‘Fight for My Way’ Secures Its Place on Top in Korean Drama Ratings

My Sassy Girl Korean Drama - Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo Third Rate My Way Korean Drama - Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won Lookout Korean Drama - Lee Shi Young

Fight for My Way has secured its place on top in Nielsen drama ratings again this week during the Monday-Tuesday time slot. It continued its upward trend by rising higher each night.
Episode 5 – 10.6%
Episode 6 – 11.4%

My Sassy Girl remained in second bringing in similar numbers to last week.
Episode 5 – 8.2%

Episode 6 – 7.2%
Episode 7 – 8.1%
Episode 8 – 9.3%

Even though Lookout stayed in third, it again saw increases in ratings from last week.
Episode 09 – 7.5%
Episode 10 – 6.8%
Episode 11 – 7.1%
Episode 12 – 7.7%

Everyone still remains pretty close this week. Fight for My Way has the advantage on top, but My Sassy Girl is not far behind and Lookout is closing in too. We have an interesting ratings race in this time slot!

My Sassy Girl airs Monday & Tuesday on SBS.

Fight for My Way airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

Lookout airs Monday & Tuesday on MBC.

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9 Responses to ‘Fight for My Way’ Secures Its Place on Top in Korean Drama Ratings

  1. Fred says:

    Hopefully you can give a review for Fight For My Way when it’s done. I am a fan of Kim Ji Won and I am excited to watch her in a lead role. Just right now, I quite watching Descendants of the Sun. I only watched it in order to see a little bit of Kim Ji Won (HAHA) but after Episode 6 I’ve had enough. I tried to continue watching but I just felt too bored. It tried to be Hollywoodish (meaning the story had no real direction). Sorry to all the fans haha. That’s my comment at least for the first six episodes. Maybe it got better?

    I only watch a drama once all the episodes have finished airing. I will wait for you review so hopefully you give it a high score haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Haha, yeah, there are a lot of mixed reactions to Descendants of the Sun. I liked it quite a bit, but it had some issues. It definitely went for that big budget Hollywood feel, which can be both good and bad. And if you didn’t like it after 6 episodes, it doesn’t really do anything differently that would make it better for you, lol.

      I do plan on reviewing Fight for My Way 🙂 It is currently number 5 on my watch list, so it will probably be about the beginning of August when I watch it though. I usually wait until dramas are almost complete before I start them. I would start it sooner, but there are like 4 dramas ending the same week in the middle of July, so a couple of them inevitably had to wait a bit, lol. But it already has its spot reserved on the watch list 🙂


  2. Fred says:

    Hi Kay. I couldn’t wait HAHA so I already watched it. I don’t spoil people so no comment LOL.

    Anyways, I really need your help. I am running out of options. After Kill Me, Heal Me I got bored. I watched Descendants of the Sun (for Kim Ji Won) but reached only Ep. 4. I also watched She Was Pretty (because of KMHM stars) but it felt average during the end. I quit after Ep. 14. On the other hand, Fight for My Way (which I watched because of Kim Ji Won) was okay. Nothing special (except Kim Ji Won LOL) but I was able to finish it.

    I am looking for a cool and “magical” drama. Something like Kill Me, Heal Me. I know it’s a hard thing to ask since it is you third favorite. But maybe there is something like it. Something cool, amazing and magical. HAHA is there such a drama? I am planning to watch American movies and TV shows for a while (maybe a week). Then the first Kdrama on my watchlist is Beautiful Gong Shim. Seems interesting; it’s in your 2016 favorites.

    Should I watch that or do you have another recommendation?
    I am not yet planning to watch another of your Top Ten. I am not yet emotionally (?) ready LOL.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Hi! Haha, I don’t blame you for not waiting, especially when it was pretty well completed. I still have a few more dramas on my list ahead of it, but it’s moving closer to the top 🙂

      Yeah, it’s definitely hard to find something that is the same caliber as Kill Me, Heal Me, lol. Of course, I absolutely loved Beautiful Gong Shim! I don’t know that it will wow you though. I loved it because Nam Goong Min and Minah were hilarious and I like dramas that start out funny and get more melodramatic as they go. So it’s a good solid drama, but not exactly “magical”.

      Let’s see. Since I don’t know everything you have watched, I’ll try to recommend several. Have you ever seen Bridal Mask? I don’t recall you mentioning it, but maybe you just didn’t like it, lol. It’s in my top 10. Along the thriller side, I would highly recommend Signal. Truly amazing time bendy crime drama. Also just completed Circle: Two Worlds connected and it was amazing.

