Brown

Since a good chunk of the humor wasn’t to my tastes, the situational nature of the show did make it feel draggy for me despite my like for the characters and the cute little romance. I think if you like the comedy style though, this could be a great and unique show for you because it has such a light and fun feel to it.

My Rating: 6/10

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15 Responses to So Not Worth It Korean Drama Review

  1. Jermena says:

    Well… I guess I should watch it sometime, am curious about the diverse cast and ‘that cute little relationship’😁

    I’m excited about that move of diversity in a Kdrama, and think I would love to see it more in future, but am also worried and hope that it won’t take away our ‘Kdrama-ish’ in Kdramas πŸ˜„

    Liked by 2 people

  2. D says:

    I enjoyed this one especially the cast but I have to say I will give it the same rating as you. I also disliked the awful laughter as well. It seems like they were trying to be like the American comedy sitcoms but it didn’t work for me either.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      Yes, the cast was really nice here, very quirky and fun. That laughter track though! Why?! It definitely didn’t help, especially when the comedy didn’t really land for me as a whole, lol.


  3. I’ve been wondering about this series. I watched the trailer and based on the comedy, decided to skip it (I dislike the genre) but I was initially interested because of the diverse, international cast.

    It’s a shame they used a laugh track. Makes it seem like an attempt to sell the show to Korean audiences, but also as a way to compensate loses for the series as a ‘gag’ if it didn’t gain popularity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      The cast was definitely appealing in this one, and the characters were very fun and quirky, but comedy was really not to my tastes. And that made an already bad laugh track even worse! lol. Those who like this kind of comedy will probably enjoy the show though πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I might not like it then because I’m not a huge fan of comedies in general. It sounds very interesting though!
        (Except the bad laugh track lol. I can’t believe a show in 20202-2021 is using a laugh track lol.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Yeah, this one is heavy on the comedy with little plot, so it you may not like it much. And yes, it’s crazy that some shows are still using laugh tracks. And if you’re going to use one, at least use a halfway decent one that isn’t so obnoxious! lol πŸ˜‚

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Kate says:

    Tried this one for the international cast and light fare but couldn’t get past the laugh track and weak plot lines. Definitely interested in something similar in future if done better. Please no laugh track!

    Liked by 1 person

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