King the Land Korean Drama - Junho and Yoona

The upcoming Korean drama King the Land starring Junho (The Red Sleeve) and Yoona (Hush) has released a new trailer. It has a romantic feel as we see several lovely individual shots of Junho and Yoona and a couple of them interacting.

King the Land is a romantic comedy about the chaebol heir of King group (Junho) who hates fake smiles and an employee of King Hotel (Yoona ) who always has to smile because of her job.

King the Land is scheduled to premiere June 17 on JTBC.

Check out the trailer here:

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2 responses to “Romantic Interactions Between Junho and Yoona in New Trailer for “King the Land””

  1. kfangurl Avatar

    Junhooo~ 😍😍😍 I’m definitely, DEFINITELY watching this one – which you probably already knew, heh. 😁

    1. Kay Avatar

      I did highly suspect that Junhoooo might lure you in for this one! Perfectly understandable in my opinion 😍

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