Tale of the Nine Tailed Korean Drama - Kim Bum

October is here and with it comes quite a nice crop of new dramas to choose from!  We have a varied group this month including some mystery and suspense dramas to set the mood for Halloween. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this October 2020 edition of “Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching.”

This monthly series is meant to keep you updated on what’s happening in that amazing world of Korean dramas so that you don’t miss out on anything! Here are the kdramas you should keep an eye out for in October 2020:

My Pick:

1. Tale of the Nine-Tailed

Tale of the Nine Tailed Korean Drama - Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Bum

I had quite a challenge choosing My Pick for this month because there are several that I am so excited for! I finally went with Tale of the Nine-Taled which had a slight edge with its fantasy bent, interesting premise, and a cast I love.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is about a gumiho (Lee Dong Wook) who handles problems between the living world and the underworld and the PD (Jo Bo Ah) of a program about urban legends who is trying to prove the gumiho is real.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed is scheduled to premiere October 7 on tvN.


2. Start-Up

Startup Korean Drama - Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy

Start-Up is about a woman (Suzy) trying to achieve her dreams by beginning her own startup company in the midst of Korea’s Silicon Valley and a man (Nam Joo Hyuk) with a struggling startup company.

Start-Up is scheduled to premiere October 17 on tvN.

3. The Spies Who Loved Me

The Spy Who Loved Me Korean Drama - Eric, Yoo In Na, Im Joo Hwan

The Spies Who Loved Me is a spy drama that follows the complicated romance between three people who have lots of secrets. A wedding designer (Yoo In Na) became divorced from her husband (Eric) while unaware he was actually a secret agent. She then ends up marrying an industrial spy (Im Joo Hwan) who hides his cold nature from her.

The Spies Who Loved Me is scheduled to premiere October 21 on MBC.

4. Kairos

Kairos Korean Drama - Shin Sung Rok and Lee Se Young

Kairos is a fantasy thriller about a man (Shin Sung Rok) who is devastated when his daughter is kidnapped that meets a woman (Lee Se Young) who is living one month in the past and is searching for her missing mother.

Kairos is scheduled to premiere October 26 on MBC.

5. Penthouse

Penthouse Korean Drama - Eugene, Lee Ji Ah, Uhm Ki Joon, Kim So Yeon

Penthouse is about a woman’s (Eugene) ambitious goal to rise into high society through the real estate business, and she will do anything to succeed, even if she becomes a monster along the way.

Penthouse is scheduled to premiere October 26 on SBS.

6. Search

Search Korean Drama - Jang Dong Yoon and Krystal

Search is a mystery thriller that tells the story of a military search party that includes a dog handler (Jang Dong Yoon) and an elite officer (Krystal) trying to survive mysterious creatures in the DMZ.

Search is scheduled to premiere October 17 on OCN.

7. Private Lives

Private Life Korean Drama - Go Kyung Pyo and Seohyun

Private Lives is about a con artist (Seohyun) who accidentally ends up going against huge corporations on a national scale with a the help of a team leader (Go Kyung Pyo) at a major company.

Private Lives is scheduled to premiere October 7 on JTBC.

8. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Korean Drama - Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol follows the romance between a downtrodden pianist (Go Ara) and a mysterious part time worker (Lee Jae Wook).

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol is scheduled to premiere October 7 on KBS.


9. More Than Friends

More Than Friends Korean Drama - Ong Seung Woo and Shin Ye Eun

More Than Friends follows the romance between a man (Ong Seung Woo) and woman (Shin Ye Eun) who alternate having feelings for each other over 10 years.

More Than Friends airs Friday and Saturday on JTBC.

10. 18 Again

18 Again Korean Drama - Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Ha Neul, Lee Do Hyun

18 Again is about a middle-aged husband (Yoon Sang Hyun) on the brink of divorce who gets the chance to be 18 again. Also starring Kim Ha Neul and Lee Do Hyun

18 Again airs Monday and Tuesday on JTBC.


Record of Youth

Record of Youth Korean Drama - Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam

Record of Youth is set in the modeling industry and focuses on a man (Park Bo Gum) who wants to be a model and a woman (Park So Dam) who wants to be a makeup artist.

Record of Youth airs Monday and Tuesday on tvN.

When I Was the Most Beautiful

When I Was the Prettiest Korean Drama - Ha Suk Jin, Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo

When I Was the Most Beautiful is about a woman (Im Soo Hyang) trying to heal from the pain of her past who gets involved in a love triangle with two brothers (Ha Suk Jin and Ji Soo).

When I Was the Most Beautiful airs Wednesday and Thursday on MBC.


Alice Korean Drama - Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun

Alice is a sci-fi drama about a detective (Joo Won) who discovers something called Alice that allows time travelers to come from the future, and he is reunited with a woman (Kim Hee Sun) who died many years ago.

