Korean Drama Update for June 2024

June gave me two nice dramas to enjoy. We had the historical comedy Knight Flower and the mystery romance My Lovely Liar. Here’s how it went:

Knight Flower

Knight Flower Korean Drama - Honey Lee

Knight Flower was a fun historical comedy drama. It delivers a refreshing story of a widow-turned-masked hero that mixes humor with drama and action. There’s also a mystery element that keeps our characters busy.

The entire cast was fantastic. They brought the comedic timing as well as serious acting chops for the more dramatic portions of the series. They really brought to life a group of dynamic and interesting characters. The romance is more low-key but still delivers a very satisfying relationship. I didn’t get super emotionally invested in this one, but it was quite fun, and I don’t have any major complaints. (Knight Flower Review)

My Lovely Liar

My Lovely Liar was a fun mystery romance that I quite enjoyed. It had a lighter feel for this genre with a nice romance and an intriguing mystery. I found the back story to be pretty engaging with solid characters. Pacing was decent with a good balance of humorous and serious elements.

The romance between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun was very sweet, and they had great chemistry. It was easy to spend time with the characters in their world, and I liked the overall atmosphere. Aside from a few minor issues, I found the drama to be very enjoyable. (My Lovely Liar Review)

So how was June for you?

Happy drama watching to everyone!

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6 responses to “Korean Drama Update for June 2024”

  1. Snow Flower Avatar
    Snow Flower

    Dramas finished in June 2024:

    The Tale Of Nokdu (rewatch) – the plot is a hot mess, but Jang Dong Yoon is so good! He makes any drama he is in watchable, and that’s saying something.

    The Atypical Family – I liked this drama despite its flaws. It has the vibe of a modern fairy tale.

    1. Kay Avatar

      Haha, The Tale of Nokdu is definitely a fun one, and Jang Dong Yoon is fantastic in it 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed The Atypical Family too.

  2. Timescout Avatar

    I haven’t really watched anything much to mention (drama wise) since Joy of Life ended about a month ago. Loved that one but as per usual finding the energy to actually write a post… Well, I just started my summer holiday, so I might do something about that. At least that’s the plan, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

    Besides of JoL the only other drama I managed to finish was Insect Detective S2. There were quite a few others I gave a try to but non lasted more than couple of episodes. I get bored so easily these days, sigh. Still watching loads of donghuas, there’s a never ending suply of those, ha. I’ve also watched quite a few western crime shows for a change, mostly British ones.

    1. Kay Avatar

      As long as you’re finding something to enjoy, be it donghuas, western shows, or dramas, then I consider that a win. I hope you have a great summer holiday 🙂

  3. Kate Avatar


    The Atypical Family – A bit of an odd drama, only 12 episodes and all characters were interesting in their own way and enjoyed their story arcs. Enjoyed the family sister and con family sister’s chemistry and especially loved the youngest daughter. She was a delight and looking forward to a long career for her.

    Hierarchy – Only 7 episodes. Started off well, had the feel of a mix between Squid Game and Celebrity for tension building and cinematography. But by the end it seems to have lost its way. Entertaining and short enough to binge.

    Romance Town – This is a dated drama that popped up on Viki and if you’re into that old school type romance this one is worth a look. It gets a bit laggy in the middle and not the most satisfying ending but overall an enjoyable watch.


    Dare to Love Me – Dropped after a few episodes. Wanted to like this but found it a bit bland, trying to do more than just a romance, and lacking chemistry.

    Midnight Romance in Hagwon. I think there’s been lots of love for Hagwon but I just didn’t have the patience with the workplace issues to wait for the romance and if you loved the pace and repeat awful soundtrack of Something in the Rain and One Spring Night then you’re supposed to enjoy Midnight/Hagwon but just couldn’t stick with it myself.

    1. Kay Avatar

      I’ve heard decent things about The Atypical Family. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to try it yet. I will give Dare to Love Me a shot.

      I didn’t care for Something in the Rain, so Midnight is probably not my style. I do like old school dramas, so Romance Town sounds like it could be fun 🙂

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