Korean Drama Beautiful Mind Gets Cut by 2 Episodes

Beautiful Mind Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk

Well, bad news for fans of the medical mystery drama Beautiful Mind starring Jang Hyuk and Park So Dam. KBS has officially decided to cut the number of episodes from 16 down to 14.

KBS said the cut was due to wanting to air special coverage of the Rio Summer Olympics. But the dates of the Olympics have been known about for a while now. The more likely reason is that Beautiful Mind has suffered from low ratings hovering around the 4% mark for its entire run as it competes with the ratings hit Doctors.

The whole ordeal has left fans understandably upset over the situation. Despite the low ratings in Korea, Beautiful Mind has developed quite a following internationally with it’s intriguing story and exploration of humanity.

Beautiful Mind Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk

Social media has been a buzz since the possibility of an episode reduction was announced with frustrated fans confused over such a well written drama being cut and just wanting the drama to have the time it needs to tell the story that it meant to tell.

This has also obviously been upsetting for the cast and crew who have worked faithfully to produce a quality drama and are now faced with finding a way to quickly wrap things up with not a lot of time. It’s a sad situation for everyone involved. Beautiful Mind will now conclude on August 2.

Beautiful Mind is about a super smart psychopath surgeon (Jang Hyuk) with a brain condition that leaves him emotionless.  When his patients mysteriously start dying, he begins to investigate and along the way, he learns to love.

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13 Responses to Korean Drama Beautiful Mind Gets Cut by 2 Episodes

  1. almiaramos says:

    Really no wonder their decision. Too low raitings. The main couple have no chemistry. The lead actress was presented on stage very weakly. There is thriller excess and less romance and koreans not forgive that. The style was to much Noir. Let us hope that they can make a good wrap up of the story.

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  2. junny says:

    Sad about the cut. And disagree with a poster above saying the lead couple have no chemistry. Park So-dam is doing very well and Jang Hyuk has been nothing short of marvellous. Jin-sung and Young-oh are ridiculously adorable together. The story is compelling and well-plotted, and provides much food for thought. KBS played dirty but there are still many people who enjoy watching the show.

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    • Kay says:

      I think most most fans have really enjoyed them as a couple. And from what I’ve seen, I do too. Jang Hyuk is always phenomenal and this is no exception.

      I’m disappointed with how KBS went about things too. I feel like the story should be allowed to run its course, and making cuts with so little time to adjust the story is wrong. At least it was only 2 episodes, but I hope they can make everything work with the time they have.

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    • Drama Fan says:

      Totally agree with you. I think most of us watching are really loving the odd and adorable Wi-Fi couple. At first I wasn’t even expecting romance and still found the drama very compelling. But now I’m head over heels in love with those two.

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  3. https://www.change.org/p/let-the-kdramafans-worldwide-respect-and-be-heard-petition-to-withdraw-shortening-of-orig-episodes
    if you wish for 16 episodes please sign the petition we already have 7,000+ signature. The more the merrier.

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  4. Beverly says:

    I loved the storyline it was very enlightening. I wanted to see more. Excellent drama!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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