I’m Not a Robot is about a wealthy man (Yoo Seung Ho) who is allergic to other people and spends most of his time alone that ends up falling in love with a woman (Chae Soo Bin) who pretends to be a robot.

Yoo Seung Ho is our reclusive lead, Kim Min Kyu, who suffers from a severe allergy to other people. Any form of touch with other humans causes a severe reaction that could be fatal if not treated. It has caused him to live alone, and on the few occasions he does venture out, he covers his skin, wears gloves, and carries a baton to touch things from a distance.

Of course, this sort of existence has left him isolated and lonely. He does find some joy in his home and has made friends with some of his robotic appliances. But those things are no replacement for human love.

Chae Soo Bin plays the dual roles of the human Jo Ji Ah and the robot Aji-3. When she finds herself in need of money, the opportunity to pretend to be a robot presents itself. This girl is very strong willed and full of attitude. It turns out she’s really not that great at acting like a robot though, lol. But that plays an important part in our story. And Chae Soo Bin was thoroughly enjoyable in this role.

Uhm Ki Joon is Hong Baek Gyun. He’s a scientist and the ex-boyfriend of Ji Ah. He creates Aji-3 in her likeness which is why when he gets in a jam because of issues with the robot, he needs Ji Ah to step in. And this all begs the question, how would you feel if you found out your ex created a robot in your image?

There really is so much to love about a drama like I’m Not a Robot. The early episodes have more humor as our couple meets and we get the story set up. I found the episodes to be cute, but a little dry, so it took a bit for me to really get into the drama. But it is one of those dramas that gets better and better as it goes on. As the story thickens, it gets so good! It’s a story with many layers that just keeps pulling you in deeper.

I really like it when kdramas explore unique topics, and this one focuses on psychosomatic illness. There are a couple other dramas out there that hit on this topic, but it’s not common. The actual portrayal of the illness had a lot of truth to it, and it displayed just how strong the mind is.

I was glad it also showed that despite being an illness that originates in the mind, it causes profound physical effects that can even be deadly. And for the most part, the illness is something the mind does on its own. It’s not easy to recover from. And even when Min Kyu does start to find some relief, it has some complications.

Yoo Seung Ho does what he does best and completely rips my heart out. I found Min Kyu’s situation so incredibly sad and had so much sympathy for him. My heart broke as I saw how lonely he was. Then it broke even more as he fell in love with someone he thought was a robot and went through agony over how he could do such a thing. After being kept in a prison of isolation for many years, he tastes freedom, happiness, and love only to be thrust back into captivity.

And Yoo Seung Ho brought forth every emotion with such power and thoughtfulness. He has plenty of opportunities to showcase his lighter and more comedic side in this drama, but it’s his pain that really grabs my attention. I’m one who really likes an angsty Yoo Seung Ho because he is just so incredibly good at it.

The emotions just pour out of his tear filled eyes in a way that always crushes my heart. And that’s what he did here. I wanted Min Kyu to be healed. I wanted him to find love. I just wanted him to be happy. I wanted his mind that thought it was protecting him to learn that there was another way.


And what a truly horrible situation Min Kyu was facing. Not only had being betrayed by others made his mind distance himself from people, but when he finally starts having connections and making friends, it turns out they are all lying to him about the robot. There’s just no way for that to end well.


Of course when all was revealed, he was devastated by their lies and had a terrible relapse forcing him back into isolation. Despite everyone having the best intentions with their ongoing deceptions towards him, Min Kyu’s reaction and feelings are completely understandable. Everyone he cared for lied to him. He felt completely betrayed and utterly alone.

And I appreciated how well the drama depicted how he felt about the situation as well as how conflicted he was. Everyone else was also portrayed well, and I felt like we really understood all sides of the situation. The episodes dealing with Min Kyu resetting Aji-3 and then the aftermath of him discovering the truth were my favorites and were so incredibly well done.


I’m Not a Robot is a very sweet love story at its heart. I think most people will really love this couple. Neither of them are perfect, and they each have their quirks. Then they are put in a unique situation that allows them to fall in love which is something they never expected.

Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin are super cute together. There are tons of adorable moments throughout the drama to make your heart flutter. But watching them fall in love and care for each other was the best part. Min Kyu’s love for Ji Ah is so new for him, and it’s something he never thought he would have.

And as Ji Ah slowly learned about Min Kyu and began to understand his situation, her heart ached for him. But rather than just pitying him, she grew to love him as a person. And this was also something she never expected. This couple was so nurturing towards each other, and it was truly wonderful to see.

