June Has New Kdramas Heading to Viki

At a Distance Spring is Green Korean Drama - Park Ji Hoon

June has new kdramas heading to Viki! And they are each very different from each other! There’s a melodrama, a crime thriller, and a coming of age story:

The Penthouse 3

The Penthouse 3 Korean Drama - Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Ukm Ki Joon

Stars: Eugene, Kim So Yeon, Lee Ji Ah, Ukm Ki Joon
The Penthouse 3 is about a woman’s ambitious goal to rise into high society through the real estate business, and she will do anything to succeed, even if she becomes a monster along the way.

Check out The Penthouse 3.

Voice 4

Voice 4 Korean Drama - Song Seung Heon and Lee Ha Na

Stars: Lee Ha Na and Song Seung Heon
Voice 4 will follow the story of workers at a 112 emergency call center where a “Golden Time” team works to rescue crime victims in the golden window of time before they are likely to be killed.

Check out Voice 4.

At a Distance, Spring is Green

At a Distance Spring is Green Korean Drama - Park Ji Hoon

Stars: Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk
At a Distance, Spring is Green tells the story of twenty somethings transitioning to adulthood including a sweet freshman  business student at a university, a hardworking student, and an intelligent and cold student.

Check out At a Distance, Spring is Green.

So which dramas are you enjoying or most looking forward to?

*Source: Pictures courtesy of Viki

*Dramas listed are subject to regional availability

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4 Responses to June Has New Kdramas Heading to Viki

  1. Timescout says:

    None are my cup of tea, so… skip, skip, skip. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nell says:

    i strongly recommend At a distance spring is green. First ep they already make me fall in love with this drama. this is not like others typical drama who like to watch a romance, fantasy drama or what so ever. this is about the real life struggle in our real life at 20s. can relate to our real life. and so many emotion in this drama. that cast acting so great. really love that!! tumbs up to all the cast👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It’s great that you’re already enjoying this drama so much 🙂 Thanks for the rec, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it 🙂


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