Her Private Life Korean Drama Review

Her Private Life Korean Drama - Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young

Her Private Life is a romantic comedy about an idol fangirl (Park Min Young) who has been passionate about her idol for many years.  She works as a curator at an art museum and tries to hide her fangirl side, but her secret becomes in jeopardy of being exposed after a new director (Kim Jae Wook) arrives.

Her Private Life has been the hot drama lately, so I’ve been pretty anxious to see what all of the buzz was about. Thankfully, it hooked me right away and then just kept getting better and better!

Park Min Young plays our idol fangirl Sung Deok Mi. Deok Mi is classy, composed, and very good at her job as an art curator. But in secret, she is a true fangirl of Si An of the pop group White Ocean. Her home is decked out in all kinds of merchandise, she’s always ready to snap amazing pics of him, and she even runs a popular fan site dedicated to him. She is all in!

Kim Jae Wook is Ryan Gold, the new director of Deok Mi’s art museum. He’s a bit prickly and closed off, but of course he’s pretty great underneath that. And he’s got some trauma stemming from being abandoned at an orphanage as a child.

We also have some important supporting characters. Park Jin Joo plays Lee Seon Joo. She is Deok Mi’s best friend, and the two have a very close relationship. Then there’s Ahn Bo Hyun as Nam Eun Gi. He’s our second lead who has been like a brother figure to Deok Mi, but he actually harbors feelings for her.

Then rounding things out is the oh-so-sweet object of Deok Mi’s fangirling, Cha Si An (One) of the popular band White Ocean, as well as the trouble making sasaeng Cindy (Kim Bo Ra) who is well known in the fan community and bit of a rival of Deok Mi.

With the premise of Her Private Life focusing on a fangirl and the life that comes with it, this is something that I’m sure many people will be able to relate to. Watching every video your favorite group or idol puts out, fantasizing about them, waiting for a new album to drop, collecting merchandise, meeting other wonderful fans online while also contending with toxic fans. It’s all too familiar to those involved in the fan community.

The show highlights many aspects of the fan culture in South Korea quite well. There are varying levels of it with some being very innocent with the simple joys of admiring an artist while other parts are very disturbing and can lead to obsessive and dangerous behavior. The drama worked all of this into the story so nicely.

I thought it was really cute how the drama depicted many of the happenings on social media from posting pics and info, to fans reacting, and how the information spreads. It was pretty accurate and done in a fun way.

Ryan and Deok Mi get off on the wrong foot with several initial encounters that end badly. Then he has some pretty humorous misunderstandings about her early on too. But as he gets to know her, he becomes intrigued by her. And when she ends up in the middle of a scandal with her idol, we get a good old fake relationship between her and Ryan to allow the pair to grow close while trying to make things better.

I just knew Park Min Young would be perfect for this role. She wonderfully showcases the duality of being a mature working woman with being a dedicated fangirl. I loved watching her try to navigate both worlds and the lengths she had to go to in order to keep her secret. And things get so complicated as Ryan ends up involved with each of her identities while not knowing she is actually both of them.

Ryan was quite unappealing those first couple episodes because he was just so callous. But once we start getting a window into his past as well as seeing that he is a genuinely good guy, things start to improve. Then things get really fun when he starts getting tangled up in Deok Mi’s fan life all while not knowing she’s actually a fangirl.

SPOILERS: But as he begins to fall for her, he soon discovers her secret fangirl identity. It was so much fun watching him infiltrate Deok Mi’s website by pretending to be a fan of Si An and then basically fanboying over her. He ends up being this perfect dream sort of boyfriend that actually doesn’t mind Deok Mi’s fangirling and completely supports her. It’s super cute for sure. END OF SPOILERS

And let me tell you, if you like a swoony couple, then look no further! Ryan and Deok Mi have some sizzling chemistry that just increases as the show goes on. There are those moments where the camera lingers on the couple as they gaze into each other’s eyes or while in a romantic embrace. And don’t forget all of the kisses this duo shares. Get ready, there are lots of good ones that will get your heart fluttering!

There’s more to this couple than just sizzling chemistry though. They have an incredibly supportive relationship where they are able to talk through their difficulties and be there for each other when challenging circumstances arise. Ryan has some particularly difficult issues to deal with later in the drama, and Deok Mi was such a kind and supportive partner for him.

This couple was pretty angst light and communicated very well, which is usually a negative for me, but somehow they made it work quite well, kept me engaged, and I really didn’t mind. See, occasionally, I appreciate a healthy relationship, hehe.

Her Private Life is exactly how I like my romantic comedies. It has a good amount of comedy, a sizzling romance, and a solid main story to push everything forward. There was also a mystery concerning Ryan’s past that was nicely touched upon throughout the series.

For me, many times this sort of “meatier” story is what really keeps me interested. But Her Private Life was unique in that not only did it handle that back story well, but it also executed the main story surrounding the romance and the secret fan identities of our leads perfectly.

For the most part, this show is pretty light, but it does get heavier towards the very end as we progress from the secret fangirl plot to the story surrounding Ryan’s difficult past and some other family problems.

There are quite a lot of issues to address, and things just get more serious. Although they could have spread this story out a bit more, it worked well to still have some story to tell to keep things interesting at the end.

Her Private Life was always completely engaging with wonderful pacing that never felt draggy. That’s frequently a challenge in romantic comedies, and I sure do appreciate how well this drama put everything together to deliver a very entertaining drama.