I’m Not a Robot really checks all the right boxes. It has a fantastic love story featuring a couple with excellent chemistry. It explores some interesting issues surrounding Min Kyu’s illness as well as when is it okay to lie to someone for their own good.

The story was balanced well between lighter moments and the more serious and heartbreaking ones. There’s plenty to enjoy is this lovely tale of a man who was shut off from the world who begins to break free because of one woman pretending to be a robot.

My Rating: 8/10

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54 responses to “I’m Not a Robot Korean Drama Review”

  1. raistlin0903 Avatar

    I of course skipped over the spoilers, but otherwise I really enjoyed the review. The storyline for this already has me quite intrigued when I first heard of it through your blog. Now reading the complete review for it, it sounds like a really great show. And, reading the parts about lonelyness it also seems I have to keep a box of tissues nearby. Stories like that always get to me. As always: terrific post!

    1. Kay Avatar

      This was such a unique and well done story line. I was initially intrigued with the premise but had no idea how they would do with the execution. Thankfully, they did wonderful! It really is a great show on so many levels. I missed so much even in my review. I believe this one is available with Viki Standard, so hopefully, it’s available for you and you can check it out sometime 🙂

      1. raistlin0903 Avatar

        Guess what: it is! Woohoo…adding it to my followed shows on Viki 😊😊

  2. Dame Holly Has A Hat (@Lee_Tennant) Avatar

    This show is so amazing I must have written 10 essays on it on various blogs and boards over the last few weeks. It’s one of the best kdramas ever made and is definitely an early contender for ‘Best Show of 2018’.

    I do (and will) have a few grumbles about the final episodes. It wouldn’t be a kdrama if it didn’t meander to its ending. But overall this was one of the best TV shows ever written. The script, acting, direction and cinematography were all nearly perfect. Its use in particular of visual metaphor was so beautiful. It was so heartwarming but also extremely clever – nay genius. If anything, my issues with the final episodes are a product of its near-perfection. It built my expectations far too high for any mere TV show to meet.

    The last few weeks have been such a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I’m so sad it’s over and now need to nurse my feelings for the next little low-rated nugget of perfect to obsess over.


    PS: It wouldn’t be INAR without a reference to random Tilda hate.
    PPS: Don’t get me started on the visual metaphors or gender politics. We’d be here all week. Suffice to say, the writing in this is far above that of regular television.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Alright! Success! We have a drama we both loved 🙂 I remember you saying you were really enjoying it awhile back, and I’m glad it maintained its awesomeness for you. I loved it, and it really did so much right. I watched it all over the past week, and even that was difficult for my poor heart. Just a wonderful show all around 🙂

      And yes, Tilda! I can’t remember when there was last such an outcry of hate towards a character, especially such a minor one. But boy did she have an impact! I’ll certainly remember her, hehe 🙂

      1. Dame Holly Has A Hat (@Lee_Tennant) Avatar

        It was bound to happen eventually! Although we should probably use each other’s ‘Best Dramas’ list as a list of shows to avoid.

        Random Tilda hate is my favourite thing ever, especially when she had a mere 2 second cameo.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Haha, now that sounds like a good idea! I do actually sort of use that strategy with a couple blogs I follow. There are a few things that they really dislike in dramas and when they start mentioning them I know that I’m probably going to love it since we differ so much in those areas. I’ve found it to be almost more effective in zoning in on dramas I like over going with people’s favorites, lol 🙂

          And yes, as awesome as I’m Not a Robot was, the Tilda hate is one of the best things to come out of it! You just never expect something like that 🙂

          1. Dame Holly Has A Hat (@Lee_Tennant) Avatar

            On that note, are you watching/ liking Korean Odyssey? Because I swore I’d never watch a Hong Sisters fiasco again so interested in your opinion.

          2. Kay Avatar

            I will start it next week and plan to be caught up for the finale. Given your track record with Hong Sisters dramas, you should probably just run for the hills, lol. From the clips I’ve seen so far it looks similar to their other dramas in terms of tone, humor, and characters. So yeah, probably not good odds for you 😉 Of course, I’m hoping for more of the same and will definitely have a review for it afterwards 🙂

  3. kwenzqoatl Avatar

    I’m currently watching this drama and it’s been turning out to be quite the pleasant surprise. 😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      I really hope you keep enjoying it because I think it just gets better and better 🙂

  4. Kate Avatar

    Great review as always! Loved this drama and was sorry it didn’t get a lot of love in the ratings. It always amazes me that despite the rom com formula, kdrama writers can still come up with unique concepts. It was refreshing and so beautifully shot. I hated having to wait week to week to watch the story unfold. This was my first time watching Chae Soo Bin and I think she’s so adorable! Gotta find some other shows with her 🙂

    1. Kay Avatar

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, it’s always sad to see a good drama not receive a lot of love in its home country. It surprises me too how many ways the basic rom com can be spiced up to make it fresh and appealing. They certainly did with I’m Not a Robot! I bet that week to week was torturous! I can’t handle that and rarely watch week to week, lol.