Alice airs Friday and Saturday on SBS.

Do You Like Brahms?

Do You Like Brahms? Korean Drama - Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin

Do You Like Brahms? tells the stories of students at a prestigious music school as they practice, perform, and have competitions. Starring Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin

Do You Like Brahms? airs Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

Lonely Enough to Love

Don't Want to Date, But I Hate Being Lonely Korean Drama - Ji Hyun Woo

Lonely Enough to Love is a romance about a group of people living together who want to be in relationships and not be lonely but don’t want things to be too serious including a psychiatrist (Ji Hyun Woo) and a freelance copy editor (Kim So Eun).

Lonely Enough to Love airs Tuesday on MBC.

Zombie Detective

Zombie Detective Korean Drama - Choi Jin Hyuk

Zombie Detective is a comedy crime drama about a new zombie (Choi Jin Hyuk) who has lost his memories and gets the opportunity to take on the identity of a detective as he struggles to survive.

Zombie Detective airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

Secret Forest 2

Secret Forest 2 Korean Drama - Jo Seung Woo and Bae Doo N

Secret Forest 2 is about cold prosecutor (Jo Seung Woo) and a kind police detective (Bae Doo Na) who team up to solve cases in the midst of a conflict between the prosecutor’s office and the police.

Secret Forest 2 airs Saturday and Sunday on tvN.

Lie After Lie

Lies of Lies Korean Drama - Lee Yoo Ri

Lie After Lie is a melodrama about a woman (Lee Yoo Ri) who was accused of murdering her rich husband and sent to prison where she gave birth to a daughter who was then taken away from her. After she is released, she hides her identity and attempts to become the stepmother of her daughter.

Lie After Lie airs Friday and Saturday on Channel A.

Missing: The Other Side

Missing: The Other Side Korean Drama - Go Soo

Missing: The Other Side is a mystery thriller about a town of souls that went missing when they were alive. A group of people including a conman (Go Soo) who uses his skills to help others and his assistant (Ahn So Hee) try to solve the cases surrounding them as they encounter a mysterious man (Heo Joon Ho) who connects the town and the outside world.

Missing: The Other Side airs Saturday and Sunday on OCN.

What dramas are you looking forward to or enjoying in October?

Make sure to get caught up because there are more dramas coming your way in November!

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26 responses to “10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in October 2020”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    So many good shows! Will be hard to pick a favorite! I would love to see Search, but I’m pretty much convinced that one won’t be available for me. Tale of the Nine-Tailed will be available for me as I’ve already seen some adds promoting it, and hopefully Kairos as well. Either way it’s going to be a good month I think! I’m excited! 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yes, I had such a hard time picking a favorite this month! Tale of the Nine-Tailed will be available for me too. Hoping lot of the others are. Search is going to be on Viki. It’s available for me, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for it if it will be for you. Kairos should be Viki too. Definitely a promising month though 🙂

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Yeah..I think Search will not even be available for me using the VPN, but we’ll see🤔 Often they wonder why people are downloading stuff…I never do so myself, but well sometimes it’s really tempting. Anyways fingers crossed for Search as I have a feeling that’s one of those shows that will reall be for me😊

        1. Kay Avatar

          Yeah, it is disappointing when it’s so complicated with dramas do to regional restrictions. And with the Internet being what is, most things are available anyways. I too try to support legal sites and it sucks when a drama I want to watch isn’t available. Sometimes they do come later though, so I always keep an eye out if there’s a drama I really want to watch 🙂

  2. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    Now the set of dramas premiering this month is very amazing.
    But you know who’s my bias. Haha.
    This month’s pick is none other than my Eric’s newest drama, The Spy Who Loved Me. Though I’m excited to see both Suzy and Jo Bo Ah in their new dramas as well.
    And Kairos and Private Lives are quite tempting too.
    Do Do Sol Sol keeps on delaying, so I’m anxiously waiting for it too.

    I’m all excited for the ones I’ve mentioned. Especially the spy. 😍

    1. Kay Avatar

      This month has so many promising dramas!

      Oh yes, I definitely knew which drama you would be picking this month. It has to be Eric’s drama, hehe 😉 That is one of my top contenders too, and I’m really looking forward to it.

      Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Start-Up, Penthouse, and Kairos are also must watches. I may try Search and Do Do too. Soooo many dramas this month! 🙂

      1. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

        Soooo little time we have though. Hahaha.

        1. Kay Avatar

          There is seriously never enough time to get in all of the dramas we want!

