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Nam Goong Min Remains Calm in a Tense Situation in First Trailer for “Awaken”

The new Korean drama Awaken starring Nam Goong Min (Stove League) and Seolhyun (My Country) has released its first trailer. It sets a tense atmosphere with Nam Goong Min

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Seolhyun Joins Nam Goong Min to Star in “Awaken”

Seolhyun (My Country) is confirmed to be joining Nam Goong Min (Stove League) to star in the new Korean drama Awaken (also known as Night and Day). Seolhyun will play a

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Nam Goong Min Confirms “Day and Night”; Seolhyun Considering Lead Role

Nam Goong Min (Stove League) has been confirmed to star in the upcoming Korean drama Night and Day. He will play a fashion-challenged detective. An offer is also out to

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My Country: The New Age Korean Drama Review

My Country: The New Age is set during the tumultuous period at the end of the Goryeo era.  It follows the story of two friends, one (Yang Se Jong) who leads a very difficult life,

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Action and Intrigue in Full Length Trailer for “My Country”

Wow! This looks so good! We have a full length trailer for the new historical drama My Country starring Yang Se Jong (Thirty But Seventeen),Woo Do Hwan

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Yang Se Jong is an Intense Warrior in First Trailer for “My Country”

Yang Se Jong (Thirty But Seventeen) is looking so awesome in the first teaser trailer for the upcoming historical drama My Country! It’s set to star him, Woo Do Hwan

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Jang Hyuk and AOA’s Seolhyun Confirm New Historical “My Country”

As usual, Jang Hyuk (Bad Papa) likes to keep busy and is now confirmed for the upcoming historical drama My Country. He will play Lee Bang Won who ultimately went on to

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Jang Hyuk Offered Role in Upcoming Historical “My Country”

Here’s a little bit of Jang Hyuk (Bad Papa) news for you. He’s been offered a role in the upcoming historical drama My Country which is already set to star Yang Se Jong

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AOA’s Seolhyun Offered Lead Role in Korean Historical Drama “My Country”

AOA’s Seolhyun (Orange Marmalade) has been offered a lead role in the new JTBC historical drama My Country. She would play a woman skilled in martial arts. If she

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