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Woo Do Hwan to Star in “Hunting Dogs”

Woo Do Hwan (The King: Eternal Monarch) will star in the new Korean drama Hunting Dogs. Hunting Dogs is an action noir that tells the story of three men who get involved

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The King: Eternal Monarch Korean Drama Review

The King: Eternal Monarch is about parallel worlds with one being the Empire of Korea and the other the Republic of Korea. The emperor (Lee Min Ho) of the Korean Empire

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Woo Do Hwan Considering Lead Role in “Hero”

Woo Do Hwan (The King: Eternal Monarch) is considering a lead role in the upcoming Korean drama Hero. Hero is about ordinary people who fight against the large and

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Korean Drama Update for December 2019

I was quite busy in December with all of the year end blog activities, but I still got in three dramas. And they sure were a good watches! The angsty historical My Country: The New

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My Country: The New Age Korean Drama Review

My Country: The New Age is set during the tumultuous period at the end of the Goryeo era. It follows the story of two friends, one (Yang Se Jong) who leads a very difficult life,

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10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in November 2019

We’re moving closer to winter now, so we need those dramas more than ever to keep us company on the cold nights. We’ve got a really great variety of shows premiering this

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10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in October 2019

Seasons are changing as we head into fall. As the weather turns cooler, luckily, we have our dramas to cozy up with. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this October 2019

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Action and Intrigue in Full Length Trailer for “My Country”

Wow! This looks so good! We have a full length trailer for the new historical drama My Country starring Yang Se Jong (Thirty But Seventeen),Woo Do Hwan

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Yang Se Jong is an Intense Warrior in First Trailer for “My Country”

Yang Se Jong (Thirty But Seventeen) is looking so awesome in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming historical drama My Country! It’s set to star him, Woo Do Hwan

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Jung Eun Chae Accepts Role in “The King: The Eternal Monarch”

Jung Eun Chae (Return) has now joined the cast of the Korean drama The King: The Eternal Monarch. She joins Lee Min Ho (Legend of the Blue Sea), Kim Go Eun

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