Vincenzo Korean Drama - Song Joong Ki

We are making our way through 2021, and February has a huge amount of new dramas coming our way!  It may be the month of love, but action and thrills dominate the new premieres. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this February 2021 edition of “Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching.”

This monthly series is meant to keep you updated on what’s happening in that amazing world of Korean dramas so that you don’t miss out on anything! Here are the kdramas you should keep an eye out for in February 2021:

My Pick:

1. River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises Korean Drama - Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun

There is so much I’m excited for with this drama! We have a reunion between two actors I love in Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun for what looks like a pretty thrilling romance set in a period of history I really love.

River Where the Moon Rises is set during the Goguryeo era and is about an ambitious princess (Kim So Hyun) who uses a foolish man’s (Ji Soo) feelings to her advantage and experiences conflicting emotions.

River Where the Moon Rises is scheduled to premiere February 15 on KBS.


2. Sisyphus: The Myth

Sisyphus: The Myth Korean Drama - Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye

Sisyphus: The Myth is a sci-fi mystery drama about a genius engineer (Jo Seung Woo) who gets involved in a dangerous situation in order to find the truth that is saved by an elite warrior (Park Shin Hye) who has the skills to survive in a world ruled by gangsters and warlords.

Sisyphus: The Myth is scheduled to premiere February 17 on JTBC.

3. L.U.C.A.: The Beginning

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning Korean Drama - Kim Rae Won

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning is about the idea that all species descended from a common ancestor. It focuses on a man (Kim Rae Won) who is born into the world of genetics and has special powers but doesn’t know who he is so he is looking for answers. He is joined by a detective (Lee Da Hee) on his search.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning is scheduled to premiere February 1 on tvN.

4. Vincenzo

Vincenzo Korean Drama - Song Joong Ki

Vincenzo is about a lawyer (Song Joong Ki) who is a Mafia advisor that moves to Korea and meets another lawyer (Jeon Yeo Bin).

Vincenzo is scheduled to premiere February 20 on tvN.

5. Beyond Evil

Monster Korean Drama - Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun

Beyond Evil is a psychological thriller about a former detective (Shin Ha Kyun) demoted to doing menial work at a police station who is partnered with a talented younger detective (Yeo Jin Goo) as they as they pursue a serial killer.

Beyond Evil is scheduled to premiere February 19 on JTBC.

6. Times

Times Korean Drama - Lee Seo Jin and Lee Joo Young

Times is a political thriller about a reporter from 2020 (Lee Joo Young) who is able to call a reporter in 2015 (Lee Seo Jin), and they team up to prevent the assassination of the president.

Times is scheduled to premiere February 20 on OCN.

7. Hello? It’s Me!

Hello? It's Me! Korean Drama - Kim Young Kwang and Choi Kang Hee

Hello? It’s Me! is a fantasy romantic comedy about a 37 year contract worker (Choi Kang Hee) who faces her 17 year old self and the son of a chaebol family (Kim Young Kwang) as they experience growth.

Hello? It’s Me! is scheduled to premiere February 17 on KBS.

8. The Penthouse 2

Penthouse Korean Drama - Eugene, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Yeon

The Penthouse 2 is about a woman’s (Eugene) ambitious goal to rise into high society through the real estate business, and she will do anything to succeed, even if she becomes a monster along the way.

The Penthouse 2 is scheduled to premiere February 19 on SBS.


9. She Would Never Know

Sunbae, Don't Put on That Lipstick Korean Drama - Rowoon and Won Jin Ah

She Would Never Know is an office romantic comedy set at a cosmetics company about the romance between a sunbae (Won Jin Ah) who is a brand marketer that has dreams of starting her own cosmetics brand and a hoobae (Rowoon) who is also a brand marketer.

She Would Never Know airs Monday and Tuesday on JTBC.

10. Royal Secret Agent

Secret Royal Inspector Korean Drama - L

Royal Secret Agent is about a secret royal inspector (L) during the Joseon Era whose job is to spend his nights among the regular people while hiding his identity and then report back to the king the problems they face.

Royal Secret Agent airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

Other Premieres & Ongoing Dramas
(These dramas will be highlighted in the coming months)

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)
Love Scene Number


Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen Korean Drama - Kim Jung Hyun and Shin Hye Sun

Mr. Queen is about a modern man who is transported back in time to the Joseon era where he inhabits the body of a queen (Shin Hye Sun) and gets involved with a secretive king (Kim Jung Hyun) who has a Jekyll and Hyde type personality.

Mr. Queen airs Saturday and Sunday on tvN.

Run On

Run On Korean Drama - Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung

Run On is about a national track and field athlete (Im Siwan) who is forced to retire after an accident that meets a foreign film translator (Shin Se Kyung) who always has to look back because she goes over the same scenes repeatedly.