      As for rom coms, maybe something like Girl Who Sees Smells, Hogu’s Love, or Rooftop Prince. W-Two Worlds was pretty good too for a fantasy drama.

      So have you seen all of those? The only one that was kind of under rated was Hogu’s Love. The rest are pretty popular. But if you’ve already seen them or didn’t like them, let me know and that will help me narrow down some other recommendations 🙂


      • Fred says:

        Hmmm that’s a fascinating list of recommendations. Three are actually in my To-Watch-List (W-Two Worlds, Rooftop Prince, Signal, and Bridal Mask). It’s good that I actually haven’t seen everything you’ve mentioned. I’m still a Kdrama newbie when compared with you HAHA.

        I tried watching a few minutes of Bridal Mask. I was not in the mood for it. But I think it is a drama I might like. Just not now since I feel that it is a heavy drama. I am currently very busy with business so I cannot be too emotionally invested in a kdrama HAHA.

        W-Two Worlds was actually what I was most interested in. I just did not really watch it since you just gave it a 9 and there were mixed reviews in the comments section. But since you are recommending it now then I’ll just give it a go. I should have just listened to my guts LOL.

        Regarding Han Hyo Joo, I still have fond memories of Shining Inheritance. I watched it around 6 or 7 years ago. I cannot anymore remember much but I have always been interested in re-watching it. But then I decided against it because the drama has 28 episodes. Do you recommend it? Is it not draggy? Is it worth my time? Or is my time better spent watching other more recent dramas?

        Anyways, thanks for your recommendations. I will watch W-Two Worlds. I will also watch Bridal Mask once I am ready. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Oh good! I’m glad you hadn’t seen them all yet, lol. And yes, you need to be emotionally ready for a drama like Bridal Mask. It takes a few eps to really get going, but then it is very epic. My emotions were all over the place! While not quite magical, it is one of the only other dramas that I would put on the same level as something like Kill Me, Heal Me because it was just that amazing! But yeah, you want to be prepared for it 🙂

          As for W-Two Worlds, I understand the mixed reviews. I had several issues with it myself. But it is truly unique and what it does well, it does really well. It was received very well over all, but reactions were all over the place. I would definitely be interested to see your take on it.

          And I loved Shining Inheritance! Hmmm, I do wonder if it would be draggy with a rewatch. I thought it was unique because it had sort of this feel of a mix between a family drama and melodrama. When I watched it, I didn’t find it draggy at all, but 28 eps is quite long and it could be upon rewatch. Of course, if you don’t remember that much, it might not be a problem. I think it mostly depends if you find that family drama style draggy. It’s definitely not as quick paced as newer dramas. I would like to watch it again some time too, but it sure is hard finding time with so many new dramas that I haven’t seen, lol.

          Hopefully, W-Two Worlds works out for you. And then I would definitely keep Bridal Mask, Signal, Circle, Rooftop Prince, and Beautiful Gong Shim on your list as good options 🙂


          • Fred says:

            Ok so before you replied with your recommendations, I was searching for other options to choose from. Then this rabbit hole called the internet made me watch Park Bo Gum dancing to the tune of Boombastick while wearing traditional Korean costumes. I am referring to a trailer of Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds. It was actually the third time I watched that video. Gets me every time. It’s like that trailer was made for me LOL. I already semi-decided to watch it before reading your recommendations.

            I was going to watch W-Two Worlds due to your recommendation but then I was already pumped up for Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds. And when I decide on something, I cannot settle for another HAHA. So I am watching MDBTC instead. I’m “regretting” that decision. I lost sleep last night LOL. I have been looking for a drama that has secret identities / feelings for some time. Finally found one. And this one has a lot of secrets.

            I will watch W-Two Worlds after this. I might also watch Shining Inheritance. But it is not in my priority list. Damn I have too many more dramas to watch HAHA.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kay says:

              Oh I love that trailer sooooo much!! I saved it on my phone when it first came out and I still watch it. I couldn’t even count how many times I’ve seen it, lol. It’s just too much fun 🙂

              And I completely agree with your decision to watch Moonlight Drawn By Clouds! I really loved the drama and gave it an 8/10. I love secret identities too as well the girl crossdressing as a boy trope. And the drama itself has a good story and is very well done. Definitely no arguments here that you should go ahead and give it a go 🙂 Hopefully, it’s a good one for you!


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