Tunnel Korean Drama Review

Tunnel Korean Drama - Choi Jin Hyuk

Tunnel is about a violent crimes detective (Choi Jin Hyuk ) from the 1980’s who is trying to catch a serial killer. He then time travels through a tunnel to present day Seoul where he partners with another detective (Yoon Hyun Min) to solve the crime and return home.

Tunnel was a very nice crime drama with a side of time travel. It has an interesting overarching story as well as very engaging characters. Anyone who is a fan of crime dramas should definitely give this one a look.

Choi Jin Hyuk plays our time traveling detective Park Kwang Ho. He’s an upright and kind man, but he’s also a bit of a hothead. For reasons unknown, his search for the serial killer lands him in 2017. It was great to see Choi Jin Hyuk bring the intensity, and I really enjoyed his character.

Yoon Hyun Min plays Kim Sun Jae who is a detective in 2017. He is prickly and extremely intelligent. He’s good at his job and doesn’t like anyone getting in his way. Of course, he butts heads with Kwang Ho right from the get go and is less than thrilled to have to team up with him as his partner. I always enjoy Yoon Hyun Min, and this time was no different.

We then have Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) who is a psychologist with a special interest in serial killers. She works with our detectives on their hunt for the killer. I found her character to be quite strange and a bit creepy. She was so aloof that I was never really able to connect with her. But she does slowly open up as the drama progresses.

Of course, one of my favorite things was the bromance between Kwang Ho and Sun Jae. They don’t get along for quite awhile, but it was great seeing them slowly begin to soften and trust each other. They ended up making a great team.

There’s also a really fun dynamic between Kwang Ho and Sung Shik (Jo Hee Bong) who was a rookie detective under Kwang Ho is the past, but in the present, he is Kwang Ho’s team leader and now older than him.

But they revert back to the way they knew each other in the past with Sung Shik calling Kwang Ho his sunbae and speaking formally to him and Kwang Ho talking down to Sung Shik. Of course, this gets some confused reactions from those around them! It’s all quite fun.

We round out our detective team with Min Ah (Kang Ki Young) and Tae Hee (Kim Byung Chul). They are a fun pair, and they add a nice bit of humor to the drama. I actually would have enjoyed seeing more of both of these characters.


Tunnel did well at delivering interesting characters that you feel for. It’s fascinating to peel back their layers and also see how they fit into the story. Tunnel offers a few twists along way to keep things exciting too.

Although there is a very good overarching story, I did think it felt like it was a bit on the episodic side, which is something I don’t prefer. But luckily the cases were pretty engaging, and they helped to further the development of our main characters as well as the main story as Kwang Ho works to get back to his time by solving the serial killer case.

I would have liked to have seen the time travel utilized a bit more too. Maybe a bit more going back and forth between the two times as well as a bit more fun with Kwang Ho having to adjust to 2017. I also thought the drama lagged a bit in the second half where things just felt like they were moving a bit slow.

But overall, Tunnel did a solid job as a crime drama with its interesting story and engaging characters. The mystery was presented well and the time travel element added a little something extra. So in the end, I was very pleased with it.

My Rating: 7/10

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10 Responses to Tunnel Korean Drama Review

  1. kissingsun says:

    Entirely enjoyed Tunnel, would have loved to see them all back in the present, with him now older and see what happens to the other characters. Great show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Oooh, I would have loved to have seen that too! Everything was implied to have improved, but I sure would have enjoyed seeing everyone happy in the present. Agree though, a very good show 🙂


  2. OchaNokcha says:

    Indeed really nice … good to watch to have a break from the rich chaebols, women in love, kiddies, screaming families … must I go on ? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. raistlin0903 says:

    Another great review, on a series that I unfortunately can’t watch yet. The score surprised me a bit, I thought it would have ended up higher. Also it’s sad to read the timetravelling aspect was not used as much. That’s one of the things I would have thought they would really end up using more in this series. Still, the way you describe the characters, and the story really sound like it is a solid watch. Looking forward to seeing this when it finally airs here someday 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      I definitely hope this one eventually becomes available for you. I really think you’ll like it! Hehe, yeah, I ended up giving it a 7 which mostly means it was a good solid drama. I found the second half slow at times, but it was still good and a lot of people didn’t think it slowed down.

      But yes, I would have enjoyed more time travel. It went more the route of time travel setting things in motion then not traveling again until much later. But the story does utilize the story from the past and its connection to the present very well. Plus, it’s a great crime drama in general 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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  6. Cathryn Turney says:

    Just finished this: your review was spot on. I’ll be reading more of them.
    One thing to be said for this series is that the actors who played the villains were top-notch as well, and the writers made their characters more than just stock ‘we need a bad guy’ cutouts. I’ll be looking for other things they’re in as well as the ‘good guys’.

    Only one thing I’d disagree about: I thought the actress who played Yeon-ho did a fantastic job of conveying her emotional isolation and her gradual, if sometimes awkward, thawing toward the people around her — especially when she confesses to the Dean that she’d really expected she’d be able to handle a murderer, but when it happened she was so frightened she couldn’t think. The scene where she just stands and cries while her dad holds her actually had me misty-eyed, she sounded so heartbroken — and him going all Papa-Bear from that point on was just priceless. The actress who played Dean Hong didn’t get a lot of screen time, but she made it clear that her character cared about Yeon-ho and was still a little hurt that she’d never been able to break through Yeon-ho’s walls and have a real mother-daughter relationship with her. When she meets Gwang-ho and Seon-jae outside Yeon-ho’s hospital room, she doesn’t say a word to either of them, and she doesn’t have to: she puts an entire speech into her expression. And the actress who played Yeon-suk was just plain charming: she made it easy to see why Gwang-ho was so taken with her right from the start.

    I do wish they’d marked that whistle somehow — with his initials or hers or theirs or a date or something that would have made it plain that it was the one Yeon-suk had given Gwang-ho. And I couldn’t figure out anyone could make purchases from someone else’s laptop, but maybe that’s something that got lost in translation? (Or possibly I don’t know enough about fake credit cards?)

    Sorry, I have gone on a bit. Once again, thanks for posting all the reviews. They’re great to read, and it’s nice to have somewhere to compliment the actors when you’ve enjoyed a series.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      I’m happy you enjoyed the review and appreciate you reading it and taking time to comment 🙂

      I agree, this series did really well with its characters, including the villains. The acting was wonderful all around. I even thought Lee Yoo Young did a fantastic job, it was just her character that I had a hard time connecting with. You’re right, she did have some great moments, particularly late in the drama that did draw out the emotion 🙂

      Overall, Tunnel is a very solid crime drama, and it really was a fun watch!

      Liked by 1 person

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