Korean Drama Impressions: Jealousy Incarnate Episode 2 Review

Jealousy Incarnate Korean Drama - Gong Hyo Jin

In episode 2 of Jealousy Incarnate (also called Don’t Dare to Dream), Na Ri tries to convince Hwa Shin to get checked out at the hospital because he might have breast cancer, but he is unwilling to do so. We get a bit more back story on Hwa Shin and his complicated family issues.

Jung Won keeps thinking of Na Ri while he is Thailand. Because she was so excited that he had seen her on T.V. when they first met, he even arranges for someone to call her and complain about her weather report since he knows it will make her happy just knowing someone watched her. Aww…

Na Ri thinks about submitting an application to become a reporter at the news station she works at. But after having a drink with a co-worker, she ends up almost missing her weather broadcast and shows up in the wrong outfit and smelling of alcohol. This results in her getting fired.

Hwa Shin gets into a minor car accident in which he bumps his chest. The X-ray at the hospital showed something suspicious, so the doctor recommends he see an OBGYN. It’s hard for him to accept the fact that a man could have breast cancer.

While waiting for his test, he calls Na Ri, but she is busy. He then sees her go on air and his feelings for her begin to re-emerge. He goes by to see her at the station, but his cold personality and her recently getting fired makes for an unpleasant exchange.


I found this episode to be on the slow side. Our leads didn’t spend a lot of time together which is something I prefer to see happen rather quickly. There are also a lot of supporting characters in this drama. Between episodes 1 and 2, we have had a lot of information given to us in what I found to be a slightly disorganized way. It’s usually better to stagger the introduction and back stories of supporting characters over a longer period of time. I’m sure everything will come together though as we get more familiar with everyone.

We do get a few more moments of fun and laughs. There are also plenty of serious undertones slowly building. The second half of the episode felt more solid to me with the drama seeming to have a clearer direction as to where it was going.

So far, I’m sad to say that I’m not really feeling this drama. It doesn’t seem to be quite my style, and I’m really wondering what we’ll be doing for 24 episodes. But it does have some good stuff, so I’ll definitely be giving it a couple more episodes to see exactly what direction the drama plans to go in as a whole.

So what did you think of episode 2 of Jealousy Incarnate?

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4 Responses to Korean Drama Impressions: Jealousy Incarnate Episode 2 Review

  1. almiaramos says:

    I basically agree with you. There are many crossed stories and the director tried to present many of them at the same time. I do not understand why the girl stayed with her father and seem to live with difficulties, but she has a successful mother …… I’ll give it a few more episodes, but I was not feel hooked up with the drama.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ahKid says:

    Hihi, how are you doing!?
    JI ended sometime ago but I highly recommend it. I admit the first 4? eps were slow but it picked up after that and I’m so glad I stayed on it. It is the best kdrama for me! I can retire from Kdrama anytime. That’s how great the acting, script, directing, and OST is. I’m so satisfied! Plus, it had (what I think) the best kdrama kisses this year!
    Hope you got the time to pick it up again! ❤ If not, definitely check out the kisses on utube!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kay says:

      Hi! Doing well, and you? I have heard quite a few people say that the drama gets a lot better after the first few episodes. I dropped it after episode 3, but have since moved it to on hold because of all the praise. It sounds like you really loved it! I love seeing others passionate about their favorite dramas, and it definitely makes me curious to revisit it 🙂


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