Season 4 of “Voice” is Confirmed

Voice 3 Korean Drama - Lee Jin Wook and Lee Ha Na

A fourth season is now confirmed for the Korean drama series Voice. Voice 3 previously starred Lee Jin Wook (Voice 3) and Lee Ha Na (Voice 3), but no confirmations yet as to whether they will be in the new season.

Voice 4 will follow the story of workers at a 112 emergency call center where a “Golden Time” team works to rescue crime victims in the golden window of time before they are likely to be killed.

Voice 4 has plans to air sometime in 2021 on OCN.

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10 Responses to Season 4 of “Voice” is Confirmed

  1. raistlin0903 says:

    Wow…this is pretty unusual for a Korean drama series isn’t it? Four seasons..I have so far only season 1 which I highly enjoyed, but sadly both season 2 and 3 aren’t available for me. Hopefully they will eventually 😀 It’s nice to hear it gets picked up for a fourth season though😀

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  2. Timescout says:

    I didn’t much care for season 1 (dropped it early on), so I’ve no interest in any follow ups either. There aren’t many Korean crime shows that I’ve managed to finish. 🙂

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    • Kay says:

      I thought season 1 was a decent watch, but it was way too violent for my tastes. It was a bit of a difficult watch. I opted out of the subsequent seasons since I knew they would be a bit too much for me, lol

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  3. Arym says:

    Lee Jin Wook made the Season 2&3 very interesting and exciting. Though it was previously seen that he got shot but not shown that his body is being buried, it will be better to make a twist on it. I am hoping that it will only be a near missed, a grazed shot and led only to his near death so that he will still get the lead role as Team Leader Do Kang Woo. And of course, add a spice with a romance to his partner Call Center Director Kang Kwon Joo. It will definitely make a hit again. I hope the producer and director would still consider the lead actors of Season 2&3. I would still prefer Lee Jin Wook over other stars to be in the lead role.

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  4. RAMY says:

    I would still vote LEE JIN WOOK and LEE HA NA for the Season 4. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN! Make the story line twisted. Let Do Kang Woo survived! It would be very interesting if Lee Jin Wook is the Team Leader again for the Season 4. He carried well the title and definitely the show.

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    • Kay says:

      I haven’t seen season 2 & 3, but I know everyone would love to see Lee Jin Wook and Lee Ha Na back. I’m very curious to see if the production team goes that route or decides to go a completely different direction.


  5. Mary says:

    If not because of Lee Jin Wook, Voice 2 & 3 will not be as highly recognized when it aired. So, it is very cruel if he will not be in Season 4. Make a twist on the story. Let him survive the gun shot and then treat his illness. Proceed with the romance between Kang Kwon joo and do kang woo. Who is the lady playing the piano? TL Do’s mother or Miho’s mother? It was not mentioned how her mother died. On the other hand, it could be Miho’s mother is the one getting revenge. I believe the picture placed on the top of the piano is Do Kang Woo. So much to tell but will you really drop Lee Jin Wook? He did it very well so you should not replace him. Many of his fans will no longer watch if he will not be in the lead role on the next season. Let him remain!

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    • Kay says:

      I know many like you who will be sad if Lee Jin Wook doesn’t return. I haven’t seen 2 or 3, but it sounds like he really made an impact on the series and with fans.


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