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“Delivery Knight” Has Offer Out to Esom for Lead Role

The upcoming Korean drama Delivery Knight has an offer out to Esom (Taxi Driver) for a lead role. Delivery Knight is a dystopian story about a legendary delivery knight in a world

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Kim Woo Bin Considering Starring Role in “Delivery Knight”

Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond) is considering a staring role in the new Korean drama Delivery Knight. Delivery Knight is a dystopian story about a legendary delivery knight in a

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Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Woo Bin, and Han Ji Min Considering Starring Roles in “Our Blues”

We currently have Shin Min Ah (Chief of Staff 2), Lee Byung Hun (Mr. Sunshine), Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond), and Han Ji Min (One Spring Night) all considering

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10 Best Teen and High School Korean Dramas

Teen and high school themed stories are quite a popular genre of Korean dramas.  They can be relatable, nostalgic, and also offer a little wish fulfillment for some of our teenage

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10 Best Korean Melodramas

Ah, melodramas. Some people love them, some people hate them.  For me, I love a nice dramatic melodrama when it’s done right. I love lots of angst, longing stares, tragic love, and the array of heartbreaking circumstances that the characters … Continue reading

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Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed With Cancer

Sad news for one of our beloved kdrama actors. Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond) has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. This is a cancer that affects the area behind

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Kdrama Kisses 2016 Korean Drama Awards

Welcome to the Kdrama Kisses 2016 Korean Drama Awards!  Although I already shared my list of favorite dramas in my Best Korean Dramas of 2016 post, this year I thought it would be fun to also highlight some of my … Continue reading

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Uncontrollably Fond Korean Drama Review

Uncontrollably Fond (also known as Lightly, Ardently) is a romance melodrama about a popular star (Kim Woo Bin) and a documentary producer (Suzy) who knew each other as teenagers, but were separated.  The two are reunited many years later after … Continue reading

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Korean Drama Update for September 2016

September gave me some truly wonderful dramas! Each drama I watched was unique, enjoyable, and completely entertaining. I completed two new kdramas and one older one this month for a total of three dramas in September:

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White Christmas Korean Drama Review

White Christmas is a psychological suspense drama about a group of eight students and their teacher who are the only ones left at their prestigious school located deep in the mountains during Christmas break when a snowstorm cuts them off … Continue reading

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