Korean Drama Impressions: Vampire Detective Episode 11 Review

Vampire Detective Korean Drama - Lee Joon

Episode 11 of Vampire Detective resumes our story with Tae Woo having just become a vampire.  Yo Na informs him of the reality of the situation, and he is quick do as she says.  He saves Yoo Jin and tells her what has happened and that there is no way for San to get out of this alive.

Visibly upset, Yoo Jin says she wants to be the one to kill San.  That brings us full circle to her shooting San and then him witnessing her apparent death.  In reality, she goes into hiding with Tae Woo and ends up becoming a vampire too.

In the present, Tae Woo has risen to power, and he and Yo Na end up pitted against each other.  San makes it his mission to find Yoo Jin.  When he eventually finds her, they are both brought to tears at their reunion.  He then helps her escape and takes her somewhere to hide.  Tae Woo is furious to find her gone, and the episode ends with him demanding that someone we can’t see bring San and Yoo Jin to him.

So we’re finally at the end (thankfully).  After all that time spent waiting to get back to the main story, there really wasn’t much to it.  We spent the first half of the episode in a flashback, but we really didn’t get a whole lot of additional details.  It mostly confirmed stuff we could have easily guessed without giving us much substance.

We still have a lot of questions left unanswered too.  And I’m still very disappointed with the lack of San’s vampire story.  Well, there’s really not much more to say.  I highly doubt the final episode will do much in the way of redeeming the series, so now we just see how this mess wraps itself up.

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