Tale of the Nine-Tailed Korean Drama Review

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is about a gumiho (Lee Dong Wook) that handles problems between the living world and the spirit world who is seeking his lost love and the PD (Jo Bo Ah) of a program about urban legends who is trying to prove the gumiho is real and solve a mystery involving her parents.

Lee Dong Wook plays Lee Yeon who is a mythical nine-tailed fox (gumiho).ย  He used to be a mountain god but was sentenced to handle problems with the spirit world because of an incident involving his true love that was killed. He seeks to be reunited with her reincarnation.

Jo Bo Ah is Nam Ji Ah. Her parents disappeared when she was a child which led her to become the PD of a show about urban legends as she seeks the truth about what happened to them. She meets Lee Yeon and becomes suspicious that he may be connected.

Then we have Kim Bum as Lee Rang. He is half human/half gumiho and is also the half-brother of Lee Yeon. He suffered a lot in his past because of what he was which led him to hate people and his brother. He is quite the villain and creates lots of havoc to get what he wants.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is the kind of show that is right up my alley. The fantasy romance elements are strong along with an interesting mystery and plenty of thrills. The drama had a strong opening that drew me into an engaging story. The pacing and plot developments were then good throughout the series.

I loved all of the fantasy aspects and that the production overall was pretty good with solid effects. The historical flashbacks were also gorgeous to look at. We get a decent soundtrack that really enhances the drama too.

The romance between Lee Yeon and Ji Ah is a big one. These ill-fated lovers shared a forbidden love hundreds of years ago, and it ended in tragedy. They get a do over in modern times, but the same fate threatens them again.

This pair has a fun banter between them in the early stages of the series. Then as they grow closer, the romance picks up. There is a lot that Ji Ah doesn’t know about her past life and their past relationship though. Those secrets create plenty of issues for them.

I really enjoyed seeing how dedicated Lee Yeon was to Ji Ah. He goes through a lot to try and give Ji Ah a happy life, but he sure does face a lot of problems in doing so. Ji Ah also appreciates Lee Yeon and becomes a valuable partner for him as they face their enemies.

We get a little love/hate bromance in Tale of the Nine Tailed too. Lee Yeon and his half-brother Lee Rang have been at odds for hundreds of years. They also had a tragic past that tainted their relationship.

Lee Rang goes full villain and does his best to cause trouble for Lee Yeon, but it is evident that Lee Rang is acting out and still cares for his brother. Lee Yeon faces an uphill battle in trying to get through to him. We get some really great moments between this duo as they face their issues as well as some good character growth from Lee Rang.

This is the kind of show that has tons of wonderful supporting characters. Many of them will win your heart with their stories and current relationships. Others are of the villainous variety that add lots of drama and tension to the show.

We get lots of big relationship developments throughout the drama between all three of our main characters as well as the supporting ones. The series did well as building up these moments and making them satisfying. I really enjoyed seeing these relationships develop and grow.

There was a lot of great payoff in the ending episodes of the drama involving everyone. I was pretty satisfied with the direction the story went and how everything went down. We get some incredibly emotional moments for our characters.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Tale of the Nine-Tailed. Dramas like this are my bread and butter because of the great mixture of elements involving fantasy, romance, thrills, and mystery. It’s always nice to see shows like this come together so nicely and treat the audience to such a fun story.

My Rating: 8/10

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8 Responses to Tale of the Nine-Tailed Korean Drama Review

  1. Kate says:

    I loved everything about this drama. I wished for some different things for the end but overall worth every minute! Glad you enjoyed it but not surprised since it seems to include so many of the things you love about kdramas ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It really was such a great drama! I’m glad you loved it too ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re right, it did have most of the things I love in a kdrama. I wish they would make more like this ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Niro says:

    I loved the whole premise of the supernatural in this drama. Pretty man Lee Dong Wook seems to have reprised his ole role as the Grim Reaper with a different Nome, looking even prettier with that hair & his dressing – could only make us swoon each time he appears!

    But to me, the ending was like a Tamil movie called Anniyan where the main character is supposed to have been cured of a split personality disorder but still secretly retains his old bad ways. Lee Yeon too who claims to have come back as human still retains the bad boy in him as spirit hunter ๐Ÿ™‚ Despite his distracting pale good looks, it was his umbrella that had my attention each time. Dang, what a pretty logo & wide enough to shield two people ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for the leading lady, Cho Bo-Ah, she has certainly proven her versatility as an actress here. I’ve only seen her as a vamp before but she handles her main lead really well. Loved how convincing she was as she vacillated btw good girl & a possessed by Imoogie, woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Agree, this was such a fun drama, and it was yet another great character for Lee Dong Wook who was just wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, this was a good role for Jo Bo Ah too. I’m so glad she gets lead roles these days because she is great, and I always enjoy her. It was a lot of fun getting to see two sides of her in this role. Definitely a wonderful drama ๐Ÿ™‚


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  4. Fred says:

    It’s really hard for me to keep watching a kdrama with horror. It has to be like a 10 for me to keep going and tolerate all the scary stuff happening. This is an 8 with a lot of scary parts. I only reached episode 6. I give up. HAHAHA.


    • Kay says:

      Aww, Fred, I definitely know how you feel! Luckily, this one doesn’t cross my horror threshold, so I did fine with it. There were some scenes in the first few eps that were very creepy though. But you gotta do what’s right for you. I’ve missed out on quite a few reportedly amazing dramas because they were horror and I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle them which is disappointing to say the least! hehe

      Liked by 1 person

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