Jang Hyuk and Junho Whip Up a Dish for Jung Ryeo Won in Second Trailer for Korean Drama “Greasy Melo”

Greasy Melo Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk and Junho

We get a look at each of our stars in the new trailer for the upcoming SBS drama Greasy Melo (also called Wok in Love) starring Jang Hyuk (Money Flower), Junho (Just Between Lovers), and Jung Ryeo Won (Witch’s Court).

In this one, Jang Hyuk and Junho whip up a dish for Jung Ryeo Won. They confidently stroll into a grassy field where she waits for them. They then go into a cooking frenzy before presenting her with their completed dish. She looks quite pleased.

I’m thrilled to see all three of our leads looking great, and this trailer was a great way to introduce the characters. I would also most definitely say yes to a dish prepared by Jang Hyuk and Junho!

Greasy Melo is set in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant that is run by a gangster (Jang Hyuk) recently released from prison. A star chef (Junho) ends up working at the run down restaurant, and a privileged chaebol heiress (Jung Ryeo Won) has a life changing experience after having a bowl of jajangmyun. The drama tells their stories of love and healing with a mixture of romance, action, and comedy. It comes from the writer of Jealousy Incarnate and the PD of Suspicious Partner.

Greasy Melo is scheduled to premiere May 7 on SBS.

See the trailer here: https://youtu.be/bRwenRT_sxQ

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6 Responses to Jang Hyuk and Junho Whip Up a Dish for Jung Ryeo Won in Second Trailer for Korean Drama “Greasy Melo”

  1. Shestha Sen says:

    😁😁😁 Finally the airing seems much closer!!!

    Hey Kay, I just finished binge watching all the Kdramas I had in my watchlist, including The Package and as well as Go Back Couple. The best dramas I enjoyed watching throughout goes like these:
    1.Boys Over Flowers
    2. The Heirs
    3. Descendants of the Sun
    4. City Hunter
    5. Emergency Couple
    6. My Love From Another Star
    7. Personal Taste
    8. I Can Hear Your Voice
    9. Pinocchio
    10. Innocent Man
    11.My Secret Romance
    12. 7 First Kisses
    13. Heartstings
    14.Legend of the Blue Sea
    15. It’s Okay, That’s Love
    16. Kill Me, Heal Me
    17. Healer
    18. Jealousy Incarnate
    19. Oh My Ghostess
    20. Blood
    21.Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
    22.Weightlifting fairy KBJ
    23. While You Were Sleeping
    24. Just Between Lovers
    25. I’m Not A Robot
    26. Goblin
    27. Suspicious Partner
    28. Radio Romance
    26. Go Back Couple
    29. The Package
    30. Madame Antoine
    31. If We we’re a season(though wasn’t fond of the ending)
    I’m looking forward to much more romcom dramas which are similar to these. So it would be great if you could recommend me some dramas, including the latests that you think I, being an ardent k-lover would enjoy watching.

    Thanking you in advance,


    • Kay says:

      Hi there 🙂 Yes, it is almost here! Really looking forward to it too!

      Oooh, that’s a nice list of wonderful dramas 🙂 Have you seen the other popular older dramas like Fated to Love You, Girl Who Sees Smells, King 2 Hearts, Flower Boy Next Door, and Rooftop Prince?

      I would also recommend some others like Shopping King Louie, The Liar and His Lover, Ho Goo’s Love, and High School King of Savvy. Let me know if you’ve already seen those or want something more specific and I’ll recommend something else 🙂


      • Shestha Sen says:

        That was so generous of you Kay. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
        For the popular older dramas, I do wanted to watch Fated to Love you and the Girl Who Sees Smell, but thought they were very old to give a watch and was doubtful about their execution. But if you’re recommending, then I do will give all of them a watch.

        All noted. Made a new watchlist, thanks to you. Was wondering if you could tell me if you’re recommending any of these:
        1. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
        2. The Great Seducer.
        3. Longing Hearts
        4. Spring Has Come
        5. Andante
        6. That Man Oh Soo or Evergreen
        7. Shall we Live together
        8. Let’s watch the sunset holding hands.

        Also if you could recommend top Asian movies which you think is a must watch, I’d be highly elated and grateful.


        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          I would definitely say give Fated to Love You a try. It’s one of my favorite rom/com/melos and remains a fan favorite 🙂 I really liked Girl Who Sees Smells, but it’s more of a mix of a rom/com and crime drama. Just depends on your taste.

          On to the newer dramas! I really enjoyed Andante. It was a very sweet and simple coming of age story. Nothing earth shattering, but just a nice solid drama. I have a review for that one if you want more details.

          And I just happen to have Longing Heart and Great Seducer next up on my watch list! I’m going to start Longing Heart today 🙂 I will come back and let you know about that one as soon as I finish it. Then I will follow it with Great Seducer. Planning to watch a few of the others too, but they have several dramas ahead of them on the watch list, hehe

          I actually don’t watch a ton of movies. And very few are of the rom com variety. So I probably wouldn’t be a lot of help in that area. My handful of recs would be mostly popular classics of varying genres (like A Werewolf Boy and Train to Busan). I guess I’m just way more into dramas, lol 🙂


          • Shestha Sen says:

            I’m so glad to have your recommendations. Will surely have Fated to Love you and The Girl Who Sees Smell on my watchlist next. Currently watching Shopping King Louie, as per your recommendation. Enjoying it so far and the drama has a decent and different plotline.
            Will be awaiting your reviews on Longing heart and The Great Seducer.
            That’s alright. I do have watched The Werewolf Boy, which was indeed a classic one. If you haven’t just give a try to Always, My Sassy Girl, (both are Kmovies) and Crazy Little Thing Called Love(Thai Movie).

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kay says:

              Glad you’re trying Shopping King Louie. That is one of my all time favorite dramas and has a special place in my heart 🙂 I will definitely let you know about Longing Heart and Great Seducer too. And thank you for the movie recs! I haven’t seen Always or Crazy Little Thing Called Love, so I will add them to my list 🙂


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