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“Pegasus Market” Releases First Trailers

Here’s our first trailers for the new Korean drama Pegasus Market (also known as Cheap Cheonlima Mart) which stars Jung Hye Sung (I Hate You Juliet), Lee Dong Hwi

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Jung Hye Sung Accepts Starring Role in “Cheap Cheonlima Mart”

Jung Hye Sung (I Hate You Juliet) has accepted a starring role in the new Korean drama Cheap Cheonlima Mart. Cheap Cheonlima Mart is about employees trying to save their

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SKY Castle Korean Drama Review

SKY Castle is a satirical black comedy about the lives of four wealthy women and their families and the extraordinary lengths they go to in order to make sure their children get

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Tunnel Korean Drama Review

Tunnel is about a violent crimes detective (Choi Jin Hyuk ) from the 1980’s who is trying to catch a serial killer.  He then time travels through a tunnel to present day Seoul where he

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