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10 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in February 2023

February is here! We have comedy, romance, revenge, and suspense coming our way this month. Let’s see what we have to look forward to in this February 2023 edition of “Korean

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Kim Min Kyu Transforms From Priest to Idol in New Trailer for “The Heavenly Idol”

Here’s a new trailer for the upcoming Korean drama The Heavenly Idol starring Kim Min Kyu (Business Proposal) and Go Bo Gyeol (Hi Bye Mama). It shows him transforming

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Go Bo Gyeol to Star in “The Heavenly Idol”

Go Bo Gyeol (Hi Bye Mama) will be starring in the new Korean drama The Heavenly Idol. The Heavenly Idol is about a powerful High Priest from another world who ends up in the

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Kim Min Kyu Takes Starring Role in “High Priest Rembrary”

Kim Min Kyu (Business Proposal) has taken a starring role in the new Korean drama High Priest Rembrary. High Priest Rembrary is a fantasy romance about a high priest from

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Dramatic New Trailers Are Out for “Idol: The Coup”

New trailers are out for the upcoming Korean srama Idol: The Coup starring EXID’s Hani (You Raise Me Up) and Kim Min Kyu (Pop Out! Boy). They are quite dramatic and show

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Kwak Shi Yang Takes Lead Role in “Idol: The Coup”

Kwak Shi Yang (Alice) has taken a lead role in Idol: The Coup. Idol: The Coup is about a group of doomed idols that need just one success so they can finally disband and move

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Kdrama Kisses 2020 Korean Drama Awards

Welcome to the Kdrama Kisses 2020 Korean Drama Awards! In addition to this, don’t miss out on the big list of my favorite dramas of the year in my Best Korean Dramas of 2020 post, but now we bring attention … Continue reading

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Korean Drama Update for July 2020

I squeezed in another couple dramas for July, and luckily, they were both really nice watches. It was the historical mystery romance Queen: Love and War and the supernatural

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Queen: Love and War Korean Drama Review

Queen: Love and War is about a woman (Jin Se Yeon) who only wants to become queen to discover the truth about her twin sister’s murder. To uncover the mystery, she gets

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“Queen: Love and War” Releases Tension-Filled Trailer

Here’s another good trailer for the upcoming historical drama Queen: Love and War (also known as Selection: Girls’ War) starring Jin Se Yeon (Item) and Kim Min Kyu (Perfume).

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