      Chae Soo Bin is really great in everything she does. I would recommend Sassy Go Go if you like high school dramas. It was the first drama I saw her in. But her character embodies all there is in mean, hateful, and vindictive high school students. Most of us hated her, hehe. But even then, I was impressed with Chae Soo Bin, and it really goes to show what a great range she has 🙂

      1. Kate Avatar

        Oh no, I can’t imagine hating her! I’ll definitely watch that one next! I watched Midnight Runners last night because I couldn’t decide which new 16 episoder to start so thanks for helping me decide!

        1. Kay Avatar

          Right? After seeing her in that, I really wondered if I would be able to like her in anything else, lol. So it was nice to actually see she was plenty likable in other dramas. And Sassy Go Go is actually only 12 eps, so it’s a pretty easy watch 🙂 How was Midnight Runners? Been seeing that promoted a lot and was curious.

          1. Kate Avatar

            I’m glad I saw her in something like this before seeing her be a baddy. Midnight Runners was fantastic! The comedy and action were top notch and I honestly wasn’t expecting the stuff that happens in the middle and was blown away by the brutality of it all in something that started out so light but it fit with the movie and wasn’t out of place. There is a scene that comes after the pre-end credits and before the end-end credits that made me totally start bawling and was just such a perfect end to that show. I’m welling up with tears right now thinking about it. 5 stars from me. I absolutely LOVE those two actors and really hope they do another movie or drama together, their bro chemistry was phenomenal. And as an added treat, we get to see Park Soe Joon reunited with Sung Dong-il in a similar teacher/student paring from Hwarang. Really liked this one.

          2. Kay Avatar

            Oh wow! That does sound like a great movie! You’ve now officially got me to add it to my watch list 🙂 I like both actors too so I think I will enjoy them. You know, I’ve noticed that a lot Korean movies start out lighter and then many times take quite dramatic or surprising shifts in tone. You start out thinking it’s a comedy and then next thing you know it’s a sad melodrama, lol. Of course, dramas to that too, but since they take place over a longer time period the shift feels more gradual whereas in a movie in frequently happens quite quickly after a particular event. Definitely looking forward to checking this one out 🙂

          3. Kate Avatar

            I rarely watch K-movies so I didn’t expect it at all. I recently became a Sung Hoon fan so I need to figure out how to watch his latest movie (Brothers in Heaven) but it doesn’t look light at all so at least I’m forewarned. Would love to hear what you think about MR when you see it 🙂

          4. Kay Avatar

            I actually don’t watch that many either. They are just more challenging to get than dramas. After you first hear news of a movie, it can take 2 years or more to make it’s way to an international platform. But some are quicker than others. And yes, at least you’ll be prepared for what lies ahead in your next movie, hehe 🙂

  5. welcometodramaworld Avatar

    Nice review. 🙂 Just finished watching the drama over the weekend-marothon style-and really enjoyed it. Someone tell me though…who is Madame X?

    1. Kay Avatar

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it too! I was a bit confused on that too, but it seems like most people are saying it was the butler because he was seen interacting with the Interpol lady. I haven’t seen any further explanations yet though 😛

      1. welcometodramaworld Avatar

        Hmm…makes sense. The butler did it. ㅋㅋㅋ

        1. Kay Avatar

          It’s always the butler….hehe

  6. D Avatar

    Excellent review Kay. I absolutely loved this show. It really also ticked all the right boxes for me. The funny thing is when this show and Jugglers started, I enjoyed Jugglers more but as both series developed I ended up loving this one A LOT more. Only question I have is – similar to the comment above – who actually was Madame X? Did they tell us? Did I miss something?

    1. Kay Avatar

      Thank you D! It was such a lovely show. It had so many wonderful elements to it and really packed an emotional punch. I see most people are saying Madame X was the butler because he was seen interacting with the Interpol lady. Haven’t found anything too detailed though. That part did seem to be a bit confusing in the end.

