It’s been three months since seven popular kdrama and kpop stars all graced our screens together in the web drama 7 First Kisses. They included Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Lee Joon Gi, Lee Jong Suk, EXO’s Kai, Taecyeon, and Lee Min Ho. What a line up!

In case you’ve been anxious to see more of these talented men after being teased with their mini stories in that drama, now seems like the perfect time to check in with each of them and see what future projects they each have planned. Lucky for us, there are a lot of exciting dramas coming up featuring these stars!

First, a big thanks to my blogging pal KJT from Amusings for inspiring this post. It was a great idea since a simple web drama like 7 First Kisses was a wonderful way to give fans who may not be familiar with all of these stars a little preview of each of them in a fun and quick way. But of course, that leaves us wanting to see more! Hence this post!

Now let’s find out what dramas we have to look forward to starring the leading men of 7 First Kisses:

Park Hae Jin

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Park Hae Jin

Park Hae Jin’s new drama Man to Man is coming up fast. It looks like an exciting mix of action, mystery, humor, and a dash of spy-themed romance. Count me in!

Man to Man tells the story of a mysterious and skilled bodyguard (Park Hae Jin) to a top star (Park Sung Woong) who has made a name for himself playing villainous characters. The star is well-loved by the public, but he is hiding a terrible secret.

Man to Man premieres April 21 on JTBC.

Ji Chang Wook

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Ji Chang Wook

Next up we have Suspicious Partner (Be Careful of This Woman) starring Ji Chang Wook. The drama is a bit unique being described as a romantic comedy thriller. That certainly sounds like a perfect genre mix for our sexy secret agent from 7 First Kisses.

Suspicious Partner is a about prosecutors dealing with an amnesiac killer coming after them. Ji Chang Wook is a talented prosecutor turned attorney who suffered trauma in his past while Nam Ji Hyun is a prosecutor trainee who is suspected of murder.

Suspicious Partner is scheduled to premiere May 10 on SBS.

Lee Joon Gi

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi

I think a lot of us are excited to see Lee Joon Gi’s next drama Criminal Minds. It marks his return to the modern time after his last three dramas were historicals. I know I’m ready to see him deliver some intensity with a nice helping of thrills!

Criminal Minds is a crime drama about a team of FBI profilers who solve cases starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won.

Criminal Minds is looking to premiere in July on tvN.

Lee Jong Suk

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk will soon grace our screens with the drama While You Were Sleeping. Coming from the writer of popular dramas like I Hear Your Voice and Pinocchio, there’s a lot of reasons to get excited for this one!

While You Were Sleeping is about a woman (Suzy) who sees terrible things that will happen to people in the future through her dreams and a prosecutor (Lee Jong Suk) who tries to prevent them from happening.

While You Were Sleeping is planning to air in the second half of 2017 on SBS.

EXO’s Kai

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Kai

EXO’s Kai comes to us with his first lead role in the youth drama Andante. It looks like a quirky drama with a mysterious twist. Kai appears to be really getting into his role with humorous results.

Andante is a coming of age story about a high school student (Kai) who moves to the countryside and starts going to a mysterious school.

Andante is planning to air in the second half of 2017 on KBS.


7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Taecyeon

Taecyeon will star in the psychological thriller Save Me (Rescue Me). Taecyeon plays a kind and handsome man which sounds like a perfect fit for this actor. I’m looking forward to seeing him in this unique sounding drama!

Save Me is a psychological thriller about a young man (Taecyeon) who comes to the rescue of a woman (Seo Ye Ji) and finds himself caught up in the mystery of her involvement in a pseudo-religious cult that she is trying to escape from.

Save Me is looking to air in July on OCN.

Lee Min Ho

7 First Kisses Korean Drama - Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho’s next potential project is a bit up in the air. With military service drawing near, it’s unclear whether he will be able to get in another drama or movie. But he has expressed interest in continuing to work, so maybe we will get a chance to see him one more time before he leaves!

But you can always check out his most recent drama, Legend of the Blue Sea, which tells the story of a mermaid (Jun Ji Hyun) who goes to Seoul to find the human man (Lee Min Ho) she loves. As she tries to adjust to life on land, the two begin a romantic relationship.

It looks like all of our boys are keeping busy! They are taking part in some very highly anticipated upcoming dramas which gives us fans a lot to look forward to. So it looks like the handsome men of 7 First Kisses will be able to keep us company for most of the year. Sounds like a great way to spend our time!

So which of these stars and dramas are you most looking forward to seeing in the coming months?

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4 responses to “The Handsome Men of Korean Web Drama ‘7 First Kisses’: What Are They Up to Now?”

  1. KJT (aka kjtamuser) Avatar

    Perfect post! Just what I wanted to know about each of these watchable men. Thank you for the mention!

    1. Kay Avatar

      You’re more than welcome! Thanks again for the great idea. I had a lot of fun doing this post 🙂

      1. KJT (aka kjtamuser) Avatar

        I’ve realized I have seen Taecyeon in Dream High (darling show) but Park Hae Jin and Kai where new faces to me. Kdramas can be relied upon to provide a plethora of cute guys!

        1. Kay Avatar

          Ah, so you have seen Taec 🙂 I enjoyed him in Dream High although I do think Kim Soo Hyun kind of stole the show. But Taec was really wonderful in Let’s Fight Ghost. I’m definitely ready to see him in another project.

          The only one I hadn’t seen was Kai, but I do listen to some EXO so I had at least seen him around. But yep, never a shortage of cute guys in Dramaland, hehe 🙂

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