Scholar Who Walks the Night Premiere Week

Scholar Who Walks the Night Korean Drama

The much anticipated Korean drama Scholar Who Walks the Night premieres July 8, 2015 on MBC.  It tells the story of handsome vampire scholar Kim Sung Yeol (Lee Joon Gi) who is haunted by the death of his first love and Jo Yang Seon (Lee Yu Bi) the young woman who cross dresses as a man so she can sells books.

I am super excited about this drama!  I am a huge fan of Lee Joon Gi, and he nails every role he takes on.  Like many others, I have also recently taken notice of Lee Yu Bi and can’t wait to see her paired with Lee Joon Gi.  I haven’t seen anything with Lee Soo Hyuk (who plays the evil Gwi) or Shim Chang Min (who plays crown prince Lee Yoon), so I look forward seeing them in action too.

I do happen to be a fan of vampire stories, but this will actually be my first vampire Kdrama!  I was initially intrigued by the premise (which is based off of a popular manhwa of the same name), but I was sold at the casting of Lee Joon Gi and Lee Yu Bi.  I’ve really enjoyed the Gumiho mythology in other dramas, so it will be fun to see the Kdrama take on vampires.

The trailers look intense and I anticipate a lot of drama and emotion.  I’ll be in this one for the full ride, so here’s hoping for a good one!

Are you excited about Scholar Who Walks the Night?

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