  7. […] The story was balanced well between lighter moments and the more serious and heartbreaking ones. There’s plenty to enjoy is this lovely tale of a man who was shut off from the world who begins to break free because of one woman pretending to be a robot. (I’m Not a Robot Review) […]

  8. honeycrunch321 Avatar

    I’m currently binge watching this drama… That’s why I lack posts on my blogs! (ehehehe, no time to edit, gonna binge watch first XD) I also skipped the spoiler parts 😉 Awesome review as always Kay!

    1. Kay Avatar

      It’s a great one to binge watch! And of course you have to prioritize the watching over the writing. The writing will wait 🙂 Really hope you enjoy it!

  9. Drama Fan Avatar

    I started it and its super cuteeeee!!!! I usually don’t go for rom com but this one appealed to me. I’ll be back to read the review when I finish it. BTW I’m watching on Viki but it has been a little buggy. I’m not sure if its just me?

    1. Kay Avatar

      Isn’t it so cute? It’s definitely one of those special rom coms with that something extra. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

      I didn’t have any issues when watching it on Viki. Had some trouble with Two Cops a few weeks back throughout the whole series. But it’s been fine since then. I’m watching Just Between Lovers on Viki right now and aside from sometimes not saving where I left off, it’s been pretty smooth.

      1. Drama Fan Avatar

        Then its probably me 😩

  10. thebluetamarind Avatar

    Hello, I’m presently doing my kdrama marathon (meaning: catching up, huhuhu) and this drama is one of them. Although I haven’t finished yet, it’s good see that somehow, we have similar impression. I love Yoo Seung Ho. It seems he’s one h*ck of a busy actor right after being discharged from the military. I even love his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin and I cannot discount the possibility that they would become a real-life couple! ♥ Now going back, the cast is brilliant, especially the Santa Maria Team and it’s good to see Uhm Ki Joon taking a light, dramatic role after his stint in a previous drama, Defendant. Btw, I love how they deconstruct what Kang Ki Young can still do, aside from portraying familiar comedic characters, which I believe is successful. After his role in While You Were Sleeping, he again gets a not–so-good one now, though not as evil as in that one.

    Gee, your blog really strikes a melodious chord to me!!! LOL!!😁Being a Kdrama (and movie, yes) fan, I always search for interesting write-ups, reviews or just about any news on this genre. I’m glad I found yours. Your blog name even spells out Omo, Omo!! because even that could be one hot topic to feature. Thank you for sharing and now, I’m a follower!! 👌Keep it up.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Hi! Marathon’s are always great for catching up, hehe 🙂 And I’m Not a Robot is perfect for a marathon! Yes, Yoo Seung Ho is amazing, and I have loved everything he has been in. He really is a busy guy. Which is good for us! And I too think he would make an adorable couple with Chae Soo Bin. Their behind the scenes clips were full of chemistry!

      I also enjoyed the Santa Maria team. And like you I was really glad to see Kang Ki Young expanding his talents. He’s so underrated and talented and he is showing that he can do both comedy and dramatic roles. I look forward to a lot more of him in the future 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! I love connecting with other fans over dramas. Haha, glad you like the name too. I do actually have a favorite kdrama kisses feature I do from time to time. But I usually end up writing way more reviews and news. And thank you for following! I appreciate it 🙂

  11. loveless931 Avatar

    I just start watching this drama and really enjoing it .

    1. Kay Avatar

      That’s great! It really is a wonderful drama all the way through 🙂

  12. Hannathegrace Avatar

    Omayghad 😱😱😍😍

  13. Shrestha Sen Avatar
    Shrestha Sen

    Hey Kay,
    Thanks once again for the yet again wonderful review. It really appeals me all the way through. A decent rating I must agree (*above 7 is thoroughly enjoyed, I remember 😉), with an ever perfect review. Though I gave this drama a watch when it began airing so couldn’t read your review, since it wasn’t uploaded. Missed your review so much. I’m sorry, I should have been a little understanding, cause you can only update the review once you’re done with watching it. Actually it’s been a habit, to give a quick peek on your review before i actually peeeeek into the drama. It’s been such an interesting and enjoyable experience so far. Though this drama was such a great dose of everything you really crave for in a drama. Well, your review describes it allllll ! Perfectly! As always! 😁

    Thank you so much for constantly uploading reviews of endless Kdramas for fans like us. Looking forward to read many more of your reviews.😁😀

    1. Kay Avatar

      Hi Shrestha Sen! Yes, wasn’t I’m Not a Robot such a wonderful drama! It just got better and better as it went. Hehe, yes, definitely thoroughly enjoyed it 😉 I completely understand wanting to check out a review before watching a drama and am glad you have been able to do that with a lot of them. But yeah, the negative is having to wait for the reviewer to finish the drama first and you want to jump right in, lol. But sometimes it can work out just going for it and being surprised! I’m Not a Robot certainly had everything we love in dramas. It’s one I could go on and on about because of how great it was!

