Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama - Kim Myung Min

Character trailers have been released for Korean drama Six Flying Dragons starring Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and Kim Myung Min.  We get a little bit more in depth with our dragons, and they continue the dark and thrilling tone of the previous trailers.  It certainly looks intense!

Yi Bang Won Trailer:

Jung Do Jun Trailer:

Yi Seong GyeTrailer :

Lee Bang Ji Trailer:

Boon Yi Trailer:

Mu Hyul Trailer:

Six Flying Dragons Releases Powerful Teaser Trailer

Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama - Yoo Ah In

A powerful teaser trailer has been released for Six Flying Dragons. The trailer has a dark and exciting tone.  We see the devastation at the end of the Goryeo dynasty, and then we see Yoo Ah In looking very strong atop his horse proclaiming, “I am the master of this new nation.”

It looks pretty intense, and I’m anxious to see more!

See the trailer here:

Six Flying Dragons Releases Second Thrilling Trailer

Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama - Yoo Ah In

The second thrilling trailer has been released for Six Flying Dragons.  This trailer continues the dark and intense feel that the first trailer touched upon.  There are a lot of battles depicted, and we get a glimpse of Shin Se Kyung fleeing for safety.  A troubled Yoo Ah In makes an appearance at the end of the trailer.

Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama - Shin Se Kyung

See the trailer here:

Six Flying Dragons Releases 9 Minute Preview

Six Flying Dragons Korean Drama - Shin Se Kyung

Six Flying Dragons has released a 9 minute preview ahead of tonight’s premiere. We’ve already learned a bit about each of our dragons, and this trailer shows us even more about them.  Here’s to an exciting journey!

See the trailer here:

The drama is a historical about the people who were a part of the founding of the Joseon dynasty.  Yoo Ah In will be playing Prince Lee Bang Won and Shin Se Kyung will portray his love interest Boon Yi.  Kim Myung Min will play a character named Jung Do Jun who is at odds politically with Lee Bang Won.

Six Flying Dragons premieres October 5 on SBS.

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4 responses to “Korean Drama Six Flying Dragons Releases Exciting Character Trailers”

  1. snow Avatar

    I’m here only for the cast as I love almost all of them 😉
    Otherwise — sageuk + 50 episodes is a thing I would never have bothered to watch..

    1. Kay Avatar

      I noticed you weren’t a big sageuk fan, lol. I love all of the cast too.

      I’m actually just now watching Tree With Deep Roots to get a feel for the potential style of the drama, and I like it so far. I actually haven’t watched a 50 episode drama yet (not counting a sitcom), and I’m thinking I will follow this week to week so it won’t be so intimidating 🙂

      1. snow Avatar

        I’ve heard lots and lots of great things about Tree With Deep Roots…but as you said, not a sageuk fan (I’ve only seen two — SKKS and Three Musketeers)…so cannot even try…I think I’m more like a fusion sageuk person…lol

        1. Kay Avatar

          I don’t care for sageuks that get too political (which is a lot of them). I prefer the fantasy sageuks like Gu Family Book and Arrang or with a strong relationship focus like SKKS and Shine or Go Crazy. Or if has Lee Joon Gi in it, then I’m going to like it regardless, lol.

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