Twelve Nights Korean Drama Review

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo and Han Seung Yeon

Twelve Nights follows the romance of two people (Shin Hyun Soo and Han Seung Yeon) who meet each other during three separate trips over the course of eight years and spend twelve nights together.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Han Seung Yeon

Han Seung Yeon plays Han Yoo Kyung. She’s an aspiring photographer who visits Seoul after a recent break-up. She also lacks a little confidence. But meeting Hyun Oh gives her a little boost and really makes her start to think about her life.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo

Shin Hyun Soo is Cha Hyun Oh. He abruptly quit his job in Japan and came to Seoul. He dreams of being a dancer, but he has had a few roadblocks along the way. He immediately is captivated by Yoo Kyung when he first meets her and wants to get to know her.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo and Han Seung Yeon

Twelve Nights is very much a romance drama. No grand plots here. Just a man and a woman falling in love. And sort of trying to be together, but not really succeeding very well. Their personal and career journeys are also focused on since they play a part in their relationship.

The drama is broken into three distinct story arcs that involve the three meetings of our couple. The first is in 2010 when they first meet. This is a very romantic period as they start to get to know each other and process their feelings.  The second is when they meet again in 2015 and reconnect. The third and final arc is in 2018.

I liked the concept of the drama with focusing on their story that spanned eight years. It was a unique romance that took on the question of whether their relationship was fated or just coincidence. They also had quite a few struggles to overcome in order to actually pursue their relationship. It was an intriguing idea.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Jang Hyun Sung

There are also a few other stories of people they are connected with. The main one of these that I was interested in was that of Baek Man (Jang Hyun Sung) and his son. It was a simple story line, but I found it interesting and thoughtful.

Now some of the negatives. I wasn’t too into most of the other stories in the drama. Some involved recurring characters connected to the main couple while others involved characters only there for a short a time. I just found these people mostly uninteresting.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Han Seung Yeon

Our main couple of Hyun Oh and Yoo Kyung also aren’t exactly the most interesting of characters. Their personalities are a bit bland, and they are about as average as you can get. You might say that adds to the “normalcy” of the story, but it also makes them dull sometimes.

And their communication between each other is terrible. I know the idea of the drama was for them to have to repeatedly reconnect, but talk about a time where some simple exchanging of information, phone calls, or emails would have made a huge difference. Too much waiting around for “something” to happen. At least they were somewhat engaging as a couple, so that helped the situation some.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo and Han Seung Yeon

This is the kind of drama that moseys along in a leisurely sort of way. It takes its time when telling all of the characters’ stories. Shots frequently just linger on them or the scenery. And there’s just a lot of normal conversations with little actual plot. This made it feel boring at times. The whole story from the main couple to the side stories definitely could have been tightened up because it really felt like they were needlessly drawn out.

One other particularly annoying thing was that this drama uses an excessive amount of flashbacks. We all know kdramas love flashbacks, and I don’t usually have problems with them, but Twelve Nights goes over the top. Pretty early on, the drama starts using flashbacks frequently, and that includes using the exact same flashbacks repeatedly throughout the drama. It was just a bit much.

Twelve Nights Korean Drama - Shin Hyun Soo and Han Seung Yeon

Again, Twelve Nights had a good premise, but its execution was lacking. It had some very thoughtful moments and a relationship that felt very romantic at times, but the drawn out story with little plot progression just really slowed things down. The drama was just plain draggy. It’s an okay enough watch though if you want something really simple and aren’t expecting much.

My Rating: 5.5/10

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18 Responses to Twelve Nights Korean Drama Review

  1. Eva says:

    Ive never seen a trailer or any promotions for this drama. So i was quite surprised. After having read your review I decided not to check this one out.

    First is that, i trust your opinion and judgement on which dramas are good and which ones are o..k..a..y. So a rating of 5.5/10 is pretty bad.Second, Im not a big fan of bland romantic stories. There is a fine distinction between realistic and bland. And I’m not a fan of bland. Third… Im not so familiar with the cast too.

    Is this a mini drama? or Webtoon?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      It wasn’t promoted very much since it came from a small cable network. The drama was 12 eps, but the eps were on the long side, so I would consider it a full length drama. Which was part of the problem. Needed to be shorter! lol

      Aww, I’m honored that you trust my judgement. I always try to point out the pros and cons so people can decide if that fits their tastes. I thought it was okay and definitely had its romantic moments, but it was draggy and bland. I don’t usually go for slice of life/realistic dramas anyways and this had that flavor to it yet still didn’t execute it very well. Something like the Reply series does that genre well, and this one didn’t quite do it.

      I wasn’t familiar with either of the leads going in. But Shin Hyun Soo has an upcoming role in Waikiki 2, and I think he will do quite well in that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Eva says:

        So it would have been better if it was cut down into a mini series concept so it wouldn’t have been so draggy. I see.

        Yes I do trust your judgement. Not only do you point out the pros and cons you also look at the production as a whole. Was there chemistry? Was the effects good? What it produced well as a whole? Everything needs to be factored in 😊

        Waikiki 2 seems to be getting a lot of hype before 2018 ended. So I’m looking forward with that as well. I actually watched Waikiki 1 but I wasn’t able to finish/ get around finishing it.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. D. Smith-Blaine says:

    Hola. It was advertised heavily for a short while on Viki, and I immediately started watching and liked the male lead, even with the problematic wardrobe and hair styling (the first time something like this bothered me). However, I couldn’t get farther than episode eight. I tried several times to finish, but just couldn’t. I liked the premise, and the first section, and then it was too slow and made no sense. The female lead was also made to be “slow” and not worthy of the male lead.
    I don’t often write negatively in any way about a series, but this one was disappointing. I will, however, look for Shin Hyun Soo in another drama – he deserves another look. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Hello! Yes, I remember when Viki was really pushing it, and it seemed like most people really liked in the beginning (like me!). I can completely understand the difficulty in finishing this one. It was a chore for me. I only stuck it out because I had dropped two before it and was set on finishing one! lol But yes, it was slow, their decision making didn’t make sense, and it just didn’t come together. I’m like you in that I don’t like writing negatively about a series. But I do at least try to point out some positives even if it didn’t work for me. Definitely disappointing though 😦

      Shin Hyun Soo is set to be in Waikiki 2, so I’m anxious to give him another look since I think he has a lot of potential. He seems like he would do really well with comedy 🙂


  3. Kate says:

    Really appreciate your honest review. It saves the rest of us so much precious drama time when we decide what to watch 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. JoAnne Allen says:

    So I watched the whole drama, yes a lot of flashbacks, and slow. Please talk to me about what you thought of the ending… I am really disappointed in having to analyze it so much!


    • Kay says:

      Oh goodness, I’m trying to remember because it’s been a couple of years and it was a pretty forgettable drama for me. If I recall, I didn’t love the ending because it was hard to tell whether they didn’t get together and then reunited at the crosswalk after the time skip or if they got together and the drama showed their lives apart after the time skip with them just casually meeting at the crosswalk. It definitely wasn’t very clear.


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