Sassy Go Go Releases First Peppy Korean Drama Trailer

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama

The first trailer is out for Korean drama Sassy Go Go that tells the story of the unpopular dance club and the popular cheerleaders who are merged into one group at school.  Jung Eun Ji will portray an outcast transfer student with Lee Won Geun as her leading man.  Chae Soo Bin will play a high achiever while Ji Soo will portray a smart but troubled student.

The trailer is quite peppy with our teens dancing and goofing around, as well as our elite students trying to cheat on a test.

See the trailer here:

Sassy Go Go is scheduled to premiere October 5 on KBS.

Sassy Go Go Releases Second Humorous Trailer

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama

A second trailer has been released for Sassy Go Go.  This trailer gives us a look at our students as they cope with school and relationship issues.  It looks like the drama will have some nice comedic moments to go along with the deeper issues we know our students are struggling with.

See the trailer here:

Sassy Go Go Releases Third Trailer

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama - Lee Won Geun

The third trailer has been released for Sassy Go Go.  Everyone looks great, and the drama trailers give off a nice feel.  We see more comedy and a bit of drama in this trailer as we get to know our students and learn about their issues.  They have a lot to deal with, but hopefully they can grow and overcome together.

See the trailer here:

A Fourth Long Trailer is Out for Sassy Go Go

Sassy Go Go Korean Drama - Jung Eun Ji

Sassy Go Go has released a 6 minute long preview ahead of it’s premiere tonight.  Our students each get some camera time in this preview…including Ji Soo!  Finally!  There’s plenty of fun, dancing, and lots of conflict to go around.  This school certainly looks like an interesting place to be!

See the trailer here:

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