My Lovely Liar Korean Drama Review

My Lovely Liar is a mystery romance that tells the story of a woman (Kim So Hyun) who has the supernatural ability to hear lies. Her power has caused her much disappointment in people, but she uses it to see the truth and becomes involved with a man (Hwang Min Hyun) suspected of murder who no one believes.

Kim So Hyun plays Mok Sol Hee. She was born with the ability to hear when people tell lies which has left her jaded by people. Things start to change though when she meets a mysterious man who doesn’t seem to lie.

Hwang Min Hyun is Kim Do Ha. He was once suspected of murder and now lives the life of a recluse by staying in hiding and covering his face. But after meeting Sol Hee, he begins to be drawn out of his world of secrecy.

My Lovely Liar was a fun mystery romance that I quite enjoyed. It had a lighter feel for this genre with a nice romance and an intriguing mystery. I was always ready to continue on with the story to find out what had happened. The humor was well done and kept things balanced with the more serious elements. It all fit nicely within the mystery.

The main characters were great with decent back stories and room for growth. There was a good supporting cast too that included a nice variety of characters. They included So Hee’s super sweet ex-fiance Kang Min (Seo Ji Hoon), Do Ha’s close friend Deuk Chan (Yun Ji On), and So Hee’s co-workers Chi Hoon (Ha Jong Woo) and Cassandra (Park Kyung Hye).

The romance between Sol Hee and Do Ha was very sweet, and they had great chemistry. Do Ha being shrouded in mystery while Sol Hee’s lie detector never went off around him made for an interesting dynamic. I liked watching them slowly draw closer together.

This couple actually communicates fairly well most of the time. They go through quite a few very challenging situations, yet they still continue to build a solid relationship. There are plenty of very sweet moments between this pair.

I found the back story and the mystery of what happened to Do Ha’s ex-girlfriend to be pretty engaging. He suffers a lot from what happened, and it was good to peel back those layers. Sol Hee’s individual story is also solid, and there is plenty to explore with how having her power has affected her life. There are some far-fetched elements to the story though as well as some frustrating character choices. The ending twist did surprise me, so that was nice.

I thought the pacing was decent for the most part, but there are some portions of the drama that have a sort of meandering quality to them. Luckily, I just enjoyed the overall atmosphere, so this didn’t both me. The conclusion of the main storyline also happens a bit early which results in a very lengthy wrap up at the end of the drama. There are several side plots running along the main one that fill out the story well, and these all get ample time to be addressed. Again, I didn’t really mind, but it is very noticeable.

Overall, My Lovely Liar was an entertaining drama. The romance was sweet and very solid while the mystery kept me interested. It was easy to spend time with the characters in their world. Pacing was decent with the right amount of humor and intrigue. Aside from a few minor issues, I found the drama to be very enjoyable.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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3 responses to “My Lovely Liar Korean Drama Review”

  1. Kathalina Chandler Avatar
    Kathalina Chandler

    Good review!

    1. Kathalina Chandler Avatar
      Kathalina Chandler

      The drama had a strong start but petered out by the end but enjoyable nonetheless!

      1. Kay Avatar

        It definitely had some slow spots as it progressed, but yes, still very enjoyable! 🙂

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