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Kim Young Dae and Park Joo Hyun Accept Starring Roles in “The Forbidden Marriage”

Kim Young Dae (Sh**ting Stars) and Park Joo Hyun (Love All Play) have accepted starring roles in the upcoming Korean historical drama The Forbidden Marriage. The Forbidden

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“Love All Play” Puts Out New Trailer

The new Korean drama Love All Play (also known as Going to You at a Speed of 493 km) starring Park Joo Hyun (Mouse) and Chae Jong Hyeop (The Witch’s Diner) has put out a

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Korean Drama Update for March 2021

I got in two dramas in March, both of which were fun. The comedy historical Mr. Queen and the zombie comedy crime drama Zombie Detective gave me lots of laughs for the

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Zombie Detective Korean Drama Review

Zombie Detective is a comedy crime drama about a new zombie (Choi Jin Hyuk) who has lost his memories and gets the opportunity to take on the identity of a detective as he

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Choi Jin Hyuk Adjusts to Zombie Life in New Trailer for “Zombie Detective”

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming drama Korean drama Zombie Detective starring Choi Jin Hyuk (Rugal) and Park Joo Hyun (Extracurricular). This one features Choi Jin

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Choi Jin Hyuk Becomes a Zombie in First Trailer for “Zombie Detective”

Get ready for zombies! The first trailer is out for the new Korean drama Zombie Detective starring Choi Jin Hyuk (Rugal) and Park Joo Hyun (Extracurricular). We get a zombie

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Choi Jin Hyuk to Star in “Zombie Detective”

Choi Jin Hyuk (Rugal) will star in the upcoming Korean drama Zombie Detective. He will play a zombie who becomes a detective. Joining him to star will be Park Joo Hyun

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