  3. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    So many interesting dramas! Kairos and Search are my picks. I still don’t know if they will be available for me. The gumiho and the spy sound good too. Plus, there are the 2 piano dramas I need to check out of professional curiosity. My rule is to go with the flow and watch dramas that are available, while paying attention to word of mouth.
    Currently watching:
    Forest of Secrets season 2: slow and cerebral. It takes a long time for the story to build up, but when it does, it is explosive. Very realistic and well written.
    Lie After Lie: I started this on a whim, and now I am hooked! This is a makjang done right (so far). Excellent acting from the main actress whom I had not seen in anything. Lee Il Hwa as a scheming mother in law is the cherry on top.

    Nokdu Flower – rewatch. One of my 2019 favorites. Se ya, se yaaaaaa, paran seyaaaaaa!

    1. Kay Avatar

      There really are so many interesting dramas premiering this month!

      I’ll definitely watch Tale of the Nine-Tailed, Start-Up, Penthouse, and Kairos. Maybe Search and Do Do. How to choose! hehe

      It’s good that you are enjoying Forest of Secrets 2 🙂 That’s not a type of show I really go for, but I’m glad so many people enjoyed the series. Lie After Lie sounds like something I would go for though. It’s on the big list.

      Ah! You’re stirring up the Nokdu Flower feels by saying that! 🙂

    2. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

      Soooo little time we have though. Hahaha.

  4. In Asian Spaces Avatar

    Wow! A lot of good upcoming drama this fall! Since I just watched Lee Dong Wook in Strangers from Hell, I feel compelled to watch him in Tale of the Nine-Tailed (even if it’s not my thing). Penthouse and Private Lives sound amazing, as does Lie After Lie. It’s going to be a good kdrama season!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Yes, so many to choose from this month 🙂 I’m definitely excited for a new Lee Dong Wook drama! Penthouse looks like a lot of fun too. Might try Lie After Lie also. It’s definitely a promising kdrama season 🙂

  5. D Avatar

    So many I want to watch this month. Lee Dong Wook is my bias so definitely watching that one and luckily that’s available for me on Viki.

    I will also be checking out Start Up and Do Do Sol. I really want to watch the spy one because of Eric and Yoo Inna but I don’t think it’s available for me anywhere. 🙁

    I want to watch Penthouse too because of Eugene. She was one of favorites back in the day.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I know, there are so many I want to watch this month too! And yay! I’m so glad that Tale of the Nine-Tailed is available for you. It would be too heartbreaking if you couldn’t watch your bias’ new drama, hehe 😉

      Start-Up, The Spies Who Loved Me, and Penthouse are on my list too. I’ve been wanting to see another drama from Eugene. I’ve only seen her in one drama, one of my all times favorites, King of Baking, and I really liked her 🙂

      1. D Avatar

        haha yes it would be heartbreaking if I could not watch my bias.
        I did very much like Eugene in King of Baking too. I really liked that drama.

        1. Kay Avatar

          I’m glad to hear you liked King of Baking too 🙂 I love King of Baking soooo much! It’s the definition of the type of melo makjang that I like. Loved every single thing about it 🙂

  6. snow Avatar

    So many shows on my watchlist!!! But so little time lol 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      My exact thoughts!! hehe 🙂

  7. Timescout Avatar

    Well, I might take a look at the Gumiho one and maybe Twinkle Twinkle. 🙂 FoS2 just ended and Missing only has couple of episodes to go, so there’s going to be room for new kdramas on the roster. I’m also watching Zombie Detective, which isn’t too bad but has many boring bits I tend to FF over, ha.

    1. Kay Avatar

      It does sound like you’ll need a couple of new drams to fill in some gaps. Gumiho is top of my list, but quite a few of the others are high up too. It’s a promising looking month for me. Hopefully, you have some good luck too 🙂

  8. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    And just for your reference, here is my ‘October Oldies’ watchlist:

    Currently watching:
    *Uncontrollably Fond – I’m at 18 eps. I’m going very slowly towards its ending eps. I quite have a slump moments in its middle stretch, but it’s still a good one.
    *Elegant Friends – ep. 2. Built a strong and elaborative start. So excited for the nonstop accusations of the murder in the next eps.

    Up Next:
    *Save the Last Dance for Me
    *Stairway to Heaven
    *Shining Inheritance
    *49 Days

    Hopefully I’ll be able to finish them all this month. Good luck to both of us in our kdrama journeys! 😊

  9. Sissy Avatar

    For those who likes rom-com, cute and high sch kdramas, i recommend y’all to watch LOVE REVOLUTION._(:з」∠)_ srsly it worth to watch and you’re gonna satisfied with it.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Glad that you’re enjoying Love Revolution so much 🙂 It look cute and fun, and I might give it a try once all of the eps are out.

  10. Harshita Kulkarni Avatar

    I must say this year we got the best kdrama ever. Every drama was unique to it’s own ideas.

    1. Kay Avatar

      It was definitely a great year for kdramas with quite a few fresh and unique dramas that really stood out 🙂

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