First Teaser Trailer is Out for Korean Drama Woman With a Suitcase

Woman With a Suitcase Korean Drama - Joo Jin Mo and Choi Ji Woo

The first teaser trailer is out for the new MBC drama Woman With a Suitcase starring Choi Ji Woo (Twenty Again) and Joo Jin Mo (My Love Eun Dong).  It’s pretty basic with a light and laid back feel that features some nice rapport and a few giggles between Joo Jin Mo and Choi Ji Woo.

Woman With a Suitcase is about a woman (Choi Ji Woo) whose career is destroyed after a false charge which results in a prison sentence. She then has to work her way back to become a lawyer again. Joo Jin Mo plays a media company president who takes a liking to her and secretly helps Choi Ji Woo build her career back.

See the trailer here:

Woman With a Suitcase is scheduled to premiere September 26 on MBC.

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4 Responses to First Teaser Trailer is Out for Korean Drama Woman With a Suitcase

  1. snow says:

    Not interested in this show. Although I liked CJW a lot in Twenty Again, I’m not a fan. Same goes for JJM. And I guess it’s going to be a procedural so that is a turn off.

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    • Kay says:

      Yeah, this one hasn’t captured my interest either. Never seen Choi Ji Woo, but I do like Joo Jin Mo. But I’m not into procedurals at all. I’ll keep an eye on how it’s doing, but that’s probably it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. AidaZen says:

    This feels right…I like that they mixed in two leads from two very nice dramas (Twenty Again and My Love Eun Dong – both which I finished and loved – a very rare occurence, lol!!) I hardly ever finish ongoing dramas but I finished these two while they were airing. When you follow a drama week to week and it loses touch, trust me I’ll be dropping it like a hot mic. Soo,,,my point, I love that these actors were in dramas I actually enjoyed in the past, so I’ll be rooting for them in this one! I like the premise and I’ve always liked Joo Jin Mo (Empress KI Alumni, come ON!) and I just feel happy he’s in a new drama again! The one other person I’d love to see again soon, is HA JI WON. Can that still happen in 2016, pleeease???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Yeah, I don’t feel as engaged when I watch dramas week to week, so I prefer watching them over shorter periods of time. I loved My Love Eun Dong and really like Joo Jin Mo (yes to Empress Ki!!). I don’t usually care for lawyer or procedural dramas though. I’ll keep an eye on how it goes to see if looks good though. And I agree, Ha Ji Won really does need to do another drama ASAP!


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