My Rating: 8.5/10

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28 Responses to Her Private Life Korean Drama Review

  1. I don’t know why… but I dropped this one at the second episode… I was really exctied to see PMY again on a rom-com when I saw the news… maybe the plot wasn’t for me~ I’m glad that you really enjoyed this one Kay!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. D says:

    Wow that’s a pretty high rating from you. Ok added to my watch list. I was waiting to see your review on this one as I wasn’t too sure reading comments around the web.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yep, as far as rom-coms go, I quite liked this one 🙂 I read a lot of conflicting comments myself. It seems like the people who liked it most were the ones who really enjoyed the main couple while many thought the plot was too simplistic and draggy. I can see where both groups are coming from, but luckily I fell into the camp that liked the couple as well as the cute main plot. I wish you luck when you give it a try! 🙂


  3. Kate says:

    Great review as always!! I didn’t love the slower pace of the last couple of episodes but that didn’t take away from the utter enjoyment and zip of the first 2/3 of the series nor the out of this world chemistry of the leads. And it was so refreshing to see two people communicate rather than bottle up their feelings or hide behind misunderstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It was definitely a fun drama overall 🙂 I liked the lighter eps for the bulk of the drama, but I also enjoyed the more back story focused ending eps. I would have spread that out myself, but it did work to give something to deal with in the end.

      I’m also usually all for those silly misunderstandings and the drama they create since I like angst in my dramas so much, but this was a rare case where their mature relationship worked for me. I think it’s because I thought the main plot with her secret identity and all of the fun surrounding that was enough to keep engaged and not need the drama as much. Whatever it was, I liked it! hehe 🙂


  4. MY ONNI YOU says:

    She’s my favorite 😍 and I enjoyed the drama ended me up following the their filmed locations 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mariaty says:

    This drama is a dream come true! I love both Kim Jaewook ( saw him first in Who are you? 2013. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen) and Park Minyoung even before they were paired up in this drama. I was ecstatic when the drama was first announced. It’s a light drama if you want to laugh and want a story with humor and happy ending. I love all the characters and I think all of them added to the success of this drama. I’m also very grateful for this drama for I was able to discover ONE ( Cha Shi an) who’s a rapper in real life. He’s adorable and extremely talented. Her private life is a drama where all fan girls especially working adults can relate. It also has an amazing soundtrack. I bought the album and it’s very cute ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      This was definitely a fun drama 🙂 Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young were a sizzling couple. And yes, light and fun with a good story to boot. Such an enjoyable watch.

      I also first saw ONE in this drama and thought he was adorable! I was really surprised when he recently popped up in Arthdal Chronicles playing a very different kind of character. It was a fun surprise 🙂


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  8. Fred says:

    SECRETS. ARE. MEANT. TO. BE. SPILLED. It ended with Cha Si-an and Hyo-jin not discovering her secret identity. Those big reveals were what kept me hooked to this drama! Neither happened. I am so sad. But I still like this drama anyway. I also give it an 8.5.

    “This couple was pretty angst light and communicated very well, which is usually a negative for me, but somehow they made it work quite well, kept me engaged, and I really didn’t mind. See, occasionally, I appreciate a healthy relationship, hehe.”
    SAME. LOL.

    This drama is so cheesy but somehow I still liked it. Also, since I love secrets and misconceptions, I definitely got hooked when there were tons of those at the start. But I guess the writer/director is not a fan of big reveals. Oh well.

    The best character of this drama for me is Hyo-jin. I love her, most especially at the start when she was the competitive sasaeng who infiltrated the museum to spy on Duk-mi and Ryan. Instantly fell in love.

    Anyways, this was a good drama. Now time to watch my girl Seo Ye-ji in Psycho.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Woohoo! Despite some shortcomings for you, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this one quite well too. It looks like we similar in our liking of it 🙂 Haha, yeah, sounds like we both had an unusual appreciation for the healthy relationship between this lovely pair 🙂 I too really loved all of the secrets, but yes, this drama didn’t go the way of lots of big reveals. At least it was finally a good one for you 🙂

      And yay! You’re watching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay next! I’m watching that one right now, and it is amazing! All kinds of feels and a great story. Seo Ye Ji is phenomenal here and completely owns the screen. I hope you like it too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Walterine Brock says:

    It is one of Netflix most enjoyable comedy and love story I have enjoyed. They has so much touched feeling scene that makes my heart wish that it was true. I’m just now getting to watch it in 2021. Need morrree. The actress and actors was execellently for thier parts. An old schooler. PLEASE PUT PUT A SEASON 2. I wish all your complainer would have watch to the END.❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It’s great that you enjoyed it so much! Yes, it is a wonderful drama 🙂 I agree, both actors were fantastic, and they had such good chemistry. This drama was so much fun!


  10. This show has become one of my favorites and I highly recommend it. There was so much to like. Good story line, the interaction between the characters and a good ending (though a wedding would of been nice) rather then the soft endings seen in many Kdramas where the viewer is left hanging, meaning the viewer isn’t given closure. The supporting cast was good. I’ve become a fan of Kim Mi-Kyung who plays Sung Deok-Mi’s mother.
    I like how the male and female leads stayed with each other throughout the entire show. No painful brake and separations.

    Rating: 9/10

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yay! I’m happy this was such a good one for you 🙂 I agree, it really is a wonderful drama! Great acting from everyone, amazing chemistry with the couple, solid story, and a good ending. It’s just enjoyable all around 🙂


      • sovietredstar says:

        Kim Mi-Kyung has such a strong screen presence I wondering if she has had starring roles?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I adore Kim Mi Kyung and also think she has such an amazing screen presence. She’s been acting for a quite a while, but almost always plays supporting roles. There are a few dramas and movies where she is considered part of the main cast, but I can’t recall one where she was the main star. Her presence is always felt, and she makes an impact whatever her role is though 🙂


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