“Where Stars Land” Hits Series High in Korean Drama Ratings

Fox Bride Star Korean Drama - Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin Bad Papa Korean Drama - Jang Hyuk Matrimonial Chaos Korean Drama - Cha Tae Hyun

Where Stars Land saw minor increases in Nielsen drama ratings during the Monday-Tuesday time slot this week. It continues to hang just below 10% as it hit a series high:
Episode 27 – 7.2%
Episode 28 – 8.6%
Episode 29 – 8.3%
Episode 30 – 9.7%

Matrimonial Chaos remained in second:
Episode 23 – 2.9%
Episode 24 – 4.3%
Episode 25 – 3.3%
Episode 26 – 4.5%

Bad Papa’s also holds steady in last:
Episode 25 – 2.3%
Episode 26 – 2.7%
Episode 27 – 2.4%
Episode 28 – 2.9%

Where Stars Land airs Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

Bad Papa airs Monday and Tuesday on MBC.

Matrimonial Chaos airs Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

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9 Responses to “Where Stars Land” Hits Series High in Korean Drama Ratings

  1. D says:

    I did like Where Stars Land in the beginning. But I’m getting a bit bored with it now. I am not sure it’s because I came off such as good show as ‘Millison stars falling….’. I will keep watching a bit and see how I go. Already dropped ‘Beauty Inside’. Lost my interest around episode 9.

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    • Kate says:

      I’m still enjoying WSL but like you, I’m at episode 9 of Beauty Inside and getting bored too, what happened there!? Weird.


    • Kay says:

      I’m also watching Where Stars Land as my follow up to The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. And that is definitely one of those dramas that is a really tough follow up. With such a compelling and emotional story, I think many dramas would be at a disadvantage. I’m op ep 7 of Where Stars Land and have mixed reactions to it. I’m not usually to into office type dramas, so I find a lot of the regular airport stuff a bit mediocre. But I find Soo Yeon’s story very engaging and thoroughly love Lee Je Hoon’s performance. So we’ll see how the second half goes!

      Sorry to hear about the waning interest in Beauty Inside too. It’s on my watch list, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to it before all my end of the year stuff. I have a couple others I may prioritize over it.


      • D says:

        @Kate – lol must be something about episode 9.

        @Kay – I did really enjoy Where Stars Land in the beginning though. And to be honest I love airports and so I love all the side stories. I think it’s the main story about Lee Je Hoon’s character that’s bothering me I think. Not sure what else to watch now. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Kay says:

          Haha, sounds like we like opposite things about the drama. I don’t usually care as much for the little side stories and always crave a strong central story. I put in 4 more eps today and really like that they have focused more heavily on Soo Yeon. So that’s probably why you lost interest if you weren’t feeling it. Do you have a few other options you’re trying to decide between next?


          • D says:

            Yes you are absolutely right. Maybe that’s why I lost interest. Currently watching a CDrama – disappointing to say the least but I’m fast forwarding till the end. I dunno why. Lol!

            I think I will check out girl who sees smells. I saw that you gave it a nine. It’s also available on Netflix and Viki for me.


            • Kay says:

              I need to get better with that fast forward button myself, lol. That would at least get me through those meh dramas but still give me some closure. The question is, can I actually do it? hehe

              Yes, I loved The Girl Who Sees Smells. The cop stuff is a bit shaky to say the least, but it’s pretty cute all around 🙂


  2. MyKDramaticLife says:

    Hi K!
    Finished two of Lee Min Ki’s dramas, Because This Is My First Life (8/10) and Beauty Inside (7.5/10) consecutively around last week. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about both dramas on your post on …My First Life’s review.
    So about Beauty Inside, yeah I think it was also around 9th or 10th episode where I started getting dismayed by what was happening in the drama. Especially that Han Se Gye and her mother’s melo scenario. Couldn’t understand the reasons behind how the writer decided on writing that part.They couldn’t maintain the consistency of the drama. There were no strong central issues and they kept on going around the romance between our two leads. The chemistry was there already so I believe they don’t have to give more scenes about their blossoming romance. Instead, they would have focused more on Han Se Gye’s (Seo Hyun Jin’s character) developments as a woman having to suffer from her own special ability. Because that was there main story. I should have enjoyed it more and wouldn’t mind if the drama would extend till 20 or 24 episodes, as long as the drama would focus on Se Gye’s keeping on changing faces. That would have been more entertaining. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Kay says:

      Hi! I’m always interested to hear your drama thoughts 🙂 I noticed a lot of people seemed to think Beauty Inside started to have issues around episode 9. People were liking it then it sort of petered out. Heard the chemistry with Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin was great though. I still have it on my list, but it’s not that high up. Hopefully, I’ll check it out sometime 🙂


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