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Na In Woo (Mr. Queen)  is confirmed to be taking over the lead role of On Dal in the Korean drama River Where the Moon Rises. He will be replacing Ji Soo who recently stepped down from the role due to allegations of school violence. Na In Woo will begin appearing from episode 7 onwards.

River Where the Moon Rises is set during the Goguryeo era and is about an ambitious princess (Kim So Hyun) who uses a foolish man’s (Ji Soo/Na In Woo) feelings to her advantage and experiences conflicting emotions.

River Where the Moon Rises airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

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10 responses to “Na In Woo to Replace Ji Soo in “River Where the Moon Rises””

  1. MyKDramaticLife Avatar

    This is a such bad news! ☹️

    1. Kay Avatar

      Bad indeed 🙁

  2. Fred Avatar

    Well, that is weird. I’m also watching the new guy right now in Mr. Queen. LOL. #WeLoveKimJiSoo #Blackpink

    1. Kay Avatar

      It is. I’ve just been watching him in Mr. Queen too, hehe. Interested to see how he is with such a different character.

      1. Fred Avatar

        Where is the review, Kay? Haha. I’m still midway. It’s fun. But he’s the cousin-lover. Though he is adopted and a different time so different norms. LOL.

        1. Kay Avatar

          Yeah, we always have to adjust sometimes with historicals and the marrying relatives thing, hehe. Luckily, you don’t have to wait too long. The review is coming out on Wednesday 🙂

  3. Kate Avatar

    I actually dropped River before the controversy because as much as I like Ji Soo, I didn’t feel either he or Kim So Hyun were right for the roles. Now with the re-cast, I might pick this up again because I really enjoyed the actor in Mr. Queen.

    1. Kay Avatar

      That’s an interesting take, hehe. I know they aged down the characters in order to cast Ji Soo and Kim So Hyun. Ji Soo seems very different from Na In Woo, so I’m really curious as to how the character will feel after the transition. I watched the drama Return which changed the main actress halfway through. I liked the first actress, but ended up liking the second even more. So it’s definitely not always a bad thing. Usually takes a bit of adjustment though. I hope you enjoy it more if you pick it back up 🙂

      1. Kate Avatar

        Already watched one of the eps with the switch and I’m worried. The character is meant to be a bit silly “On Dal The Fool” but I was hoping the director would allow Na In Woo to be a smidge more serious (like he was in Mr. Queen) but he’s being silly which feels wrong. I’m having all sorts of issues with this drama but will give it a few more weeks before deciding if to stick with it. Not enough data to make a judgement yet.

        1. Kay Avatar

          I was curious to see how Na In Woo would be as silly after being so serious in Mr. Queen. Just from what I’ve seen from the trailers, I would guess he’ll get more serious as it goes along though. Sorry to hear how many issues you’re having with the drama though. Hopefully, you will know quickly if you want to continue or not.

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