Korean Drama Update for March 2017

Missing 9 Korean Drama - Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

March was a pretty suspenseful month packed with a variety of thrillers! But there was also a couple of romances to help balance things out a bit. I watched four new dramas this month and one older drama bringing my total to five dramas in March:

Missing 9 Korean Drama - Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin HeeMissing 9

Missing 9 was an exciting ride with plenty of twists and turns! I absolutely love stories of a group of very different people fighting for survival together. The premise of a group being trapped on a deserted island fits that perfectly. Of course, Jung Kyung Ho is also fantastic in his role!

The drama does have plenty of illogical scenarios, inconsistencies, and plot holes. But if you can just take it for what it is, there is a lot of enjoyment to be had in Missing 9. The story itself is quite captivating and thrilling with a very addicting quality to it. Also, the thing this drama excelled at the most was concerning its characters. The characters are diverse, intriguing, and nuanced. They are what makes you invested in the drama as well as the journey they have to go on. I enjoyed all of the castaways because of how well written and developed they were.

So in the end, I found Missing 9 to be a fun and thrilling ride. There’s mystery, murder, and drama balanced with camaraderie and heartfelt personal journeys.  It had plenty to pick apart, but it got the important things right. I felt for these characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed the drama.  (Missing 9 Review)

DefendantDefendant Korean Drama - Ji Sung

Defendant is a very well done legal thriller. There is an excellent mystery in place as we go on a very compelling journey with our hero to figure out how his family died and how he ended up in prison for killing them.

It should come as no surprise that Ji Sung is fantastic in the role of our amnesiac prosecutor Park Jung Woo. He is beyond intense and completely brings you into the world of confusion and pain that Jung Woo is suffering.

The drama did a wonderful job keeping things intense as we carefully peeled back the layers to the story as Jung Woo slowly got back his memories. The swift pacing combined with the engaging and heart wrenching journey of Jung Woo always kept things interesting. It’s definitely an entertaining legal thriller. (Defendant Review)

Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You was such a compelling drama. Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah had sizzling chemistry right from the get go, and they fully embodied their characters in such a real and complete way. Their love story was both heart wrenching and heart warming. I loved this couple so much. They both display so much cuteness with each other and have an abundance of delicious skinship. They completely sent my heart racing so many times!

Despite some major issues with the pacing and story development in the beginning, it blossomed into a wonderfully suspenseful romantic thriller. The stakes did feel very high, and So Joon and Ma Rin go through some very emotional and poignant challenges.

The time travel element was extremely fascinating, and it was handled beautifully. I really enjoyed how the story consistently peeled back its layers throughout the drama. There was a lot of thought that went into the details of how everything would connect from beginning to end. I’m glad I went along on this time traveling romance journey. (Tomorrow With You Review)

Voice Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha NaVoice

Voice is a very dark and gritty crime drama. It’s violent, bloody, and quite disturbing. It was pretty thrilling in the beginning with our cop duo constantly battling the clock to save lives, but it did lose a lot of that initial excitement.

Overall, Voice did well by providing a decent serial killer story and remained pretty entertaining throughout. But the one dimensional characters that experience little growth was extremely evident and definitely brought the show down. Voice definitely had some great moments, but it also could have been so much more. (Voice Review)

Surplus PrincessSurplus Princess Korean Drama - Jo Bo Ah

Surplus Princess is a very lighthearted and fun drama that is filled with some very quirky characters. This drama is more comedy driven with much of it focusing on the fun encounters between the group as they each pursue their goals. The love triangle is also really good.

Sadly, it did suffer from a major episode reduction that resulted in a rushed ending and some lose ends. Despite that, the conclusion does get in many of the important conversations and revelations for our characters while delivering some emotional substance at the same time.

Overall, I was pretty well satisfied with Surplus Princess. I found it to be a nice drama that was a very easy watch. While I will always wonder what could have been, in the end, I really enjoyed Surplus Princess for what it was. (Surplus Princess Review)

There was definitely plenty of excitement with Missing 9, Defendant, and Voice! They are each very different from one another, but they all delivered some thrills. Then Surplus Princess gave me a nice dose of fun to lighten the mood. And Tomorrow With You gave a little of both. March was a good month!

For the month of April, I hope to complete Chief Kim, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and a couple others.

So how was March for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 Responses to Korean Drama Update for March 2017

  1. Just finished watching Defendant like an hour ago! And I enjoyed it so much! Gonna make a mini review of it too soon~ 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Timescout says:

    Of all the kdramas I tried out, I ony managed to finish ‘Chief Kim’, which I loved. Such a fun, heart warming drama. 🙂 Did also watch all 58 epis of cdrama ‘3 Lives, 3 Worlds, 10 Miles of Beach Blossoms’ aka ‘Eternal Love’, which wasn’t too bad at all. The story isn’t anything earth shattering but it was elevated by great acting.

    Current kdrama watch-list only has ‘Tunnel’ and ‘Father is Strange’ so far.^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yay! Glad you found a couple you enjoyed 🙂 I’m halfway through Chief Kim, but sadly, it’s totally not clicking with me. I love Nam Goong Min and his character to pieces, but that’s about it. And on paper, Chief should be something I would love, but alas, it just didn’t click 😛

      I plan to give Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms a go when I find a good opening in the midst of all my kdramas. I did watch the first ep just to get a feel for it though. I always really struggle to get into dramas that have such a high fantasy concept since I frequently lose interest having to learn about the history of the worlds and how everything fits together. But everyone just keeps raving about it so I’m hoping if I just make myself get through those first episodes, I will come to like it. Hopefully! 🙂


      • Timescout says:

        I can SO relate to shows not clicking with you. That’s better part of the kdramas in recent years for me. 😀 Either I’ve been unable to relate to the story, the characters, or worse yet… both. As I don’t have the least bit difficulty in dropping shows, my watch-list is pretty short these days, LOL!

        I love fantasies, always have, so Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms quite fits the bill. The original novel is nothing much to write home about, imho but somehow they were able to take what works and insert it into the drama. There is still too much stuff I could have done without though. The side story with Feng Jiu/Dong Hua for instance bored me to tears. I did do a lot of FFing past all the boring bits, heh. Still, what’s good and works well, is pretty good indeed and that includes the acting. Mark Chao as Ye Hua/Mo Yuan especially has earned all the praise heaped on him. Lot of likeable characters even in bit parts and the baddies mostly manage to be less one-note than in many similar dramas. I think the story is more character driven that plot driven anyway, which might prove helpful to you. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Yeah, it’s disappointing when a drama doesn’t click. Especially for me since I tend to like most dramas pretty well, so it really sticks out when one doesn’t work for me. I also don’t drop very many, lol

          I like more low key fantasy stories, usually where there is just a fantasy element to the drama. But I’m hopeful for 10 Miles of Peach Blossoms. If I can just get past the set up, it sounds like it has the elements I like in a story, plus it is visually very beautiful. Ever since enjoying the video game scenes in Love O2O, I’ve been wanting to see more of that sort of imagery 🙂


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