      And I’m looking forward to watching lots more dramas so I can create lots more reviews for you 🙂

      1. Shrestha Sen Avatar
        Shrestha Sen

        Indeed it got better as it proceeded. A light, plot-oriented, catchy and exclusively romantically comedic drama anyone would love binging for. Thank you for understanding a fan like me, and considering it. But there’s a bitter sweetness in waiting for you to upload the reviews, there’s an apprehension always whether you liked it the same way as I did, and then smiling when I see the points you highlight are exactly the ones I appreciate. Trust me, it has been so enjoyable for me throughout.

        I’m equally looking forward to read many many more drama reviews in the days to come.

        A genuine fan-follower.😀😁

        1. Kay Avatar

          Definitely the perfect binge worthy drama! I could even binge it again, hehe. Oh yes, I’ve had that feeling too when reading reviews or comparing notes with other fans. We always hope others see the good in the dramas we love and it can be apprehensive waiting sometimes. I’ve definitely come to appreciate how different everyone’s taste is since starting to watch dramas. It’s fascinating to see all the different opinions out there. Mostly I just like seeing people enjoying any kind of dramas though. There really is something for everyone. But it’s always the most fun when we can gush and share our love with like minded fans. It’s just a bit more fun that way 🙂

  14. Fred Avatar

    I was excited for this drama because of the concept and Chae Soo Bin. Liked her in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Dunno why, but I usually notice supporting characters.

    It was a good drama. At the start, I thought it had a potential to be a 9.5 or even a 10. But I guess your 8 is more or less the right score. 🙂
    It does check almost all of my right boxes. It just lacked conflict. Everything went well. There were no major obstacles. It did not crush my heart to pieces. LOL. But that’s just me. I would understand why others find it to be the perfect drama.

    I am just really craving for a super emotional drama right now, Kaye. Can you recommend something? One that is so painful and happy at the same time. Of course, only happy endings. HAHA.
    Something close to my Top 3:
    1. My Girlfriend is A Gumiho
    2. Kill Me, Heal Me
    3. Fated To Love You

    I really need one, Kaye. HAHA.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Well, at least you seemed to mostly enjoy it 🙂 Yoo Seung Ho’s illness and character journey really got to me. But yeah, everything else is really good, just not majorly engaging and lacking other conflict. Still really liked it though 🙂

      Hmm, something super emotional that is both painful and happy with a happy ending. I think those are some of the hardest dramas to find! Like looking at your top 3, those are rare special dramas that contain just that perfect mix. I’m also trying to remember what all you have watched. Did you ever try I Miss You? Now that drama is not exactly happy and it is SUPER angsty, but it has plenty of light parts plus it is rip your heart out emotionally. But it’s totally a melodrama, and it seems like you gravitate more toward rom com elements.

      I’m guessing you’ve seen King 2 Hearts since Lee Seung Gi is in 😛 It’s Okay That’s Love is quite emotional and very unique. I know we talked about Scarlet Heart before. That one will crush your heart to pieces, but the ending might too, lol. Go Back Couple was a really awesome drama last year. It’s a good mix of comedy and drama. Not exactly heart crushing, but incredibly moving and I cried quite a few times. And Jang Na Ra is always amazing. Let me know if you’ve seen those or decided to pass on them. I’ll also think on it a bit more 🙂

      1. Fred Avatar

        I am really impressed with your memory, Kaye. How do you even remember all these dramas, the preferences of the people commenting on your site, and the dramas we have watched? How??? I can’t even remember birthdays. LOL.

        I have long wanted to watch Scarlet Heart. Your recommendation, the trailer, story, OSTs, the actors, everything about it seems very interesting. I believe I am ready to watch it. I just need to re-watch Fated To Love You first. I have also been craving to re-watch it for a long time now. Watching FTLY will be a good preparation for Scarlet Heart. Or maybe I will re-watch some parts of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. I’m indecisive but I will be able to watch Scarlet Heart this time. HAHA.

