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Song Ha Yoon and Jun Meet in New Trailer for “Please Don’t Meet Him”

A new trailer is out for the upcoming Korean drama Please Don’t Meet Him starring Song Ha Yoon (Devilish Joy) and U-KISS’s Jun (Good Casting). It shows a frustrated and

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Song Ha Yoon Takes Starring Role in “Please Don’t Meet Him”

Song Ha Yoon (Devilish Joy) has taken a starring role in the upcoming Korean drama Please Don’t Meet Him. She will be joined by U-KISS’s Jun (Good Casting) who will also

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Korean Drama Update for December 2018

I was busy working on the end of the year stuff for the site, so I only completed two dramas in December.  I’ve got a couple others well under way though. And the dramas I watched were both entertaining with … Continue reading

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Devilish Joy Korean Drama Review

Devilish Joy (or Devilish Charm) is a romantic comedy about a doctor (Choi Jin Hyuk) suffering from “Cinderella Amnesia” where his memory only lasts one day and then resets

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Choi Jin Hyuk Experiences Cinderella Amnesia in First Trailer for Korean Drama “Devilish Joy”

Now we get our first look at the new Dramax drama Devilish Joy (also known as Diabolic Happiness) starring Choi Jin Hyuk (Tunnel) and Song Ha Yoon (Fight for My Way). We

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Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ha Yoon to Star in Korean Drama “Diabolic Happiness”

Choi Jin Hyuk (Tunnel) and Song Ha Yoon (Fight for My Way) will be starring in the upcoming Dramax drama Diabolic Happiness (also known as Devilish Joy). Diabolic

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Fight for My Way Korean Drama Review

Fight for My Way tells the story of two longtime friends stuck in the everyday grind of their jobs, but they dream of being more. Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon) dreams of being a mixed martial arts fighter and Choi … Continue reading

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