Wow, April sure was a great drama month for me! I came across the classic gem Swallow the Sun and got completely swept up in its world. Then there was the absolutely hilarious and endearing Eulachacha Waikiki. And finally there was the charming little drama Longing Heart. So it was two new dramas and one old drama for a total of three dramas for the month of April:

Eulachacha Waikiki

Eulachacha Waikiki is such a feel good drama that is completely packed with comedy, yet it is also full of heartwarming and meaningful moments thanks to its wonderfully quirky and endearing characters. It’s laugh out loud funny as the characters get into some completely ridiculous situations.

The drama is then able to immediately flip from extreme comedy to such tender moments where you really feel for the characters. This isn’t a show with big plot, but it has some nice little character and relationship journeys to enjoy. This drama brought so many smiles to my face and just made for such a fun time.  I grew so attached to the Waikiki Guesthouse family, and I enjoyed every single minute of it! (Eulachacha Waikiki Review)

Longing Heart

What a sweet little drama this is! Longing Heart surprised me by just how charming of a story it was. It has such likable and wonderful characters that bring to life this time travel romance with plenty of heart, laughter, and feels.

I thought the drama had a lovely mixture of being a sweet love story with plenty of cute and fun moments as well dealing with a couple heavier aspects of the story that allowed things to go deeper emotionally as the drama progressed. It was balanced very well. Longing Heart is wonderful if you are looking for a sweet drama that has romance, bromance, a good story, and that touch of fantasy. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. (Longing Heart Review)

Swallow the Sun Korean Drama - Ji Sung and Sung Yu RiSwallow the Sun

Swallow the Sun is an adventure melodrama that creates an awesome atmosphere and feels so exotic because of the many locations the drama is set. With gorgeous island shots on Jeju Island to an active city life in Las Vegas and to the deserts of Africa, the scope of the drama feels big.

The story is quite interesting as we follow one’s man journey to better his life and find answers about his family. It leads him down an exciting path of adventure and thrills and creates a wonderful blend of love, angst, revenge, and action. Ji Sung and Jun Kwang Ryul were the standouts who completely brought their characters to life.

All of these things combined to give Swallow the Sun an almost magical quality to it. I seriously just felt so comfortable yet still excited as I enjoyed this world and story. It’s a fun drama from another time and the sort of classic that I will always keep my eye out for. (Swallow the Sun Review)

So how was April for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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12 responses to “Korean Drama Update for April 2018”

  1. Timescout Avatar

    I’m trying to remember what I did manage to watch in April. 🙂 Mostly I’m just behind in everything for lack of time.

    Let’s see… I finished Children of a Lesser God, which was pretty good even without subs (I don’t really need them anymore, most of the time), Misty (would have been better without the ending which was was kinda meh!) and BG ~ Personal Bodyguard (a jdrama), which I liked a lot. One of the better KimuTaku dramas. 🙂 Oh, I did finish another jdrama as well, Unnatural. It’s by writer Nogi Akiko, whose dramas I tend to love and they often feature great Teams. This one had an awesome team leader as well.^^

    Still on Pretty Noona, My Husband Oh Jak Do and Yami no Bansosha S2. No idea yet which of the new batch I’ll find worth me while. XD

    1. Timescout Avatar

      Dang, messed up the html codes. Care to fix that? 😀

      1. Kay Avatar

        My html isn’t that great so I just removed most of the extras to at least make it look cleaner. Hope that’s okay 🙂

        1. Timescout Avatar

          Thanks. No idea how I got the ending tags that badly messed up and not once but all the way through. 😅

    2. Kay Avatar

      Sounds like you had a pretty good month too 🙂 Yay for us! I have quite a few coming up that I’m really excited for. Never short on stuff to watch, lol

      1. Timescout Avatar

        Yes, April wasn’t actually too bad drama wise. It just felt like I didn’t watch much of anything. Probably because I didn’t follow the dramas weekly but rather watched the epis in batches, whenever I had a larger chunk of free time on my hands. 🙂

        1. Kay Avatar

          Haha, well it definitely sounds like you got a good amount in. I usually watch one drama at a time so I usually feel pretty accomplished when I knock out 4 or 5 in month, lol 🙂

  2. D Avatar

    Hi Kay I haven’t seen any of the ones you watched this month. Actually I started watching Eula…Waiki.. but I couldn’t stand some of the cringe worthy comedy and dropped it from episode 5 but I know everyone keep saying how good this was. Maybe I will pick it up again one day. Longing Heart does sound like my cup of tea. I want to check it out after I read your review. I don’t remember what Kdramas I managed to finish watching in April. But I do remember two Chinese dramas i watched. Both of them were disappointing but one of them I liked. That one is called Only side by side with you. I did like this one though it was frustrating because it could have been so much better. The other one I watched was called because of meeting you.

    Currently watching the following:
    Great Seducer
    A poem a day
    My husband oh jak doo
    Pretty noona who buys me food

    Sounds a lot- lol

    1. Kay Avatar

      Hi D! Although I and many people loved Eulachacha Waikiki, it definitely is not everyone’s comedy style. It’s one of those that I would always give a little disclaimer before recommending it. The comedy style doesn’t really change throughout the drama, but the character’s and their little stories blossom nicely.

      And yes, you should definitely give Longing Heart a try. It is so sweet and such a cute romance.

      You also have a really nice line up currently going! I’m currently watching Great Seducer and Grand Prince. Plan to start Switch and Pretty Noona too. Maybe My Husband Oh Jak Doo. It does feel like we are always watching a lot of dramas, lol 🙂

      1. D Avatar

        Ok have added Longing Heart to my list. Yep for sure too many. 😀 off to read your May drama update. 😀

  3. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    Hey! I had so much free time on my hands in April. Had finished the following dramas:

    Black Knight (9/10)
    Radio Romance (6.5/10)
    Eulachacha Waikiki (10/10)
    Missing You (8.5/10)
    Age of Youth (9.5/10)
    Age of Youth 2 (9.5/10)

    You should try both seasons of Age of Youth. They are both great dramas. 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Oooh, good job! You got so many in 🙂 Of course, you know I loved Waikiki. Missing You is also my second fav drama of all time. Radio Romance was cute. I still haven’t watched Black Knight yet. I do need to get around to watching Age of Youth. I have them on my list, but slice of life type dramas are very hit and miss with me so I’ve been anxious to try them. Definitely plan to though, and good to hear you enjoyed them 🙂

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