        Thanks Kaye! Thanks for crushing my heart to pieces. LOL.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Aw, thank you Fred! Haha, it’s mostly just having a pretty good memory combined with a passion for the subject matter 🙂 I definitely make mistakes and forget sometimes though. But it helps a lot when others exchange comments with me fairly often so I can get to know them and their tastes. And I always want to be as helpful as possible to help people find the kind of dramas they are looking for. Aside from a few of the best must see dramas, it can be hard recommending something until you know someone’s taste. So I try my best!

          Well, I’m glad to hear you are ready to tackle Scarlet Heart! If you want something emotional, it completely fits the bill. So yes, watch a little FTLY, prepare your heart, and dive in! Apologies in advance for crushing your heart to pieces, lol 🙂

          1. Fred Avatar

            No worries, Kaye. Always a pleasure having my heart crushed.

            I’m currently at Episode 7 of FTLY and all of a sudden I’m feeling prepared for Scarlet Heart. Time to watch it I guess. HAHA.

          2. Kay Avatar

            Haha, it does sound like you have yourself prepped and ready. The first half of FTLY probably helped. Now the second half still crushes my heart even upon repeat viewing. It’s still the drama that I officially cried the most during, and it all came during that second half, lol

  15. Hustle Avatar

    Very well i am currently watching the drama i is turning out quite well i love the concept of it and also love everything of it i am on ep 16 and it is getting quite interesting if i were to rate i would give it full 10/10 because of somethings first thing showed is that we should love our own creation and also gods creation we should love the things we make like in this drama the robots are made and he loved the robots of every kind that where i started loving it and also when i came to know he lived alone for 15 years tears are always coming down… Yet he findes his love …. Hope i find more dramas like this

    1. Kay Avatar

      This drama really did have great concept. I also really enjoyed it and all of the interesting themes that it explored. Great story, great characters, great actors. All around a fun drama. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much, and I hope you find more wonderful dramas like it 🙂

  16. RAMESH Avatar

    I really enjoyed all the Episodes of I am not a Robot! I have never watched Korean Dramas in my lifetime so far. But I had a good opportunity to watch this series through Netflix in Singapore. The involvement of all the actor and actresses was really superb. No words to appreciate them. Everybody did their justification in their roles. The most admiration goes to the Hero and Heroine who really understood their character and did a justification to their role. Sentimental feelings and their way of expressions when they are in sorrow and happiness brings me tears. Good work done by the entire team. I wish them good luck! Great work and well done!

    1. Kay Avatar

      Ah, what a fun show for your first Korean drama! It’s a fantastic introduction to them 🙂

      I agree the leads did wonderful and had such great chemistry. The character explorations were great. And so much heart and emotion. Definitely a wonderful drama!

      I hope you find some other great Korean dramas to try out because there are lots of really wonderful ones out there 🙂

  17. sovietredstar Avatar

    Avery good show that surprised me. I expected a show with a lot of comedy but got a very good rom/com.
    The good: Chae Soo-Bin is outstanding as the robot and as her human character. The break up scenes are the most powerful and emotional scenes I’ve seen in a Kdrama. And the getting back together scene was also excellent. Most of the supporting cast was very good.
    The not so good: The story was a little too long. Kim Min-Kyu is a major financial corporation CEO but he’s very seldom in the office. He states toward the end that he had his attorney handle matters for him. The foreign bad guys were just too loud and evil. Due to overacting? At the end Kim Min-Kyu returns home in military uniform. Did I miss something? I assume he was returning from mandatory military service? We see Jo Ji-A met Kim Min-Kyu when he comes but while they do kiss the ending gives us no information on his military service nor on the status of their relationship. This is typical of an open ending too often seen in Kdramas.

    ERORS: Episode 24 at about 4:50 the necklace that Jo Ji-A wears is not on her neck in a scene where she is talking to Kim Min-Kyu but appears in the next immediate shot.

    Episode 29 at about 24:50 The scene is on a big city street where there are lots of people walking by the main couple. But if you look across the street the sidewalk is completely empty of people. Saving money on extras?

    RATING: 8/10

    1. Kay Avatar

      This was a really fun one that delivered on the comedy as well as a very heartfelt story. Definitely great acting all around and some very emotional performances and scenes.

      Yes, I took the ending as him serving his military service and then reuniting as a couple. Kdramas do like those less than concrete endings, hehe

  18. […] The story was balanced well between lighter moments and the more serious and heartbreaking ones. There’s plenty to enjoy in this lovely tale of a man who was shut off from the world who begins to break free because of one woman pretending to be a robot. My Rating: 8/10 (I’m Not a Robot Review) […]

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