New Korean Dramas Arriving on Viki in December

Coffee, Do Me a Favor Korean Drama - Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Min Young, Chae Seo Jin

December has new dramas arriving on Viki! We’ve got some great choices this month as we have a melodrama,  several romances, a youth drama, and a crime thriller. Here are some of the latest arrivals:

Korean Dramas:

My Strange Hero

My Strange Hero Korean Drama - Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah

Stars: Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah
When Kang Bok Su was a high school student, he was falsely accused of committing violence and kicked out of school. This was caused by his first love Son Soo Jung and a male student Oh Se Ho. Kang Bok Su is a now an adult, and his life is messed up. He returns to school as a teacher, intent to seek revenge. However, he encounters unexpected circumstances.

Check out My Strange Hero on Viki.

Less Than Evil

Less Than Evil Korean Drama - Shin Ha Kyun

Stars: Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Seol
This drama tells how difficult it is to realize justice. Detective Woo Tae Seok, the main character, tries his best to catch the bad guys who always evade laws by any means. One day, a psychopath Eun Seon Jae shows up in front of Woo Tae Seok, and that’s where the story begins. Will Detective Woo Tae Seok catch the psychopath following all protocols? Or, will he choose the way that might go against the procedures that detectives must comply with?

Check out Less Than Evil on Viki.

Coffee, Do Me a Favor

Coffee, Do Me a Favor Korean Drama - Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Min Young, Chae Seo Jin

Stars: Yong Jun Hyung, Kim Min Young, Chae Seo Jin
Lee Seul Bi has a huge crush on her boss Lim Hyun Woo. One day, she drinks a cup of magical coffee that changes her appearance! Lee Seul Bi introduces herself as Oh Go Woon, a close friend of Lee Seul Bi and goes to work instead. Lim Hyun Woo knows that these two women look nothing alike, but he can’t shake the feeling Oh Go Woon reminds him of Lee Seul Bi. Will Lee Seul Bi be able to keep her secret before her crush finds out the truth?

Check out Coffee, Do Me a Favor on Viki.


Encounter (Boyfriend) Korean Drama - Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo

Stars: Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo
Cha Soo Hyun is the daughter of a powerful, political family. She recently divorced her wealthy husband from an arranged marriage. Tired of living life guided by others, she decides to travel overseas. She meets Kim Jin Hyuk, a free-spirited young soul on the way. Despite their differences, they are undeniably drawn to each other. Will the two find true love amongst their differences?

Check out Encounter on Viki.

Fates and Furies

Fates and Furies Korean Drama - Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung

Stars: Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung
In this melodrama about love and revenge, Goo Hae Ra approaches Tae In Joon with ulterior motives, only to truly fall in love with him. To make matters worse, Goo Hae Ra finds out that Tae In Joon’s family had something to do with her sister’s suicide attempt, and she falls deeper into guilt and dilemma. But what will happen when Tae In Joon discovers her true motive? Will his love turn into vengeful contempt? And will Goo Hae Ra be able to save her love?

Check out Fates and Furies on Viki.

Just Dance

Just Dance Korean Drama

Stars: Jang Dong Yoon and Park Se Won
In the city of Geoje where restructuring is causing many of the residents to relocate, things are rather slow and mundane. In that city, however, there is a group of teenage girls that will bring liveliness back to the city. These girls might have poor grades, but they too have something they are passionate about. Through a common denominator called dance sports, these 18-year-old girls band together and strive to master the art of dance sports.

Check out Just Dance on Viki.

So which dramas are you enjoying or most looking forward to?

*Source: Pictures and show descriptions courtesy of Viki

*Dramas listed are subject to regional availability

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