Yoon Shi Yoon Offered Starring Role in Korean Drama “Dear Judge”

Dear Judge Korean Drama - Yoon Shi Yoon

With the recent conclusion of Grand Prince, it looks like Yoon Shi Yoon is already eyeing his next project. He has been offered the starring role in the upcoming SBS drama Dear Judge. Dear Judge is about twin brothers who have led very different lives. One is a respected judge while the other is a repeat criminal. When the judge mysteriously disappears, the criminal has to step in to take his brother’s place. Umm, Switch anyone?

Of course, Yoon Shi Yoon is up to play the twins. I experienced a lot of different things upon hearing this news. First, I was super excited to see Yoon Shi Yoon’s name attached to a possible new project. Then I heard the title and went, “Not yet another legal drama!” Then upon hearing the plot description, I got a bit more excited.

It may be being used a lot right now, but I really like stories of look a likes impersonating each other. I’m still not thrilled about more legal stuff, but Yoon Shi Yoon and the impersonating part would be enough for me to check it out. Yoon Shi Yoon is just too good, and I know he would be so great in this role.

Dear Judge is looking to air in July on SBS.

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4 Responses to Yoon Shi Yoon Offered Starring Role in Korean Drama “Dear Judge”

  1. Timescout says:

    LOL! That was my reaction too. “Not another leagal drama!”😅 When is that topic going to die in kdrama-land, I wonder…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I know right?! This last year or so they have just been churning out those legal dramas. Usually trends come and go, but I feel like this one is hanging on tight, lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate says:

    I was reading an article yesterday about how many recent k-productions are foreign born (Suits, Criminal Minds, Good Wife, Mistresses, etc.) because they are less risky and so more and more are being produced. I wonder if the legal and medical dramas fall into that category and if that’s why we’re seeing so many of them lately. I’m really worried the rom-coms – the only reason I watch k-dramas – are on their way out. There are lots of great k-dramas that are not romance but honestly, I don’t care, I just want to disappear into a soapy, romantic drama for 16-24 episodes and forget about the horrors and stress in the world!


    • Kay says:

      I think I may have read that same article, lol. I think that they like using established material that is known to be popular. Although the results have definitely been mixed in Korea. Plus, none of the legal streaming sites pick of the remakes in America.

      I agree with your thoughts on the legal and medical dramas. I think they are considered safe. The format is very defined and lots of small stories involving cases or patients are fairly easy to do. And yes, I’ve worried about the rom coms. There aren’t near as many of them, and the ones there are don’t usually do very well in Korea. Which is why I figure we are seeing less of them.

      We don’t even see that many melos and historicals have been few and far between. Grand Prince was like the first one since September or so. There used to always be at least one historical airing. I’m like you in that I want all of those soapy, fun, and dramatic stories. I’m really hoping this legal/medical trend dies down soon. Just way to many of them in the drama landscape!

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