Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul Take Lead Roles in Korean Drama “Big Issue”

Big Issue Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul

Joo Jin Mo (Bad Guys: Age of Evil) and Han Ye Seul (20th Century Boy and Girl) have taken the leads roles in the new SBS drama Big Issue. Han Ye Seul is set to play an editor-in-chief with Joo Jin Mo as a photographer who joins her team.

Big Issue is about the editor-in-chief (Han Ye Seul) of a media company who is always on the hunt for scandals and a photographer (Joo Jin Mo) who loses everything because of a photo. The drama comes from the writer of The K2 and Yong Pal.

Big Issue is looking to air in February 2019 on SBS.

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6 Responses to Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul Take Lead Roles in Korean Drama “Big Issue”

  1. Not sure about director’s work (dropped k2 & haven’t watched Yong pal.) But this one sounds interesting. Looking forward to it. I know the female lead but I don’t remember watching main lead in any kdramas.

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    • Kay says:

      I also didn’t love The K2, but I really liked Yong Pal. It is the type of drama that starts out as a sort of action melo then descends into full blown melo and a lot of people didn’t like that though. I like both of these main leads and think they could make a good pair. And I agree, it sounds interesting. So I’ll be looking forward to it too 🙂

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  2. Timescout says:

    The writer of K2 and Yong Pal… I think I’ll pass. 😛

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