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Seolhyun Joins Nam Goong Min to Star in “Awaken”

Seolhyun (My Country) is confirmed to be joining Nam Goong Min (Stove League) to star in the new Korean drama Awaken (also known as Night and Day). Seolhyun will play a

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Nam Goong Min Confirms “Day and Night”; Seolhyun Considering Lead Role

Nam Goong Min (Stove League) has been confirmed to star in the upcoming Korean drama Night and Day. He will play a fashion-challenged detective. An offer is also out to

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Nam Goong Min and Han Ye Seul Offered Starring Roles in “Night and Day”

Offers are out to Nam Goong Min (Stove League) and Han Ye Seul (Big Issue) for starring roles in the new Korean drama Night and Day. Night and Day is a mystery romance drama

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