Korean Drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Releases First Long and Intense Trailer

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi, IU, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo

It’s here!  It’s here!  The first trailer is out for the new SBS drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo (previously titled Moon Lovers) starring Lee Joon Gi (Scholar Who Walks the Night) and IU (Producer). And this isn’t some dinky little trailer.  It’s 5 minutes long! Now that’s what I call a first preview.

First and foremost, there’s Lee Joon Gi looking all kinds of awesome in his dark princely robes.  IU looks sweet and beautiful.  And handsome princes are around every turn vying for her attention.  There’s humor, romance, action, and some intense drama.  What more could you need?

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Korean Drama - IU

I’ve only seen clips of the original, but Scarlet Heart: Goryeo seems to have a different feel to it, and I really like that.  The Korean version needs to make the story its own, and I’m sure they have done that.  Now let’s see if I can restrain myself from spending the rest of my day re-watching this trailer over and over again.

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Korean Drama - Lee Joon Gi and IU

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo is a remake of the popular Chinese drama Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jin Xin) and tells the story of a modern day woman (IU) who travels back in time to the Goryeo era and gets romantically involved with several princes.

Scarlet Heart: Goryeo is scheduled to premiere August 29 on SBS.

See the awesomeness here: https://youtu.be/K1HFoCnyqjA

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Here are some additional thoughts on Scarlet Heart: Goryeo:

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5 Responses to Korean Drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo Releases First Long and Intense Trailer

  1. joybran2015 says:

    Wow! I’m loving it! Everything about the drama looks exciting and beautiful. Lee Joon Gi looks so dark and dangerous and gorgeous. I just finished the C version, and I must say I was underwhelmed. One of my problems was believing the OTP. Nicky Wu is sort of attractive in modern styling, but the bald Nicky Wu is, in my opinion, just ugly, and he is so expressionless as Fourth Prince that I just could not see the attraction. But Lee Joon Gi, with his looks and expressive face, no way could she resist him, once she gets over the fear from what she knows about his reputation and his future.

    And the action! The C version has virtually no action, but the K version looks full of action. The Korean fourth prince was a warrior, in contrast to the low key Chinese fourth prince, so there is plenty of reason for action. The historical Korean was also even more ruthless than the Chinese. The historical war between the Korean princes was a lot more interesting than the palace intrigue between the Chinese princes.

    The best thing about the C version was the modern girl’s relationship with all the other princes, and it looks like the K version has plenty of that, including even more humor. Baekhyun just has to be cute and funny, which it looks like he can do fine. Kang Haneul is handsome enough and has the chops to play conflicted and kind, so he will be great as eighth prince. I’m sure Nam Joo Hyun can handle thirteenth prince, and Jisoo will be great as fourteenth prince if he is convincing with the martial arts. Last but not least, IU looks just right for the modern girl transplanted into history.

    I am so excited for this drama that I can hardly wait!

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    • Kay says:

      Wow was certainly my reaction! I loved Lee Joon Gi’s look from the stills that had been released, but seeing him in action blew those away. I already love the mix of darkness with moments of light in his character. Yes, Lee Joon Gi is so expressive! That’s exactly what’s needed for a complex character like the 4th prince.

      I’m surprised the Chinese version didn’t have any action, but it’s understandable if the prince was more low key. But I’m so glad the Korean version does! It really does seem like it’s going to incorporate all of those elements of action, romance, humor, and drama. Of course, I expect it to get more dramatic as it goes on, but seeing all of those things at some point in the drama is a big plus for me. Like we just discussed, I’m glad Korean historicals frequently like to add in some humor. All of the princes looked great to me and seemed to click well with IU which bodes well in the romance department.

      Yep, I’m so excited too! The trailer did it’s job of creating that epic feel both on a grand level and a character level. More please! 🙂

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  2. Timescout says:

    The trailer looks good but that’s no guarantee the actual drama will be any good. I’ve been fooled by kdrama trailers far too many times now to trust any of them.

    Actually, Korean ‘Scarlet Heart’ is an adapatation of the same novel the Chinese one was based on, not a remake. 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll be the LJK drama I’ll finally stick to till the end. I haven’t liked any of his latest ones.

    Well, I loved the Chinese version. For once the palace politics didn’t bore me to death, as it always seems to do with the Korean historicals. 🙂 Unlike joybran above, I had no problems with 4th prince’s looks either, once I got used to the unflattering Qing hairdo. I thought he was quite charismatic, in a stoic, quiet way. He was also very smart, which I personally found attractive. I also didn’t miss the action, that’s not really a decider in historicals for me.

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    • Kay says:

      Haha, well there’s never any guarantee that a drama will be good until you get fairly deep into it. But I find I can usually gage a drama better from these long trailers than the shorter ones. The long ones give me more of an idea of what elements there will be as well as how the actors seem together. And this one appears to have all of those elements that I like.

      Yeah, I know it’s technically not a remake of the Chinese drama version, but most people look at it as a remake simply since it’s been done before. Plus, it’s a lot easier to just say ‘Scarlet Heart remake” than ‘Scarlet Heart based off the Chinese novel that the Chinese drama is based off, but it will be different’ lol

      I don’t think I’ll ever like the hairstyles in a lot of the Chinese historicals. Of course, I can still see they are attractive and all, but the hairstyles heavily detract from that. I know a lot of people really liked the 4th prince in the Chinese one.

      I like a nice balance of genres. I definitely don’t like lots of politics, but they are needed and need to be done just right. Too much action also bores me, but I definitely prefer there to be some action. And of course I like romance and lots of drama. And Lee Joon Gi doing anything is fine by me 🙂


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