Run On is scheduled airs Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC.

Live On

Live On Korean Drama - Hwang Min Hyun and Jung Da Bin

Live On is about a popular high school student (Jung Da Bin) who finds out someone is trying to reveal a secret about her past so she joins her school’s broadcasting club and enlists the help of the perfectionist head of the club (Hwang Min Hyun) to find the culprit.

Live On airs Tuesday on JTBC.

True Beauty

True Beauty Korean Drama - Cha Eun Woo and Moon Ga Young

True Beauty follows the romance between a woman (Moon Ga Young) who would never be caught without makeup on and the only man (Cha Eun Woo) who has seen her bare face.

True Beauty airs Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.

Lovestruck in the City

Lovestruck in the City Korean Drama - Ji Chan Wook and Kim Ji Won

Lovestruck in the City is a realistic romance about the dating lives of young people including a passionate architect (Ji Chang Wook) and a freelance marketer (Kim Ji Won) posing as a free spirit in a new city.

Lovestruck in the City airs Tuesday and Friday on Kakao TV.

Please Don’t Date Him

Please Don't Meet Him Korean Drama - Jun and Song Ha Yoon

Please Don’t Date Him tells the story of a an AI programmer (Song Ha Yoon) who wants to fall in love but avoid the wrong men, so she ends up creating an AI program that helps identify bad people. She then meets a firefighter (Jun) that her AI program is unable to analyze.

Please Don’t Date Him airs Tuesday on MBC.


Hush Korean Drama - Hwang Jung Min and Yoona

Hush is an office drama focusing on the problems and struggles of newspaper reporters including a veteran reporter (Hwang Jung Min) and an intern reporter (Yoona) he mentors.

Hush airs Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

What dramas are you looking forward to or enjoying in February?

Make sure to get caught up because there are more dramas coming your way in March!

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16 responses to “10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in February 2021”

  1. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    My pick is Dear M, unexpectedly. 😀 There’s something about that M that I look forward to watching.
    Will also watch River Where the Moon Rises and Vincenzo.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oooh, that is interesting. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on that one since I’m undecided on it. River Where the Moon Rises is a must and probably Vincenzo 🙂

      1. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

        Will surely do.

  2. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    And for my February 2021 entries, I’m currently watching Eulachacha Waikiki 1 (rewatch) and Mr. Queen. Kim Jung Hyun back to back. 😀😍

    Upnext on the sched:
    *Lovestruck in the City
    *Love Alarm 1

    1. Kay Avatar

      Ah! Eulachacha Waikiki! It makes my heart happy just thinking about that drama. I hope you enjoy the re-watch 🙂 True Beauty and Mr. Queen are my February list next.

    2. Snow Flower Avatar
      Snow Flower

      Ah, Kim Jung Hyun….Have you seen Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People? He has small but important role there, wielding a sword and brooding!

  3. Kate Avatar

    The ones I’m adding to my Feb watchlist once a few of my current airings are finished:
    Secret Royal Inspector/Agent
    She Would Never Know
    Dear M
    Hello? It’s Me!
    River Where the Moon Rises

    1. Kay Avatar

      Nice selection! River Where the Moon Rises and Secret Royal Inspector are on my for sure watch list. I’m still undecided on She Would Never Know, Dear M, and Hello? It’s Me. It will be good to see what you think of them 🙂

  4. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    River Where the Moon Rises is my pick for February 2021 as well. Currently watching:
    Mr. Queen
    Chuno – communal rewatch
    Just Dance
    Interested in: Go Back Couple

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’m so excited for River Where the Moon Rises! A historical romance with a warrior princess? Now that’s a must watch, hehe 🙂 Mr. Queen will be coming up soon for me. Ah, I loved Go Back Couple! So many emotions with that drama. I hope you like it 🙂

  5. D Avatar

    I’m interested in 7 dramas out of this list this month. It’s a big month. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      It really is a big month. I have 6 I’m interested in 🙂

  6. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    I also need to take a look at LUCA (since this one’s originally offered to JCW) and Times (because Lee Joo Young being a lead definitely deserves an audience.) to see if they fit my kdrama tastes. 😊

    1. Kay Avatar

      LUCA is one that I am interested in and will probably watch as long as it still looks promising after it’s completed 🙂

  7. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    I am going to pause watching Mr. Queen (only at ep. 6 yet). It’s not that it’s not good. But I got distracted by other dramas on my list, and got busier with other things than dramas, in real life I’d say. 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yeah, real life will definitely get in the way of drama watching sometimes 😂 Hopefully, you are able to come back to it eventually.

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